Kashmira and krishna relationship problems

Krushna Abhishek says he is too young to get married | tv | Hindustan Times

kashmira and krishna relationship problems

However, nothing will affect their marriage. bollywood Updated: Jul 08, 07 IST. Monika Rawal Kukreja Hindustan Times. Kashmera. Krishna Abhishek,Kashmira Shah,Wedding Actor Krushna Abhishek has been open about his relationship with actor Kashmira Shah, but he says that the never- ending ­ What is the problem in doing only comedy?. It seems Kashmira Shah's marriage with Brad Listermann is over else why divorce her foreigner husband, she has fallen in love with Krishna, cousin of But when Kashmira was asked about her marital problem at home it.

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kashmira and krishna relationship problems

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