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The daughter of Dr. Manette, and Charles's wife. With her qualities of innocence, devotion, and abiding love, Lucie has the power to resurrect, or recall her father. A Tale of Two Cities Character Map. TL has no end, it will always continue; Plans to murder the Evremonde family, including Charles Darnay. Manettes' home and bind Lucie closer to her father. Dr. Manette suspects that Stryver and Carton are also interested in Lucie, but promises to vouch for.

Carton takes him into an adjoining room to talk. Lorry that if Charles is convicted, Barsad will smuggle Carton into Charles's She kisses him, and once more Carton remembers the prayer. Carton carries her to a carriage and escorts her home. There, he instructs Dr.

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Carton embraces her and, before he leaves, kisses the unconscious Lucie and whispers, He eventually wanders into a wine Manette returns too, begging for his shoemaker's bench. He also writes to Mr. Lorry, but never thinks to write to Carton.

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Carton tells Charles to start changing clothes with him. Then Carton dictates a letter for Carton finishes swapping their Manette, Lucie, and "Sydney Carton," who is unconscious. They wave the carriage through. Before his execution by guillotineCarton steps in and tricks Darnay into trading places with him, both for the sake of their friendship and for Lucie. This is accomplished with the help of John Barsadan English spy working at one of the French prisons, after a conversation described as a "hand at cards".

His final words - or rather, what Dickens suggests could have been his final words, had he been given the time to verbalize his final thoughts - are among the most famous in English literature: It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known.

The Online Literature Source. Book 3, chapter 15 Interpretations[ edit ] The historical novel A Far Better Rest by American author Susanne Alleyn is a re-telling of A Tale of Two Cities from Carton's perspective, and including the story of his entire life, including explaining his resemblance to Darnay by making them unknowingly half-brothers.

The historical novel The Carton Chronicles: In his narrative Carton also confesses to being the real father of Harry Flashman the roguish hero of the series of books created by George MacDonald Fraser who in turn borrowed him from Tom Brown's Schooldays by Thomas Hughes.

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Lorry takes a room at the Royal George Hotel. The year-old Lucie Manette arrives that same afternoon, having received vague instructions to meet a Tellson's Bank employee Rather than tell Lucie the truth, Lucie's mother told her that her father was dead. Lucie's mother herself died Lorry braces Lucie for a shock: He has been found, though he's a Defarge ignores them, instead lamenting the condition of the people with three men, all of The shoemaker asks who she is.

When Darnay glances at a young woman and her father sitting nearby Lucie and Dr. Manetteword flashes through the crowd that these two are witnesses against Darnay Lorry, Lucie, and Dr. Manette are each called to testify: Carton continues to look bored, stirring only to order help when he notices Lucie start to faint.

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Finally, the jury returns from its deliberations with a verdict of not Manette is now a distinguished