Misaka and touma relationship trust

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misaka and touma relationship trust

Just what sort of a relationship do you have with him? By sending that Kamijou Touma to fight Accelerator, Misaki had hoped that he .. plans to cheer him up to gain some trust before she begins her information fishing. Electric sparks escaped from Mikoto's bangs, "It's Misaka Mikoto you idiot Her relationship with Touma must have been something more than allies. .. if she could trust and work together with Misaki just like how Kuroko was. Misaka-san was blushing, her fists clenched and glaring at her roommate. "I trust you, Misaka-san." Although Ruiko had tried not to hope for a relationship with Mikoto, the revelation that this spiky-haired boy might be a.

Without any further delay let's go!!!!!!!! Most also know Misaki but for those who don't, Misaki is the 5th rank lvl5 esper also known as mental out. Shokuhou Misaki and Touma Kamijo met about a year prior to index ep1 when Touma met her, she was not a lvl5 and was going through a bad time and was about to erase her memories. But she forgot about erasing her own memories and cheered up. Just like Misaka she stumbled across Touma every now and then.

It was like fate was bringing them together or so she thought. Now again i haven't read it yet so i don't know the exact order of events but during his 1st encounter with Misaki the DIVINE FALL one Touma dropped his phone and well stuff happened due to which he couldn't save a girl Mistuari Ayu who was about to commit suicide and wanted Touma to save her.

It's a pleasure to meet you. It's a pleasure to meet you too! This resulted in her gaining a lot of fans who were inspired by her hard work and wanted to be like her as well. Uiharu Kazari was Kuroko's long time partner from the same Judgement Branch, and a big fan of her. She decided to drag me all the way here, so here I am. By the way, I'm a Level 0.

Mikoto offered her hand to Ruiko, "Nice to meet you as well. It was Academy City's fault that people like Ruiko are so insecure about their levels. The higher levelled you are, the more money Academy City pays you.

The difference in income levels alone was enough to cause a social divide in terms of both actual power and financial power. Kuroko cleared her throat, "Now that introductions are over, let us all he-" "How about the arcades? There was no way she would let Kuroko's perverted plans come to fruition.

Kazari and Ruiko looked at each other confused, "Arcades? Perhaps shopping would be a more appropriate choice. Mikoto smacked Kuroko with her briefcase, "For the last time Kuroko, we are not going lingerie shopping. If the both of you have no objections, then let's go.

misaka and touma relationship trust

Mikoto grabbed a flyer offered by someone as she wondered if she should be spending more of her time figuring out Leivnia's mysterious condition at research facilities instead of socializing and going to the arcade. But Kuroko really wanted her to meet Kazari, and sometimes solutions to impossible questions can be found in unexpected situations, so it wasn't really so bad.

The flyer was an advertisement for a Gekota giveaway from the new crepe store at a plaza up ahead. Wait what, there's a Gekota giveaway?! And only for the first two hundred customer?! Mikoto felt a thud from behind. She somehow stopped walking and Ruiko bumped onto her. Kuroko smiled teasingly, "In the mood for crepes, Onee-sama?

Or are you after something else? I mean, it's just a stupid frog for kids. Which girl my age would possibly be interested in Gekota? Mikoto's face grew even redder when Ruiko and Kuroko suppressed their laughter. I swear that's not me being interested in Gekota! Mikoto took out a sniper electrolaser rifle from her briefcase. Just help me get them into a good position. Kuroko put on her Judgement armband with a smile, "Got it, Railgun.

It's an unofficial Anti-Skill catchphrase. Why are you using a gun? Otherwise, she's going to have to forfeit her monthly allowance to pay for collateral damages again.

It's the educational system that is flawed. Instead of hiding her assassin skills, might as well flaunt it and twist them into something positive. Obviously Misaka Mikoto wasn't a real assassin working in the Dark Side because a 'real assassin' wouldn't be so dumb as to show off her skills and attract suspicion right? Also, the official reason was because of her intense custom Anti-Skill training program in the past, which was true on paper anyway. If there was one nice thing Shokuhou Misaki ever did for her, it would be for helping her to hide her past in such a manner.

It would have been nice if she could trust and work together with Misaki just like how Kuroko was willing to trust and work together with her to take down the bank robbers even though she wasn't part of Judgement. Misaki was once her friend after all. Everything Ruiko thought about Misaka Mikoto was shattered in a single day. I mean, what Level 5 would carry around a gun, right? Is that why she's called the Railgun? She could totally join Judgement and make a big difference if she wanted.

See Saten, you shouldn't judge Misaka too quickly. No wonder she was also good with guns. Mikoto definitely did put in a lot of hard work, but it was an impressive training program made possible with the fortune her deceased father left behind.

So much for 'hard work will get you there' and 'keep on trying, you'll make it someday'. What a load of crap. Even the hardworking Misaka Mikoto also needed an obscene amount of money to reach Level 5, a fact that Academy City conveniently omits. We've only just met for about 15 minutes. Why is she suddenly so close to me?! Is this the full power of the Kami-yan disease? Just by being around a girl, I'm able to capture her heart and make her fall in love with me without trying?

Rikou said, "What is your name? My name is Takitsubo Rikou. May I ask why are you clinging on my arm?! Rikou said, "I can sleep with my eyes open, so I only need your arm as a support. If I had such an ability, I would be able to have my proper 8 hours of rest everyday!

misaka and touma relationship trust

The both of them passed by two Tokiwadai girls who had spotted them in a lovey-dovey position as Rikou clung onto Touma's arm like a couple from afar some time ago.

I didn't know he's such a person.

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Cheating on your pregnant girlfriend is unacceptable! I must give Misaka-sama a call! My life is finished. No, I suppose the difference is how I'm going to die.

I still have some time left, maybe I could spend it with Takitsubo? Her ability to sleep with her eyes open truly is amazing. Shizuri mentioned that this boy's right hand could negate any ESPer's abilities, so Rikou thought that her ability would not be affected so long as she stays away from his right hand.

However, she was unable to detect any incoming AIM fields around him. It was as if the boy's left hand could also negate her ability. Is my ability being affected or could it be that his right hand can also negate AIM fields around him? By the way, after considering the fact that he may be dying due to unknown reasons, I can adjust Saiai's approach to get information.

Step 4 disgusted Rikou. She hated guys touching her body all over, so Rikou omitted that part. Having a new plan in mind, Rikou said, "How about arcades? Maybe the arcades will change your mind? I can't even get through Stage 1. It was now Stage 8, but she showed no signs of weakening as she shot down yet another wave of zombies. Most people would just fire away, which is why they can never reach beyond Stage 2. Even though her role as a tracker meant that she was mainly behind the scenes, but there were times when she needed a gun for self-defense.

While his speciality is in street fighting, handling a gun is not something he could do very well. Only professionals like Takitsubo can do it. I'm just a normal schoolboy who causally plays arcade shooting games to de-stress. Who would care about bullets and accuracy when all you wanted was to enjoy the feeling of shooting something. Takitsubo said as she shot down a few more zombies, "What is your school?

Will misaka and touma be togeather? to aru majutsu no index?

Why do you ask that? It's Stage 9 and she could hold a conversation while clearing such an insane stage. The truth is that she is not attending any school since she had a full-time job in ITEM. After that, the frog-faced doctor arranged for him to attend A Certain High School. He might have attended a school before that, but Touma remembered nothing. Should he reveal that to Rikou? I have a bad feeling about revealing my memory loss to a stranger so easily.

Touma took out his phone to check the time. Ta-Takitsubo, you've got to get away from me as soon as possible! I have no time to explain! If you don't want to be electrocuted to death, run! I was sure that the two girls mentioned Misaka-sama. So you weren't asleep?! My ability detects her presence. So this is your new girlfriend?

misaka and touma relationship trust

Touma turned behind, his body trembling with fear. This is a misunderstanding! So it's Misaka-sama now? What happened to Biribiri? Thus, he decided to lure Mikoto as far away as possible from her. Without any warning, Touma bolted out of the arcades, causing an angry Mikoto to chase after him. In the darkness where the only source of light was from the computer, the rhythmic sound of tapping keys filled the atmosphere. It was here for only one purpose. Originally, he was just a Level 0 who has a passive ability to negate any telepathic waves around him before he participated in the Illusion Noise project.

This project involved syncing his brainwaves to the same frequency of a particular noise. Even though his brainwaves would then forcefully try to revert back to the original frequency it had before, but in the end, there was a slight deviation.

This slight deviation enabled him to be able to do the calculations done by Misaka Mikoto, the 3 ESPer known as the Railgun on paper.

misaka and touma relationship trust

However, it was pointless if he could only do the calculations on paper. By using a choker-style electrode attached to his brain which he wore around his neck, he is able to convert his brainwaves into a special form of brainwaves that could communicate with his supercomputerized body, which would then perform the calculations on his behalf.

However, the battery for the electrode only lasts for 20 minutes. Furthermore, while his calculations could easily match Level 5, but his supercomputerized body limited him to around Level 4.

Not to mention that it is impossible for him to match Mikoto's maximum output of one billion volt. Thus, some of his calculations were rendered impossible. In the end, he succeeded in doing so by launching a revolt against Nagatenjouki Academy.

Together with Fuyumi, the both of them lived a relatively peaceful life for about a year or so until three days ago when he found the house in a mess and Fuyumi nowhere to be seen. Although Fuyumi's calculations held great potential, but not many organisations were desperately after her because they did not have the technology to even put 0.

There is no point in hunting her down Could this be the reason why? By installing a specially developed nanochip into that supercomputer, it could upgrade its processing speed by times. With a processing speed times faster, maybe the Tree Diagram could now run Fuyumi's calculation without a problem. Anyway, don't they have Fuyumi's calculations written on paper stored somewhere?

Why do they have to capture her? Anyway, I'll have to investigate that experimental facility tomorrow. My battery is running low already. Switching off the computer, he stepped out of the room and began walking through the empty corridors of the experimental facility. But the bullet dropped harmlessly to the ground about a few centimetres away from him. Even though the Railgun doesn't seem to use her powers that way, but by using electrodynamic suspension, I can repel any incoming objects away from me so long as it's made of metal.

Unless the relative speed of approach exceeds nine times the speed of sound, then it won't work because my output is not as vast as the Railgun. The alarm bells started ringing as the area became a sea of red. I guess I don't have a choice. He reached for his pocket for a yen coin and turned to face the two security guard with a hand outstretched and the coin resting on his thumb. Electricity started to gather around him. Since he cannot ignore the laws of physics as freely as Mikoto could, the Railgun that he fires will suffer from massive recoil.

misaka and touma relationship trust

However, it was the recoil in his opinion that made his Railgun useful for escaping. While he could limit the recoil to about 1 meter maximum, but this time, he'd allow himself to receive the full extent of the recoil to about two times the speed of sound to blast himself out of the building.

Kumokawa Seria, their new manager, planted various decoy projects throughout all the other experimental facilities that would lure Chiyoshi to any one of them.

Seria had just informed her that he has successfully taken the bait, expect his appearance tomorrow. Probably to capture him to lure Fuyumi out of hiding, but Seria didn't specifically mention that.

I hate jobs like this. Killing him would be an easier job. What do we have here? Instead of being afraid, she only looked at them with disdain. It did not help that she was in one of her bad moods where her patience for those bastards before she would slice them into pieces did not last for very long.

I'm sorry for the trouble that she caused you! Isn't he that boy who supposedly could negate my ability with his right hand? However, he doesn't seem to know who I am.