Marina abramovic and ulay relationship test

The Relationship of Marina Abramovic and Ulay (Uwe Laysiepen by Rachel Ernisse on Prezi

marina abramovic and ulay relationship test

Marina Abramović is a Serbian performance artist. Her work . They created " relation works" characterized by constant The work of Abramović and Ulay tested the physical limits of the body. World notorious performance artists Marina Abramović and Ulay ended to test the limits of the relationship between a performer and his/hers. Figures 5, 6: Marina Abramović and Ulay, Relation in Space, . together consistently tested their physical and mental limits and.

She was most impressed, though, by the man who sat silently opposite her for seven hours, an entire day's duration.

Relation in Time. Marina Abramović and Ulay

Was this art as therapy, or something much deeper? I give people a space to simply sit in silence and communicate with me deeply but non-verbally. I did almost nothing, but they take this religious experience from it. Art had lost that power, but for a while Moma was like Lourdes. Lady Gaga came to the show, but did not — or could not? I was in another zone. In the months leading up to the Moma show, she underwent a training programme devised by Nasa, the American space programme.

I became a vegetarian, I did deep meditation, I cleansed myself. I train the body and the mind. I learn to eat certain foods so that I don't have to go to the toilet for seven hours. I learn to sleep in short bursts at night.

This is very hard: So even the not-performing is intense. The shoulders sag, the arms swell, the pain starts to increase. Then the ribs are going into the organs.

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I had an incredible amount of physical pain and even some out-of-body experiences where the pain just vanishes, but always it comes back. In the end, it comes down to pure dedication and discipline. Why put yourself though such suffering in the name of art?

It makes me who I am.

marina abramovic and ulay relationship test

It turns me into the kind of person that Freud would have a field day with, for sure. Marina Abramovic, Balkan Baroque I. I always say I come from a country that no longer exists.

It involved her scrubbing clean 1, cow bones six hours a day for four days and weeping as she sang songs and told stories from her native country. Both were born in Montenegro and fought for the communist partisans during the Second World War, their bravery making them national heroes and earning them prominent positions in President Tito's post-war Yugoslavian government.

The family dynamic seems to have been explosive. For six years she lived with her grandmother, an extremely religious woman who loathed communism. So everything in my childhood is about total sacrifice, whether to religion or to communism.

This is what is engraved on me. This is why I have this insane willpower. My body is now beginning to be falling apart, but I will do it to the end. With me it is about whatever it takes. She had, she tells me, three distinct phases of development as a painter. In the first, she painted her dreams, which tended towards the traumatic. In the second, she painted "big socialistic trucks crashed together" and "little innocent socialistic toy trucks that I have placed on the highway".

She hoots with laughter. I do not know, I have no answer to this insane behaviour. Then, one day, as she puts it, "12 ultra-sonic military planes whooshed by overhead and left behind these beautiful lines in the blue sky".

This, she says, was her epiphany as an artist. She went to a nearby military base to see if she could get permission to go up in one of the planes in order "to paint the sky with smoke". The officer in charge, suspecting that she was having a nervous breakdown, called her father and had her taken home. Instead I started looking at what is around me and using it for art. It took me just a little while to realise that I could be my art. The council forbid it," she says shaking her head as if she still cannot quite believe it.

Ulay v Marina: how art's power couple went to war | Art and design | The Guardian

I want always to shake everything up. She placed a series of big speakers in her apartment block in Belgrade and played the tape of the bridge collapsing very loudly inside the building.

marina abramovic and ulay relationship test

She seems excited still by the results. For me," she says, sipping her tea, "this was an incredible thing. I realise the power of art that does not hang on the walls of galleries. It was the late 60s and the tremors of the global youth quake of student unrest were being felt even in Belgrade.

She orchestrated protest marches and sit-ins, but it was art that took up most of her energy. She started performing in public — "short, intense political pieces where I am plunging the knife between my fingers and cutting the communist star on my body".

I was incredibly naive and innocent.

Marina Abramović - Wikipedia

I mean, even when I am 23 and I have started with the blood and cutting, I still have to be back home by When I am not performing, for instance, I am really very quiet and ordinary. I don't drink or smoke and I have never taken drugs.

I am probably," she says, laughing, " the most boring person you could meet. In the early 70s, she performed a piece, Lips of Thomas, named after a lover of hers, which involved her whipping herself, cutting a five-point communist star — a recurring motif in her work — into her stomach with a razor blade, and then lying on a cross made of ice beneath a suspended heater for 30 minutes, bleeding all the while.

marina abramovic and ulay relationship test

It was induring a performance of a piece entitled Rhythm 5 at the Student Cultural Centre in Belgrade, that she had to be pulled unconscious from the burning star. The final act would end their relationship and they decided to never meet again afterwards.

Ulay started at the western end of the Wall, at Jaiyuguan, the south-western periphery of the Gobi Desert, walking eastward. After they both continuously walked for 90 says, covering km each, they met at Er Lang Shan, in Shen Mu, Shaanxi province. Here, they embraced each other and said goodbye. From then on they would both go on with their life and work separately. This multidimensional end of such a long journey made the entire walk such an incredibly deep and spiritual journey.

It is hard to imagine what would have gone through their heads in those 90 days of solo-walking.


She later described the process: It is very human. It is in a way more dramatic, more like a film ending … Because in the end we both would be really alone, whatever we would do.

It is a true piece of travel art that has turned in a kickass classic. And guess who showed up?! Most of the visitors who took a seat in front of Abramovic simply remained seated in silence, perhaps too intimidated and excited by the proximity to be able to say something.

marina abramovic and ulay relationship test

And so did Ulay. The expression at 0: