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MY FIST BURNS WITH AN AWESOME POWER - Disgaea Thumbnail Theater Etna: Are we there yet?

It appears that he and Flonne have a relationship, though neither would admit it. In Makai Kingdom, he is brought before Overlord Zetta after Etna and Flonne. The Failure Is the Only Option trope as used in popular culture. A series premise that allows the heroes or the villains to win minor battles along the way . It'll have a couple of obvious questions and some obscure ones for true .. mage, is hanging out in the crater Laharl blasted in Flonne's garden. ;) Now that that is done, time for the brutal Disgaea D2 Quiz for Week 2!.

Tasoku looked at Etna with starry eyes and clapped. Don't treat me as some weak girl, you got that? When Etna turned back to the lunch lady, the lady quickly gave her 3sandwiches, which caused Etna to smile. I'm not gonna be the one by his bedside feeding him chicken soup T' Short, but it's the confrontation, yay! Etna entered this school too I really will make you-- "Kuroko-kun!!!!

Why did Setsuna have him tag along? This is a Netherworld High School, not a fairy kindergarten!! And I thought things would be looking up. Setsuna said that completed his mission required more knowledge, so he ended up enrolling all three of us. I could care less about class or his mission. There are people to kill and people who I can't get my eyes off of, and this kid isn't one of them I'd like to kill him, but he's too cute to die on my blade.

Rather than heading back with all the teachers, I decided to accompany Marona to lunch instead. We've been to the Netherworld before, so it wasn't anything new, but it was still odd. Sure, Wistaria had talking owls and scrabbits but this was different.

I know I did this to get her away from Cauldron, but perhaps I should've at least asked Castille to join us. Now Marona has to go make friends again It's already difficult for us to find a seat here Etna was currently just staring into space, while having a sandwich in her mouth. Tasoku was eating his sandwich, while still clinging onto Etna O.

After a few more seconds, Etna snapped out of it and sighed. Tasoku then looked determined. Syn on April 04, Dark Purple Eye Color: Golby on April 04, He has failed High School 45 times in a row. Huuko-chan on April 04, They're not mine, but just for everyone to be aware who the teachers are: Dark Blue Short Bio: Originally the main character of Disgaea 2, Adel goes to this school His mother, after realizing that there is no way for Vheldheim to return to it's normal self, decided to enroll Taro and Hanako into one of the schools in the Netherworld.

The school, however, needed more stronger teachers to at least enforce certain things within the school and Adel and Rosalyn were chosen to be part of the staff. Adel is amazing when it comes to close range combat, fighting like a crazed demon. However, he is weak against women and lies, causing the administration to question whether or not Adel should be a teacher.

The other main character of Disgaea 2, Rosalyn was pulled out of Vheldheim to become a teacher. Rosalyn didn't really like the idea of being a teacher in the first place and still wants to get out of her job since all her students rarely listen to her.

Some of the younger boys, like Culotte and Taro, do help her on occassion. Rosalyn is skilled at demon magic and firearms. Dark Blue Eye Color: Marona's personal phantom in Phantom Brave, is Marona's special instructor. While Ash is dead, his soul can manifest into a solid form in the Netherworld. He was chosen to be a teacher, but he decided to be Marona's private instructor instead since he felt many would bully her especially noticing that Laharl was also on the roster.

He has enough power to fight on his own, but together with Marona, he's almost unstoppable just watch it if he wields the dark weapon. The fiery Alternate Overlord of La Pucelle returns as a teacher.

As with all the current teachers, she was requested to be part of the staff. She joins the teaching staff mainly because she heard one of the current students spread rumors about her having implants.

Furious, she immediately accepted the job. Now Prier isn't that bad. She's a very nice girl and a strong friend. Unfortunately, her powerful kicks and bad temper scare many away.

However, her kicks, along with her baton and demon and holy magic, aid her battle.

, a selector. Ask about my top result.

No teaching staff would be without the Maiden of Light. After hearing that Prier and Culotte would be going to school in the Netherworld, she decided to become a teacher there. While she certainly stands out among the school community, she doesn't mind it at all. In Berserkthis was deconstructed and then horribly, horribly reconstructed in the case of Griffith's dream of getting his own kingdom through winning the Kingdom of Midland's war against the Tudor Empire.

All he had to do was wait around for the right moment to get Princess Charlotte's hand in marriage and the kingdom would be his. Of course, taking place in the Berserkerverseyou knew that this was too easy to accomplish.

So after everything falls apart for Griffith which was actually partially his doing, since he took Guts' departure AFTER winning the war little over the topwhich led to his erratic behavior with Princess Charlottewhich led to his horrible imprisonment and torture and his dream looked all but destroyed Griffith has the chance to go after his dream again! By making the most vile and horrible of all decisions that he could possibly make!

Subverted in Chrono Crusade to earth-shattering effect, when Aion actually successfully goes through with the Atonement Ritual. And failure is the only option for the heroes.

The crew of the BeBop: But, some random technicality or accident always prevents them from actually getting the reward and escaping Perpetual Poverty — and worse, any money they DO get is usually bled away to nothing by the bills run up by Spike's destructive tendencies on the job.

From the very beginning of the series: What happened to the million-woolong reward we got for that last guy? The repair bill from that cruiser you wrecked And they always pass on the opportunity to get rich by less ethical means. For example, once they stumbled onto a secret that could make them billionaires, but when they blackmail the Gate Corporation with it, all they demand is that they stop trying to find an old man their resident kid hacker has befriended in online chess games If the police found out that he was Kira, they would catch him and lock him up and Ryukrealizing that Light could no longer provide him with any more entertainment, would've written his name in the titular Artifact of Doomkilling him.

If, however, the police had not found out that Light was Kira and he had killed all who were threats him and erased all clues pointing in the direction of him being Kira, then Ryuk would've realized that Victory Is Boring and, since Light could no longer provide him with any more entertainment, he would've written Light's name in the Death Note, killing him.

No matter how many times you throw yourself at the big bad of the week, you will always fail. Only Goku is allowed to vanquish the monster once and for all.

The only few times this did not happen was during the fight with Vegeta who was taken down by Yajirobe, Great Ape Gohan and Krillin with Goku's Spirit Bomb, while he did defeat Frieza, then with Gohan who defeated Cell, and even then Goku assisted from beyond the grave.

The only two times that Goku wasn't involved was [a] when Garlic Jr. This trope is lampshaded by Piccolo in the Saiyan Saga after he gets called out for berating Gohan for getting frightened while fighting Nappa. Piccolo silently admits that it doesn't matter how they do against Nappa, then realizes that if Vegeta is ordering Nappa around than Vegeta much be even strongerso even if Nappa is defeated, the heroes would have to face an even stronger villain.

He was right, as not even Goku was able to defeat Vegeta. Frieza obtaining his wish on the titular Dragon Balls for immortality during the Namek Saga turned out to be this.

When Frieza did obtain all seven balls, he runs into a problem where he has no idea how to actually use them. Unlike Earth's Dragon Balls which could be used by anybody; Namek's Dragon Balls required a password which had to be spoken in Namekian, something he never anticipated as he killed every Namekian they came across.

But on top of that the dragon the balls summoned, Porunga, only responds to wishes spoken in Namekian, something Frieza learned the hard way when he tried and failed to wish for immortality from Porunga, just for his wish to be ignored. The entire premise of "Dropkick on My Devil! Renton's quest to sneak a kiss to Eureka. He succeeds beyond that: Eureka reveals she loves him and shares a real kiss with him. Excel Saga — Goal: Between Excel's energetic stupidity, Hyatt's penchant for dying and coming back to life sometimes multiple times within an episode and Il Palazzo's side hobbiesit doesn't look like the citizens will be subjugated any time soon.

Il Palazzo starts a electronics company and floods Fukuoka with cheap and effective products, earning him a lot of influence in Fukuoka. Il Palazzo doesn't progress from there though, and starts to feel like he has gotten sidetracked. Il Palazzo gets rid of Excel near the end of the series and successfully conquers the city in the next episode. In both instances, Il Palazzo does a lot better once he gets rid of Excel. The goal in the anime version of Fullmetal Alchemist is to create the Philosopher's Stone, and once it's actually created, the only way for the brothers to accomplish their goal is to have Al die.

Failure IS the only option, even until the end. Aim to earn money to clear debt. Girls Go Around Goal: Get out of the Time Loops.

Overall works, until the final chapter reveals the true goal of the time loop! Have everyone manage to graduate from high school without one of them dying.

If Kyousuke is saved, Chihiro dies. When Kyousuke saves Chihiro, Shiina ends up getting run over by a car. If Shiina is saved, the Class Rep ends up dying. Class Rep survives, Izumi dies. And if Izumi is saved, Ootsuka dies In Green WorldzIwatobi always falls short of killing Acacia in both the original and new timeline. Haruhi-chan - Nyoron Churuya-san: Stop people from using Hell Correspondence to send people to Hell, and thus damning themselves in the process.

No matter how close he gets to stopping somebody from pulling the red thread on the Curse Doll, they'll always do it. Probably the worst example is in episode 18, where a Fat Bastard Rich Bitch has been holding a little girl's dogs hostage and killing them whenever she suspects the little girl might be telling somebody about what she's doing. Both Hajime, the little girl's teacher AND two police officers manage to break into her house when they hear the little girl over the intercom begging the Rich Bitch not to kill the puppies one of the dogs had, and subdue her, uncovering the fact that she'd not only murdered her parents to get her inheritance, but also her infant son to keep him from potentially trying to steal her money.

At first it seems that Hajime finally stopped somebody from pulling the thread, and was just moments away from taking the doll from her, when she discovers that the Rich Bitch had already drowned the puppies in the bathtub There's one exception to the rule, and even then the show leaves it ambiguous as to whether or not the victim will simply try again.

In Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san the protagonist has an adorable "war" going with his cute classmate, with each of them trying to get the other to blush and react to their antics. It's very obvious she is always going to win every single one of these contests, although "failure" is a relative term when you have the cutest girl in the class paying this much attention to you. Humanity was doomed no matter what happened. In the middle of the arena, we have Shinji who decides to settle it all quickly and initiates the Third Impact and kills humanity by himself.

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Despite having fought to prevent this the whole time. Nerima Daikon Brothers — Goal: Get enough money to buy a dome for the band to play in. Even after defeating the villain and getting enough money to buy the dome, something happens The people usually come back for their moneyand the band ends up just as penniless if not in debt by the end of the episode.

Even the siblings couldn't best each other over matches of poker game and ended up no contest. Naturally she either screws them up or is unwilling to learn from her mistakes to try again.

Instead, partially due to the fact they are Blessed with Suck in the form of having a Grappler ship a very rare and large ship that consequently costs a fortune in docking fees, ammo and basic maintenance that is sought after by the Kei Pirates which means they're constantly getting shot up and thusly needing to spend more money on ammo and repairsthey're constantly on the edge of bankruptcy.

The one time it looks like they might succeed, heading after an ancient sunken Outlaw ship containing a stolen shipment of Unobtaniumthey succeed In the very end, Gene manages to survive the whole Galactic Leyline incident and gets just enough notoriety to get the honor of a nickname in the Outlaw's hangout Blue Heaven: Yup, he's still at it, his nickname is a joke. At least it's not all thorns for him, though; he's used to space now and he's even got a girlfriend.

The writers have never allowed Ash to win a regional tournament based in a region from the video games. He'll always lose no matter what the only time he won was in the Orange Islands, and that was filler.

Their logic behind this thinking is that if he wins one single tournament, from one single area of the world, his entire journey ends. Since their goal is usually to capture Ash's Pikachu, they simply can't win. Unfortunately for them, the plot dictates that they must follow Ash and Co. Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Homura's goal to defeat Walpurgis Night and preventing Madoka from becoming a magical girl, and has been doing this for about a couple of times now maybe even a thousandbut Madoka still becomes a Magical Girl, and rarely a Witch.

In an odd subversion, Homura fails and Madoka becomes a magical girl in the finale, but because Madoka knew of the Awful Truth behind the magical girls, her wish in trade for becoming a magical girl is to rid the world of that truth, messing up time and space to the point where she gets a Cosmic Retcon and turns the world into a better place.

All magical girls, prior to Madoka's wish in the "current" timeline, fall victim to this trope because they all eventually gave in to despair and became witches themselves. A more personal example is what Word of God says will happens if Sayaka Miki contracts and becomes a magical girl or not in a given timeline, If she doesn't, she lives; but if she does she will always fall into despair and become a witchor if she's lucky enough to not witch out, she will wind up dead by some other means which is what happens in the post Cosmic Retcon universe.

Gender-bending series — Goal: Other characters in Ranma try to get rid of other Jusenkyo curses as well; also, Akane's efforts to learn to swim or stop being a Lethal Chefand Ranma's attempts to shoo off members of his Unwanted Harem.

The pig curse, on the other hand, is still there, but that just makes his girlfriend like him more. The whole Nodoka subplot was also resolved — fitting, as the various reasons for the endless string of failures for Nodoka to see Ranma as a man are some of the most convoluted possible.

All of Nozomu Itoshiki's attempts at suicide fail. He even survived having his name written in the Death Note! The successful invasion of Pekopon i. From the beginning, Yoh's goal was to become Shaman King.

There's only a matter of what to do next. This trope runs all through Superbook, The Flying House, and their spin-offs and reboots. The usual premise of these stories being that somehow, kids from the present wind up in the days of the Old and New Testaments of the Christian Bible. As the goal of these shows is to acquaint children with Biblical events, ultimately, everyone is Doomed by Canoncausing this trope to manifest itself in a couple of ways: In variations on this, someone will believe them, but be in no position to actually do anything about it, or they simply will not be able to alter the past, no matter how hard they try.

On occasion, the kids will meet someone who has access to enough power to send them back Moses, Elijah, Jesusand said people will either refuse their request, be called away on urgent business, or otherwise present an excuse why they can't have the kids sent back. Also invokes Broken Aesop: God has a plan, but in order for it to work, everyone has to be idiots, and contrived coincidences have to happen all the time.

Marie Kagura in the Tona-Gura! She does not understand that, even if he behaves himself, that boy is never coming back. Most of the cast of Urusei Yatsura had differing and often conflicting goals which would never be achieved: Lum, to get Ataru to settle down; Ataru, to be free of Lum without actually losing her; Shutaru and the Stormtroopers, to get rid of Ataru; Ataru's mother, to be a respected member of the community; and so on.

All of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Even though they're playing a card game, of which the consequence of losing would normally only be a hit to the loser's ego if thatYu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL was particularly bad about this. It was intended for Yuma to avert the usual Invincible Hero tendencies of the franchise by starting out sucking at the game and eventually becoming a master.

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