Megaphone center burscheid and relationship

megaphone center burscheid and relationship

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For email advertising Pro connect Verlag GmbH 1. Contractor entered into only by written consent. Conditions are not a subject to this contract if the Contractor at the earliest opportunity to get acquainted with them, objects in writing. They are considered approved if the client does not object in writing at the earliest opportunity to consider these changes.

If this price list changes, the new changes take effect immediately, even If there Is a a signed contract for advertising, If otherwise Is not agreed. No later than one year after its signing. Proof as to whether to make a higher or lower deduction shall be decided by the parties in the contract. The publisher's right for compensation remains intact.

Reducing circulation Reducing the circulation may cause the request to reduce the price if the price list or otherwise the so called usual circulation drops down with more than 20 percent. Furthermore, upon completion, requests for price reduction are excluded if the publisher has notified promptly the Contractor about reduce In the circulation, Contractor could terminate the contract before advertisement is published.

Cancellations of orders The publisher reserves the right to refuse orders if their content violates laws or institutional rules or If their publication the Publisher considers as inappropriate. If any order Is canceled The Contractor shall be notified immediately. Templates For In time delivery of advertising texts, advertising templates and eventually agreed contents and correct data responsibility rests with the Contractor.

For clearly inadequate or damaged data, the publisher may require their immediate change.

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The Publisher ensures proper quality of publications distributed within its given opportunities. Test copies Upon delivery of test copies the responsible for the correctness of the sent copies remains for the Contractor. If the Contrctor does not return In the agreed term, the promptly sent to him copies, this Is considered as consent for publication.

The Contractor may file warranty claims for obvious defects, if within 3 weeks after publication of the edition, files a written complaint.

Flaws that affect one part of the order, do not lead to transformation termination of contractbut reduction reduction of paymentunless due to this missing part, the entire order has lost the client's interest. Requests for compensations from the publisher are limited to replacement of the foreseeable damage and to payment for the publication ordered.

This Is not applicable If there Is any Intention or gross negligence of the publisher or its legal representative or any of his employees. The responsibility of the publisher for lack of guaranteed quality remains unaffected by this. For the commercial transactions publisher is not liable, for gross negligence of his employees, in other cases the traders responsibility for gross negligence, depending on the amount of foreseeable damage is limited to the agreed amount for the contract amount.

Force Majeure In cases of force majeure, all obligations to fulfill orders and pay compensations become null and void Pitney Bowes offers inserting, sorting, printing and franking systems as well as off-line mailing solutions for managing physical and digital documents and mail for enterprises and service providers with a high volume of mail or documents. Pitney Bowes has been active in Germany since and has nearly employees in the company s business units Mail Processing, High-Performance Mail Processing, Outsourcing and Software.

Pitney Bowes controls activities for Austria and Switzerland from Heppenheim, also supporting its nearly 53, customers in German-speaking regions. Participants also discussed the state of transatlantic economic relations, highlighting the continued importance of cooperation through such forums as the Trans - atlantic Economic Council. Pictured here are from left: One issue discussed at the meeting was German energy policy, including framework conditions for energy-intensive industries, smart grids and the consequences of Germany s nuclear phaseout.

Ingrid Herzog, Fred B.

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Topics discussed included the current production of renewable energy as well as recent innovation and advances in the United States, challenges the industry faces today and how those challenges can be overcome. The committee welcomes the goals set out in the draft law to ensure the availability of quality local treatment to all patients and to secure quick access to innovations. The committee nevertheless stresses the necessity of making adjustments to the draft law, especially with regard to the provisions concerning the Federal Joint Committee G-BA.

The complete position paper is available on the AmCham Germany website, www. At the meeting, members expressed their need for uniform regulations across such industries as pharmaceuticals, automaking and renewable energy. Statement on Phasing Out Nuclear Power AmCham Germany member companies have come out in favor of the German government s decision to end nuclear power dependency and advance alternative energy sources.

In addition, member companies have offered their international experience and expertise in the areas of innovation and technical solutions to support an efficient, successful transformation.

AmCham Germany also supports capitalizing on the world s leading research institutions in the US and Germany in order to support a transatlantic approach to integrating new systems and technologies. For the complete paper, please visit our website, www.

Challenges and Opportunities Beyond www. Seamless continuity across all the connected devices in our lives from mobile phones and tablets to information appliances and even smart furnishings. That is Marvell s vision of the mobile lifestyle: Although relatively few of these companies changed places in the ranking, most posted significant growth in sales. For the fourth consecutive year, Ford-Werke ranks at the top of the list with total sales in of slightly over billion.

Fellow automaker Adam Opel AG took second place, having earned billion in sales. ExxonMobil Central Holding rounds out the top 3 with revenues of Together, the largest 21 US employers provided jobs to almostworkers in This reflects an overall increase in hiring a positive trend that further underscores the improved business climate in Germany.

McDonald s Deutschland Inc. Ford-Werke GmbH 24, 1 3. Adam Opel 23, 4. Burger King GmbH 23, 1,2 5. IBM Gruppe 22, 2 6. United Parcel Service Deutschland Inc. Coca-Cola Deutschland 10, Johnson Controls Automotive Experience 10, 2 Hewlett-Packard GmbH 9, 3 GE Deutschland 7, 2 Dow Gruppe Deutschland 5, Honeywell Deutschland 5, Lear Corporation GmbH 5, Delphi Deutschland GmbH 5, 2 Employee data through Oct.

This survey sought to determine the prevailing opinions about renewable energy as well as the security and reliability of energy supplies.

As touched on at the Sept.

megaphone center burscheid and relationship

Two-thirds of survey respondents indicate that high energy prices pose a significant threat to their planning. A proactive approach coupled with effective planning is needed to help ensure that energy needs are met over the long term.

Companies are unanimous in their opinion that demand for products made in Germany will continue to increase. This offers Germany the unique opportunity to assume a leadership role in the development of sustainable, affordable and environmentally friendly energy technologies.

ExxonMobil Central Europe Dr. Philip Morris 1 Werner Barth Fallstr. Intel 1 Hannes Schwaderer Dornacher Str. Automotive Automotive Experience Dr. Paul, MN technology Cargill Deutschland 1 Ralph Appel Cerestarstr. Mars 1 Thomas Bittinger Eitzer Str. Food and pet food www. Pfizer Deutschland GmbH Dr.

megaphone center burscheid and relationship

Donahue Bensheim estimate estimate Princeton, NJ www. Honeywell Deutschland 1 Matthias Maaz Strahlenbergerstr. Goodyear Dunlop Tires Germany Dr. Parker Hannifin GmbH Dr. Texas Instruments Deutschland 1 Dr. QVC Deutschland 1 Dr.

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Stephan Zoll Marktplatz 1 , 1, ebay Inc. In cases where no corporate entity is given e. If more than one top executive is given, names are listed alphabetically. Sales and employee data through Oct. September commerce germany 15 member point of view New Ways of Recruiting The job market and the working world are changing. Employers are searching for ways to more efficiently spot ever-scarcer talent without having to sift through huge piles of unsuitable applications.

It is no surprise that the use of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in the recruiting and employerbranding process is increasing in popularity. These tools provide access to new target groups and allow for more direct communication between employers and potential candidates.

megaphone center burscheid and relationship

Grasping opportunities Bernd Kraft Vice President General Manager, Monster Worldwide Central Europe As one of the first job boards in Germany, Monster developed a holistic social-media approach that allows both it and its customers to take advantage of these channels as part of their overall communications and recruiting strategy. Facebook is one of the most interesting additional recruiting channels as it opens up access to an estimated million users worldwide.

Monster recently launched the BeKnown Facebook application, which provides a venue for professional networking without mixing private and job-related contacts. The app is available in 19 different languages and is accessible by Facebook users in 35 countries.

Quick response codes and mobile apps for such popular operating systems and devices as iphone, ipad and Android are also part of a growing portfolio of Monster solutions that reach job seekers and career-minded professionals wherever they are and on their terms. These mobile solutions also allow recruiters to leverage and amplify their recruitment networks as they source, match and manage talent throughout the entire recruiting cycle. Find the perfect match Many candidates prefer being approached by employers, rather than actively searching for a job themselves.

Along with the BeKnown app, employers can reach this group through Monster s Career Ad Network CAN targeting technology, which displays jobs to career-minded professionals surfing the internet, and Monster s CV database, which contains almostpotential candidates in Germany alone. Recruiting is about finding the right talent and retaining it over the long term.

Monster s main objective in this process is to find the perfect match using the wide range of means at our disposal. Reinholdt with a special birthday present from AmCham Germany. Kids line up to request balloon animals from the event s entertainment. Gerke and Michael Schaub of Florenus AG enjoy this summer barbecue, a joint event of international chambers and clubs, in the beautiful sylvan haunts of the Grunewald on Sept.

Reinholdt Xerox September commerce germany 17 event report Leipzig, June 8 from left: Hamburg, June 27 Attendees at this AmCham Discussion Forum were treated to a lively panel discussion on the consequences of Wikileaks in terms of freedom of the press.

A barbecue and networking reception followed. Pictured here are the panel members from left: At this Business Dinner, Prof. Pictured here is Stadler left with Mark C. He discussed the ills of pro tectionism and called for a stronger transatlantic economic partnership. After Schuster s talk on the dynamics of the mobile internet revolution, guests participated in a networking reception with a flying buffet.

Torsten Oletzky, Chairman of the Board of Management at ERGO Insurance Group, delivered an interesting lecture on the topic of building up new brands 18 commerce germany September and the resulting risks that a company can face. In his lecture, Oletzky also touched on the importance of strong branding for companies that wish to remain innovative. Pictured here after the talk are from left: Claude Krier, Medical Director at Klinikum Stuttgart, discussed his hospital s development plans in the face of a changing healthcare system.

Prior to his presentation, attendees enjoyed cocktails and lunch. Pictured here is Krier left with Prof.

megaphone center burscheid and relationship

Leipzig, July 6 Friends and colleagues gathered at this evening event to bid a fond farewell to US Consul General Katherine Brucker and to thank her for her diligent service and hard work. Pictured here celebrating are from left: Andreas Pinkwart and Dr. Tim Metje, Handelshochschule Leipzig. Christoph Franz, CEO of Lufthansa, was the guest of honor at this SummerNight Dinner, where he delivered a speech about his company s growth strategy in the changing aviation industry.

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megaphone center burscheid and relationship

At this President s Event, Ellen J. DuPont de Nemours and Company, spoke on the topic of global collaboration. The well-received talk was followed by a luncheon and networking. In which industries is North Rhine-Westphalia NRW particularly strong, and how can companies tap into this infrastructure with their investments in the region?

NRW is famous for its strength in the telecommunications, biotechnology and service industries. Its renowned logistics network also offers the best opportunities for companies exploring new methods of supplychain management. The state s inland-harbor facilities offer environmentally friendly and costeffective solutions using three modes of transportation.

Investing in the region is fairly easy the locals are well known for their openness to foreign investors. It s a central location with easy access to any destination in Germany and Europe by air, rail or highway, creating cost savings for companies headquartered here.

NRW is particularly strong in the sectors of metal production and processing, mechanical engineering, information and communications technology, energy, medical care and logistics as well as the chemical, rubber and plastics industries. Whatever a company s area of expertise, our regional business development agency, NRW.

What does NRW s large population offer potential investors in terms of the region s labor force and skilled workers? The availability of well-trained workers is a crucially important factor.

Universities and research institutes in NRW are active in such areas as e-mobility, biotechnology and other cutting-edge sciences, and more thanstudents, including 59, from outside Germany, form a huge pool of qualified young employees. As the most populous state in Germany, NRW offers not only a strong customer base for companies, but a large wellspring of skilled workers.