Kaylie and austin relationship therapist

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kaylie and austin relationship therapist

Dr. Mathis Kennington is an experienced and professional couple and sex therapist in Austin, TX. Call today for a free consultation. She ends up in therapy, and at a camp with other girls like her. Meanwhile, Kaylie develops a relationship with gold medalist, Austin Tucker. Their relationship becomes very complicated with love and jealousy combined. victoryawards.us Kaylie and Austin get closer and closer as the man .. Payson turns down Sasha 's request to be an assistant coach.

She comes through the minor surgery well, but will always have symptoms. Her doctor finally wires her with a device that tracks her heartbeat so she can continue to train, even though the odds seem stacked against her. Payson Keeler Ayla Kell — Payson is the powerhouse gymnast of the Rock, the strong backbone of the team, and the girl everyone likes.

She is constantly striving to be the best, and has won tons of awards. She is now back in the game, but is not exactly the powerhouse she was. She falls in love, well, like, with their coach, Sasha, and kisses him, while Lauren videos them without their knowledge. He, of course, pushes her away, but he gets in trouble anyway with the NGO. She had to fight to get him back, and was completely betrayed once she found out it was Lauren who turned them in.

Except that he broke up with her in a fucking letter. After making up with Kaylie from years past, she confides in her about the abuse, and Kaylie helps her get closure. She is a killer gymnast with a killer attitude. She even tried to befriend Kaylie last season so she could expose her eating disorder by stealing her personal diary.

She admits what she did, and apologizes, but it seems the damage is done. In the final season, we finally get to see her nice side, and she completely changes. She and Kaylie become best friends. She even tells off her good-for-nothing, racist, bitch of a mother who only ever cared about fame. She became one of my favorite characters during the last season, making the cancellation suck that much more.

So, what happened on the finale…? Jordan refused to come forward, even initially denying that it ever happened. McIntyre confronted Ray, telling him to get lost, even punching him. Eventually, Jordan comes around and tells the police, after Kaylie and Payson send out an e-mail to other gymnasts Ray might have coached, also telling of their experiences. Little bitch Wendy drugs Kaylie with pseudoephedrine, knowing it will show up in her drug screening right before Olympic Trials.

She is kicked off the team, and heartbroken. Eventually, Lauren figures out that Wendy is the culprit, and Kaylie is finally cleared. Little bitch Wendy is out, and everything ends happily ever after. Why did it have to end, and why just before the Olympics? Rest in peace, Make it or Break it, thank you for all the fond memories through three amazing seasons! She is Kelly Parker.

You've trained him well.

kaylie and austin relationship therapist

There's just some shit he's more comfortable telling Nicky, who's like a fucking secret safe, than say, Max or even Carter, really. Then again, he might have to reconsider if there's a chance Nicky's just relaying the information to his girl. Not cool, by the way. What the fuck happened to the bro code? That's what married people do," Ava teases. She turns to her best friend and whips her chocolate brown hair over her shoulder. Are they hotter than me? Not seeing a new message from her boyfriend on her phone, Kelly's eyes narrow at Ava and then shoot over to Austin, full glare.

What has Nick told you? Just then, Max comes trotting down the stairs and into the kitchen with his camera hanging around his neck. He's just come from freshening up. They can all tell with the overbearing cologne that accompanies him and fills the kitchen.

She anxiously taps the bottom of her phone against the edge of the counter she's sitting on. She's trying so hard to sound aloof and play it cool even though everyone in the room sees through it. Obviously Max isn't the best judge when it seems he's over girls at the moment. Kelly, you've got him on a leash and apparently it stretches to Texas. No need to be insecure about it. Did he really just say that to Kelly Parker?

Austin would start popping the fucking popcorn if he wasn't afraid to miss a second of this. Obviously, Kelly doesn't enjoy being spoken to in that way and her immediate reaction is to pick up what's closest—a box of cereal—and throw it at Max. The box hits his shoulder and falls to the floor.

Throwing random items at each other is common at the lake house. You're so much less of a bitch afterwards. The other three all watch them go through the glass wall of the dining room, looking out at the large yard and the lake just beyond it. I wonder, is it weird for you that he brings boys home to photograph and conquer? She hops off the counter and goes to the freezer while both Kelly and Austin look to her with intrigue.

But now I know it's because I don't have his type of equipment. It's more of a relief, actually. I bet Aus is more uncomfortable with it than I am.

Max can do whatever he wants. Why would I have a problem? Austin huffs, not finding it funny. The girls trade looks again, calling upon their girly telepathic powers and having a private, silent conversation that Austin can't understand.

Kobalt has asked Max if being gay means he has some elevated insight into how girls work. Max just called him an ass for even thinking to ask that and then confessed that he's just as in the dark when it comes to the female mind. You used to be his Adonis like, months ago. Do I need to spell awkward? Honestly, Austin doesn't know if he wants her to spell it out for him. Maybe all that shit stays less real when it's in their heads and not spoken.

Suddenly, Kelly's phone chirps, breaking Austin's silent contemplation. Her lips tug in the biggest smile, which can only mean one thing—Nicky. Kelly hops off the counter and takes her phone into the next room.

Austin laughs at his own handiwork and Ava shakes her head, but can't hide that she's entertained. Austin grins to himself and goes to the freezer for his own ice pop.

Grape is his favorite no matter what anyone fucking says. It's fucking awesome is what it is. They all go on, content with how that potentially sensitive conversation ended so abruptly. Dropping conversations like that is also common at the lake house.

He sits in the passenger seat of Max's Jeep, drumming his fingertips against his knee. Austin usually likes to be the one driving unless he's drunk and in that case KP usually plays designated driver because her body is a temple and all that shit and Ava barely got her license by the skin of her teeth. Now, he isn't drunk, but he doesn't know where they're going either. He pulls off the main road and starts following a dirt path, making Austin even more fucking anxious than before.

I thought we're cool? We can talk about this stuff like we used to. As he pulls on the latch of the door, Austin smirks at his longtime friend. He's always wanted to do that for his sister and, yeah, Max isn't his sister, that'd be weird considering Max totally kissed on the lips, but the opportunity to beat on another dude for hurting someone he cares about isn't an offer Austin's about to pass up.

Max shakes his head, mostly indifferent, as he gets out of the Jeep and slams the door after him. Austin does the same and rounds the front, waiting for Max's answer. I'm sure I don't have to tell you what that's like. Plus, he was pretty to look at, sure…but he was kind of a space case. Max shoves him in the shoulder and starts walking toward a little house across a dirt field. It only takes Austin two giant steps to catch up with him. Max, that guy asked me how to work the toaster.

The coffee machine I can understand, but the toaster? You press it down. This is really starting to feel like the opening of a low-budget horror movie. I e-mailed him and made an offer. I think I can use it as a prop and get some cool pictures.

You wouldn't mind it in the yard, would you? He's quick to move out of Austin's reach when he tries to smack him. I thought you'd get a kick out of it. Plus, I met this guy on Craigslist. I thought I'd drag you to check it out with me incase I need a strong, masculine man-man to protect me. If anything, having any remote interest in my brother is already strike one.

It's like every time we're in the same room she feels the need to turn it into group therapy all over again, saying she understands me and she's there if I want to talk. I don't know what she did in rehab, bake cakes and finger paint, but that place was hell for me with those girls and their stupid smoke porch. The last thing I need is Bambi Eyes reminding me every ten seconds.

Ava narrows her eyes at her brother sitting opposite to her. Some girl with short, styled hair, wearing a blazer over a vest and slacks, gives Kelly a nod and a wink. In response, the girl looks away and shifts a little closer to Ava, who's loudly fuming in a crowded place, essentially cockblocking herself. Not that Ava would be looking. They are at a gay club in downtown Denver. He really is pushing it tonight.

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Austin knows Ava is harmless; lots and lots of bark, no bite. Like I'm going to shove my finger down my throat? Her eyes move away from her brother and glaze over with something like nostalgia. I used to get into fights with those girls, remember?

The ones who'd purge, I'd look them straight in the face and call them weak. Then he really feels like an asshole for making it all about him.

Though he can see when his sister is coming from, Austin likes Kaylie. There's nothing wrong with Kaylie. It's just that Ava doesn't want to try, something that's becoming another pastime of hers.

If Kelly Parker can be friends with Kaylie then he doesn't see why Ava can't. Ava and Kaylie have things in common. They're the same age and they both love gymnastics and suffered through similar shit because of it. Wait, then the fact that Austin is dating her…shit, that's weird. V, leave it," Kelly says, soft yet firm. She slides her arm through Ava's and that's as affectionate as those two get. She doesn't have a fake and she has a curfew—" "Screw that.

It'd be cake to get her in. Moments like this, Austin misses Nicky. Sometimes it feels like the girls double team him for entertainment. If Nicky were here he'd keep Kelly distracted probably with her tongue in his mouth and his hand up her skirt and still manages to back Austin up. Nicky would probably make a great wingman.

Not that they'd know since Austin hasn't played the field in forever now. That's why he agrees to go to these gay clubs and bars.

He's watching documentaries on Netflix right now and I'm supposed to call him to say goodnight when we get back to the lake house," Kelly says. They're that couple who knows what the other is doing every fucking second of every fucking day. Thank God Kaylie and him aren't like that. Suddenly, Ava huffs, a sign she's bored. Beneath the flashing strobe lights, right on the edge of the sweat pit, Max dances close to some dude.

Apparently, Max's type isn't obviously gay. Austin wouldn't be able to tell if not for the way the stranger eyes out Max. If that guy were looking at Kaylie the way he's looking at Max, there'd be trouble. Austin has to force himself not to grimace the longer he watches.

That definitely isn't how Max was dancing with Lauren at the Denver exhibition. From the look on her face, her gaydar is just as weak as Austin's. Maybe it's a Tucker thing. Even their dad was surprised when he found out about their butcher having a boyfriend and after ten years of talking Broncos and brisket. And Adonis and all Max's other male model flings. They all look like…guys," Austin says. He really isn't articulating this well, but he's sorta scarred by the image of his childhood friend all up on some dude.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. He just isn't used to seeing it. You'll just make it worse," Ava says. We all like what we like. If that were true, Max would be in some boring, stable relationship with Payson Keeler and I'd be on the phone with Nick right now as you'd all play Monopoly or something equally as not-a-gay-club back at the lake house.

But, no, all this gets him off. Kaylie and Payson would so force them into playing Monopoly and sober too. Just because he can't help himself, Austin looks back over at the dance floor as the muscular, dark-skinned guy tries to kiss Max, who coyly turns away, but smiles. Already, Austin doesn't think they're right for each other. Maybe a one-night hook-up, but he can't picture this guy hanging out with them on lazy Sunday afternoons by the lake.

When Kelly awkwardly evades some brave girl who looks scarily like Justin Bieber but built and asks if she can buy the gymnast a drink, Ava and Austin have the loudest, longest laugh of their lives. Kelly is quick to bitch them out and decides it's time to leave. Austin goes to tell Max, but he says he'll just catch a ride with his new friend—Cass.

What the fuck kinda name is that? Ass is in his name. That night, Austin doesn't get much sleep, tossing and turning in bed, but it can't be connected to the fact that Max doesn't come home. She's sweet and cute and flawed like everyone should be, but not totally damaged goods either. Plus, Austin tried to save her and now she's stronger. You know what they say about saving a person's life, do it once and you become responsible for them.

Or maybe he just got that from Vertigo. Hitchcock films make him think of his parents. Crap, maybe he shouldn't be thinking about his parents while making out with his girlfriend. Some shitty movie "Yeah, babe, we can watch whatever you want" is playing, but obviously they aren't paying attention.

What do you mean? He starts to move her down to the couch and she lets him. They haven't slept together yet. They haven't even gotten to third base, barely second. He copped a feel once and she giggled and slapped him away, but that totally counts. As far as the baseball-sex metaphor goes, Austin Tucker is known for his home runs easy shitGrand Slams fuck yeah, that shit went down! For some reason, he doesn't mind slowing it down with Kaylie. She's young and fairly inexperienced Carter got out on first and Nicky was the last one up to bat before Austin L-O-L and that's cool.

It's just new to him, going from total line drives to walking the bases. Just as he's ready to try to inch his way from first to second, his palm sliding across her soft, smooth skin, the front door loudly opens and slams shut even louder. Kaylie quickly pushes him away. Sighing, Austin sits up, telling himself that it's cool. His head wasn't in the right place anyways. It was bound to stop sooner or later. He looks over the couch to see who it is. His money is on Ava. That kid is the Cockblock MVP.

Pausing in the doorway, he sees Austin and Kaylie on the couch, both disheveled, and comes to a sudden stop. That's why when I asked V if she had plans she said she was visiting home for the weekend.

It totally slipped my mind. She fixes her powder pink cardigan on her shoulders and smoothes down a few flyaway strands of hair. Well, nickname, but what-the-fuck-ever.

Austin only ever refers to Cass as the Slut from the Rainbow Lounge. Austin gives Max a look and the photographer nearly laughs. All of it flies right over Kaylie's head, of course. He looks down at his shoes, so sad.

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I'll just…I'll be down in my dark room. They hear the glass door open over the sounds from the TV and shut as he goes outside. Austin stares after him even though Max is long gone, not even realizing how he's dug his fingers into the couch over the course of that conversation.

Whoever she is, she hurt him. Sometimes he forgets that none of the Rock girls know about Max. That was the one thing Max asked when he moved back in. He wanted to leave the past in the past. Once they're buried, there's no use digging up corpses. That's what Max's relationships with Payson and Lauren are.

After kissing the side of Kaylie's face and murmuring a, "you the best, babe," Austin stands from the couch and goes out back. He breathes in the cool lakeside air and walks down the stone steps that lead into the lake house cellar, Max's art cave.

All his photography stuff is out, but untouched. Max sits on a stool near his workspace, looking so sad. Grabbing a nearby barstool, Austin sits next to Max and asks, "So what happened? You're missing A Walk to Remember. It's a good movie. Sighing, Max runs the front of his hand down his face and mutters, "Cass is an asshole.

Next time I try to get involved with an asshole, can you please shake me and say, Max, you're about to get involved with an asshole. I could really use that. They've known each other since they were young.

Ironically, they met through Nicky. Austin remembers it well. Max was this snotty little kid from New York, visiting Colorado and teasing Nicky, saying gymnastics was for girls. Overhearing it and already a cocky little punk, Austin went over, did a double back and challenged Max do better.

That's where the respect was born—the Little Gym of Boulder. When he realizes the eye contact and smiles stretched on a little long, Austin quickly looks away and scratches the back of his head. Finally, a real laugh that time. That's the mark of a promising relationship right there. I think I'd rather Payson and Lauren remember me how I was. It's not like we hang out or even see each other anymore, not really.

If they find out, no doubt they're going to be confused and embarrassed over throwing themselves at a boy who kisses boys. I just thought I'd spare them, you know? But don't let it screw things up with Kaylie. By all means, if you think it's best…" "That's the thing," Austin muses. It's asking for drama, you know? The way we are, you and me, Ava and Kelly, Russo when he's in town, we're all pretty fucked up individually, but together, it works, you know?

Why ruin a good thing? Austin thinks Max may be trying to do the telepathic conversation thing, but they aren't tuned to the same frequency and Austin doesn't really get what he's trying to say. A moment later, Max laughs like the thought was stupid in the first place and Austin finds himself wondering what it was. Austin Tucker being considerate.

I don't want to see you moping around or any of that other depressing shit, okay? I always bounce back. She actually smiles and shit and acts like less of a bitch sorta and more like a girl in love with her boy-pet-love-slave.

It's way fucking creepy, but it's a nice change of pace too. At his arrival, they decide to throw a party at the lake house and they say it's for Nicky's homecoming, but turns out, he only knows, well, them. The rest are Austin's usual randoms looking for free booze. At least they just Ava actually, she has a lot of free time on her hands make him a banner that says, "Welcome Home, Nicky!

She literally makes them "fix it" three times even though Ava insists it looks the same every time. The atmosphere in the house is a weird one.

Kaylie and Austin are fighting about stupid things. Her dad still doesn't like him and Austin is tired of trying. Alex thinks Austin is trouble.

In turn, Austin rubs it in that he's a Red Sox fan. Kaylie calls Austin out for always having to make things worse by needing to have the last say and Austin straight up tells her that her dad is a jerk. Without thinking, Austin says, "I don't know what your mom saw in that guy. No wonder they're divorced. It's cool though because all Austin wants to do is chill with his friends. Nicky and Kelly need somewhere private to molest each other, Max is between relationships which they're all shocked about and Ava is always in need of entertainment.

They come to the general consensus that a party is an all-purpose cure. It's a Saturday night. I've never seen him with a boyfriend before. Then again, after all the stories I've heard from you guys maybe I should consider it luck," Nicky says. He sits back on the couch with his arm around Kelly, her legs across his lap. She smiles at him, can't stop, gently playing with his hair, making it messier than it already is.

Nicky's face crinkles before he raises his eyebrows in disbelief. Someone needs to get on fixing that bathroom lock. Why don't you fix it? Well, that's a hell no.

Kaylie Cruz

Kelly shifts closer to her boyfriend and Nicky turns to look at her. His smile is automatic as he leans close enough for their noses to touch. The sound of Austin and Ava continuing to bicker mixes in with the party sounds before fading out completely. Of course those two can manage to have a private moment in such a public place. She tilts her chin down, away from him, gently biting her lip in a failed attempt to resist smiling.

Nicky gently presses his lips to hers and Kelly leans into him, curling her arm around his neck and bringing them closer.

kaylie and austin relationship therapist

Austin shakes his head at Crazy Couple, but smiles too. Nicky and Kelly and their fucking PDA. It's ridiculous that those two get the most action in the lake house and neither of them even friggin' live here.

What's with that kid? I'm friggin' trying to talk to you, man! Stop kissing her for a sec, will ya? He collapses on the couch next to Nicky, shaking his cousin's arm, trying to get his attention. Kelly Parker is nothing if not determined. Obviously, Nicky is the type that's turned on when he's yanked around and gives in to her, ignoring Max and kissing Kelly deeply, sliding his hand up her thigh. He's already at the childlike giddy-but-can-easily-turn-to-a-tantrum stage of drinking and it's barely even midnight.

For a guy who drinks so much and so regularly, Max get trashed quick. When she finally pulls away, giving them both a moment to catch their breath, Kelly glares at Max, who glares right back. What is with Max and fucking blondes? When will the kid ever learn? Plus, no one really cares who this girl is. They already know it's doomed to end on a disastrous note. That'll really impress her," Austin playfully suggests.

He wobbles a bit, but then gets his footing and pushes his way through the crowd before completely disappearing. I thought he was over this bisexual back-and-forth seesaw," Ava comments. If someone initiates, he isn't going to say no. Ava, I'm too visual of a person for your…what did KP call them? She's even like pulling his hair and shit.

Why don't you two get a room? You can't have a room just for boning. It isn't economically efficient," Nicky scolds. Who says things like that? Nicky Russo is such a fucking nerd. He should just give that shit up and come home for good.

You're lucky we even have the Bone Room," Austin says. Where's the gratitude these days? We can take a hint when we aren't wanted. Nick, let's go," Kelly says, quickly standing and dragging her boy with her.

Nicky pauses long enough to wave at the Tuckers, a little dazed and red, but with a grin. Austin lifts his beer in a sort of salute, watching as Nicky wraps his arms around Kelly from behind and they make their way to the stairs. He extends his arm and holds out his beer, clinking it against Ava's plastic water bottle. Austin steps out of the kitchen for ten seconds and all hell breaks loose. None of them went overboard with the alcohol, well, except Max so Sunday morning starts out nice and quiet.

Austin and Nicky cook breakfast while Kelly and Ava reluctantly starting tossing all the stray cups and partygoers' leftovers into the trash. Right when Austin's about to check the driveway for the Sunday paper, Kelly Parker's war cry steals his attention.

She has glitter all over her and her blonde hair had been in a braid, but has partially come apart. The excuse doesn't satisfy Kelly at all. She approaches Blondie, but then Nicky catches her by the waits and holds her back. Your voice somehow reaches this high-pitch siren-level and my head already hurts as is," Max says as he walks into the kitchen, moving like a zombie.

Eyes drooping, pale as a ghost, he weaves right through the danger zone, right between Blondie and Kelly, going to the refrigerator. Everyone knows she does it just because he suggests she shouldn't. The poor girl looks like a doe after getting slammed by the Kelly Parker Mobile.

Max gently takes Blondie by the arm and escorts her to the door. Once they're safely gone, Nicky laughs. Kelly rolls her eyes and draws him down to kiss her.

Ava smiles to herself as she lugs a trash bag into the dining room, starting to clean up in there while Austin hangs back, standing in the kitchen doorway. Max fished out the sports section and hands it to Austin, who always calls dibs. Austin's right about to thank him when he sees the soft look on Max's face, watching Nicky and Kelly from afar. How happy they make each other," Max says softly. Surely he'd be embarrassed if either Nicky or Kelly overheard.

I think their relationship is unnatural and makes no sense whatsoever and I'm sure one of them is going to fuck it all up one day and we're all going to suffer because of it, but…just look at them.