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Bts Boys, Bae Quotes, Loving Someone, Taurus, Being Ugly, Falling In Love, Otp, Avengers, Love . How to Create a Safe Relationship - Teal Swan - YouTube. Jun 29, Let's look at the pre-debut pictures of SHINee's Choi Minho first! . Sulli publicized her relationship with Dynamic Duo's Choiza, which would debunk the It turned out that Minho and Suho had been close when they were the. Minho, and Kai! I love SHINee's and EXO's relationship so much! Especially Tae+Kai, Key+ Tao, and Suho+Minho! Same nice poem. I'm gonna tell this to.

To hide his identity, he is forced to live a life in secrets. No matter how hard he tries, however, his stunning face draws public attention. It's the reason why he has to go out when there's no light. One day he happens to meet Aro when he wanders around the streets as usual. She's the first girl to capture his attention. Choi Minho Suho is the son of Kim's noble family. Having everything he wants, his childhood was a life of plenty.

With his positive personality and abilities, he's a good role model for young men.

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One day, he meets Seonu who happens to leave a huge influence on his life. He begins to wake up and open his eyes to the real world. He realizes that there are many people out there suffering because of his father. As his friendship with Seonu gets deeper, he has to make his own choice. Do Jihan Banryu always has people next to him.

What's sad, though, is that they are nice to him because of his powerful father.

Poem a Day: Really Fighting!

He's sick of those who bow down to power, but he doesn't express it. With his handsome face, excellent abilities and self-reverence, he is one of the top Hwarangs. Even he has a secret crush on a girl.

It's Suho's sister, Suyeon. Nevertheless, their families are enemies just like Romeo and Juliet. Kim Taehyeong Hanseong is the youngest Hwarang. His warm and friendly personality helps him create harmonious relationships all the time. He loves his Hwarang brothers, especially Seonu.

What Did MinHo of SHINee and SuHo of EXO Fight Over? • Kpopmap

When focusing on something, he gets so into it that he can't see or hear other things. This tender-hearted man is to shoulder a heavy burden for his family. Jo Yunu Yeoul doesn't know who his father is. Thanks to his powerful mother, he grew up in abundance. However, as he is aware that he can't advance his career, he has to adorn himself. He is particular about his appearance more than girls on average.

Although he has no greed for power, he is really on the ball. At first, he puts his friends into danger, but later, he becomes their lifelong friend and helper. Although it was the first time for him to do a historical drama, he portrayed the role o Happy endings for King Jinheung and Seonu-Aro couple!

Sam Maekjong finally becomes the King of Silla.

MinHo & SuHo: Heaven

You are always concerned about other members like that, huh? Such handsome pose and small face. But I only had Minho. Whatever happens, he is by our side and calls out to us.

Minho is really a person who becomes our strength in any situation. If Taemin is a woman, who would she choose if Jonghyun and Minho are the only men left in the world? You are really studying hard! Ah, how about this? He drags the end of sentence!

Chosen by all of SHINee as most to sulk in the group. Also chosen by all of SHINee as best at aegyo. What is your motto? Always be respectful and humble. The action of raising the chin has the manly feeling. Some even note he looks like a baby still. My aim is to give my children the same method of education my parents gave me. What aspect do you hope your child would not resemble you in?

What are you saying? I love you, hyung. When I tried to solve them, they became even more tangled. Something like his impression has gotten cuter. What kind of image is it now? What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Since I was young, my favorite number is In addition to that, my lucky number is Have you ever fallen in love at first sight?

I fell in love at first sight before but that was when I was a kid so I have no memories of it anymore. The members all have different charms so. What about you Minho? To be able to encourage Onew more, I think it would be fun to switch bodies.

I patted him on the back and was surprised to feel how wet he was. Do you want to be spoiled or do you want to spoil your girlfriend? I want to be spoiled, of course!

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What is your ideal type in a girlfriend? It would be nice to have a relationship wherein we believe each other. Minho thinks of himself as forward but is also clearly a flustered type. Although we went on many stages but we wished for a concert. We practiced together, we went on stage, the last song came out, we did out ment, and we came back to the waiting room! Ah, I think my heart ached a little that time. I was just about to cry if someone touched me even just a little. It was a different feeling than when we made our debut.

There are many songs I like from the first time I heard it. Our debut song and also songs after too. When I first heard it, I was like 'What is this song? All I can cook is ramen and fried kimchi rice. I think I should at least be able to cook one two or three things. So that I can live, purely for survival reasons.

Yes, I hear such words toward me a little bit. But men are also feeling big pressure when they are revealing their bodies. This is my meal. I tried to exercise and control the amount of meals.

I am eating only these for the concert…. I prepared this way for the concert, even though it was tough and painful. May 15, at 2: If I were to pinpoint the time and space when APaD died for me, it was that Episode 12 motorcycle accident. It was like a degree turn in story direction. It was utterly contrived. Suho is an Exo leader? Is he the guy who was the BF of a girl group singer?

There was this boy band group that was making its rounds here in the US last year. Oguri is a tough act to follow. He made the character real.

For instance, you remember that scene when Suho started distributing the pink slips or job termination? He rode a Segway, right? The Segway typically denotes how special leader is. He eschewed rules; he was a maverick. He was the creative force, the genius.

But he really is the soul of the company as shown later in the series.