Long term relationship barbie and ken real life

Real-life Barbie and Ken ditch love for plastic

long term relationship barbie and ken real life

IT'S A BARBIE WORLD: The internet is full of spoof real life Barbies IG. REALISTIC: Long term relationship Barbie Real-life Barbie and Ken. Of course Barbie and I didn't actually live in the real world. much I love her, I just can't sustain a relationship with a woman who can't go parasailing. . But I know about love—I have loved the same woman for a long time. Feb 9, Feb. 13, Rarely does a celebrity breakup come as a shocker. As soon as two stars begin dating, breakup rumors start to circulate. But Ken.

No such luck, it seems. Sure, Barbie can get a job, but she just can't seem to stay employed at one place for very long. Inshe started out as a teenage fashion model and, byshe had held more than 75 additional positions. That's not to say she's taken that many positions all within the same field, no.

Obese, taking a dump and working for the minimum wage – meet the 'real life Barbies'

She is something of a jack of all trades. According to Timeshe has been employed as an astronaut, rap musician, paleontologist, WNBA player, presidential candidate, and even a Major League Baseball player — for three separate teams: How does she find the time? Her dream house is impressive Chances are you looked right past the steep numbers on the price tag and decided the house was an absolute necessity.

If you were a 90s kid, the Dream House was rightfully quite amazing. Barbie Dream House circa had the working elevator which, even your parents would have to admit, was pretty cool. The first Barbie Dream House fromas depicted in an original commercial by Mattelwas quite different. It featured a large closet to store all of Barbie's clothes as well as a "fashion shop. An article for HuffPost dubbed it the "six-room mega-dollhouse" and, at four feet long and three feet tall, it isn't hard to understand why.

Sounds impressive, doesn't it? However, the Dream House was not quite what it seemed. The article continued, asking the chief economist at Movoto to calculate the cost.

Before you get too excited, you should know the home is only affordable because of its size: Maybe her dream mansion was more of a Dream Tiny Home all along.

Ken was introduced just two years after Barbie hit the shelves. Why the name Ken? Barbie and Ken," Handler explained in an interview with Lilith Magazine. So, Barbie and Ken are siblings then? If you know a thing or two about Barbie and Ken's relationship, you may be getting pretty grossed out at this point.

No, incest is not being promoted here in the Mattel family. You may have assumed they were married all that time, but that wasn't the case. In came their shocking decision to split. Arons explained that they "feel it's time to spend some quality time — apart.

long term relationship barbie and ken real life

The article reported that Arons made some hints during his interview that the separation could be because Ken's reluctance to marry Barbie. Barbie's ever-changing careers also could have played a role in the divide.

Don't worry, though, because Barbie and Ken ultimately patched things up in Barbie has way too many pets Getty Images With Barbie's Dream House being especially tiny, Barbie's pad is certainly crowded enough with just Ken and herself. Yet, that doesn't seem to matter much to Barbie. She has filled her home and her life with quite a few pets. That isn't even legal! Barbie's five catshowever, may be allowed to stay. Barbie doesn't just stop at collecting house pets, however.

Entrepreneur went on to list her three ponies and 12 horses. It's surprising Barbie hasn't ended up on an episode of Hoarders by now.

She's simply out of control! She's quite materialistic Getty Images Despite having had a very modest home in California, Barbie has always been pretty money-driven. Good Housekeeping reported that Barbie upgrades her house every few years.

long term relationship barbie and ken real life

That said, she's never been willing to move away from the west coast as every home is located in Malibu. She likes what she likes, apparently. Barbie's home upgrades have been pretty spectacular.

The Dream House featured two elevators! Well, she needed one just to transport her clothes.

long term relationship barbie and ken real life

It is a smart home that can respond to over voice commands. In addition to having the snazziest houses, Barbie also owns more vehicles than she probably knows what to do with.

Since then she's had a Mercedes Benz, Chevrolet Corvette, among others. Apparently, her temporary breakup with Ken led to a "shopping spree" in which she acquired even more vehicles.

Will anything she buys ever be enough? She's literally always wearing makeup Getty Images Barbie is beautiful, but have you ever wondered what she would look like without all that makeup? Lamm continued, "The Barbie… dolls look better, more natural without makeup and I feel that without the makeup, they still look good.

Ken Speaks: 'I Will Always Love Barbie, No Matter Her Size' | Time

She failed to represent diversity Jan 28, at Sunshine declined to offer specifics on the relationship's demise, and asked the press to "please, please respect their privacy. Arons said the split had nothing to do with Ken's sexuality and that the couple loved each other.

And other whisperings that Barbie and Ken are secretly sister and brother weren't even touched on.

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The couple — whose romance seemed so picture-perfect that other successful pairings in and out of Hollywood were frequently dubbed "Barbie and Ken" — met on the set of their first television commercial in Their relationship unfolded much like any other Hollywood romance, though it lasted quite a bit longer.

They fell madly in love and quickly became joined at the hip, as the saying goes. They even worked together on several projects. It was a fairytale, really. That is, until the unhappy ending. Some said the relationship dissolved because the pressure of being in the public eye became too great — even after 43 years.

Others gossiped that Ken's ambiguous sexuality and Barbie's disproportionate figure finally took their toll. Still others blamed the break on the fact that Barbie's career and popularity continued to overshadow Ken's. Then there were those who maintained that they were just a plastic couple from the beginning.

Ken's publicist denied that the all-American doll guy felt overshadowed by his gorgeous doll gal. We've all joked about it, but he really enjoyed being Mr. Still, the question remains whether or not Barbie's fame finally did come between the pair. I wouldn't want to put words in his mouth.