Karlheinz schreiber and brian mulroney relationship

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karlheinz schreiber and brian mulroney relationship

as prime minister, Brian Mulroney is back in the news because of his relationship with German-Canadian businessman Karlheinz Schreiber. On his relationship with Karlheinz Schreiber, Brian Mulroney portrayed it as nothing more than a passing acquaintanceship when he was prime. Karlheinz Schreiber goes on trial in Germany Former prime minister Brian Mulroney, left, arrives for the Spirit of Hope Oliphant said Monday Mulroney was likely trying to hide completely his relationship with Schreiber.

Mulroney, in his business and financial dealings with Mr. Schreiber, failed to live up to the standard of conduct that he had himself adopted in the Ethics Code. He said the payments were for legal consulting work -- but Schreiber claimed it was to lobby the government. Lead commission counsel Richard Wolson said Oliphant found that Mulroney's actions upon receiving the payments amounted to "an effort to conceal a transaction.

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Mulroney, kept in a safe or in a safety deposit box, not deposited in a bank, no documents which would create a paper trail, clearly led to what Mr. Mulroney said could be viewed by the public as suspicious circumstances.

karlheinz schreiber and brian mulroney relationship

They were suspicious to say the least. Oliphant also said he didn't buy Mulroney's claim that accepting the payments was an error in judgment. If Mulroney considered accepting the first payment in cash an error, Oliphant said, he could have corrected the error by asking for a cheque, issuing a receipt or depositing the cash at a bank. He also noted that Mulroney was an experienced businessman who had served nine years as prime minister.

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And if one were startled by the offer of cash after the first payment, they may have thought about it by the time the second or third payment came along.

I will leave it to others to assess the full impact of these events," Mulroney said. Oliphant said while he tried to avoid damaging anyone's reputation in his report, "findings of fact cannot be the cause of damage to a person's reputation where the person's conduct itself has damaged his or her reputation.

karlheinz schreiber and brian mulroney relationship

Article Continued Below But, in sometimes heated verbal sparring, Mulroney said he had no obligation to disclose details of his business ties with Schreiber in the hearing because he was being questioned in a hostile environment by federal government lawyers and had been told by his own lawyers not to volunteer information. Questions have often been asked about the testimony in connection with the Mulroney's libel suit against the Canadian government.

Wolson said today that Mulroney was "not quite fulsome" in his answers under oath at the discovery hearing and should have provided more information about his relationship with Schreiber. Schreiber," said Mulroney, who sometimes reacted hotly to Wolson's insistent queries.

Mulroney-Schreiber financial dealings 'inappropriate'

But Wolson objected to this line of reasoning, saying very few people knew of the secret payments that Mulroney had accepted from Schreiber. Mulroney scoffed at the idea that it was up to him to help Claude-Armand Sheppard and the other government-hired lawyers who were questioning him in the libel hearing. Sheppard or to anyone at the end of their day and a half of interrogation, 'Oh, by the way, you forgot to ask me such and such, why don't you go ahead and do that,'" Mulroney said.

But the payments Mulroney received from Schreiber in and were for lobbying on behalf of Thyssen AG, a German manufacturer of armoured military vehicles. And Mulroney has maintained that he didn't mention it in the legal proceeding because it was not relevant to the Airbus suit.

karlheinz schreiber and brian mulroney relationship

Yesterday, Mulroney recounted how he accepted large sums of cash from Schreiber without hesitation in Montreal and New York, and then stashed the money away.

The payments were made in