Okonkwo and obierika relationship test

okonkwo and obierika relationship test

Analyze Achebe's use of Obierika as a foil for Okonkwo. What do we learn about Okonkwo and Obierika's relationship based on the invitation for . Review. Review major themes and events of the text in order to review for tomorrow's exam. In this lesson, learn about the character Obierika and test yourself with a quiz. The novel follows its protagonist Okonkwo as he navigates the changing. Obierika Ikefuma Ekwefi Ezinma: Ezinma, Okonkwo's favorite daughter and the only child of Ekwefi, How does Achebe's novel explore oedipal relationships?.

They threaten mayhem at the least prompting.

okonkwo and obierika relationship test

They profess that they are peaceful and have actually tried to reflect this peaceful nature in their actions, as they have never been accused of armed-violence by the security agencies. But their rhetoric is far from peaceful. Name it, and they will curse it. They clearly have scant regard for the more reflective Obierikas in the Igbo nation. For them these people are saboteurs and turncoats and deserve nothing but contempt.

okonkwo and obierika relationship test

The Obierika school of thought is comprised of a motley crowd of intellectuals, pseudo intellectuals, Igbo elite and wise old men who have seen war first hand and do not have the stomach for any type of crisis.

Unlike the Okonkwo group that has a military style command structure, with Nnamdi Kanu as the supreme leader. The Obierika group has no defined leader, but has several champions. The nearest person to a leader is the highly urbane Ohaneze leader, John Nnia Nwodo and his celebrated gift of the garb. This struggle between these two distinct approaches to grave national issues is not a peculiarly Igbo thing.

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Unfortunately, the panacea to reducing their anger was the act of state of allowing them access to huge state funds. That at least guaranteed peace. In the South West, following the triumphalism of the elections, the Obierikas are in firm control.

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The recognised leaders of the Okonkwo school of thought lost out in the popular vote and can hardly afford a whimper. This same struggle, but this time cloaked with religious garb best defined the emergence of Boko Haram in the North East.

The elite the Obierikas kept mute whilst the Okonkwos ran riot. At the last count, hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost to the needless war that was occasioned by the failure of the elite to reign in the young Turks.

Things Fall Apart

The war appears destined to continue ad infinitum. To our collective chagrin. It's still studied as the foremost example of African postcolonial literature.

okonkwo and obierika relationship test

The novel follows its protagonist Okonkwo as he navigates the changing customs and landscape of his Igbo tribe. The Igbo are a native Nigerian people. The rising influence of the white colonizers means that the old ways Okonkwo knows so well are being muddled and changed -- and this is something the extremely traditional, extremely temperamental Okonkwo hates.

But every protagonist has to have a buddy, and Okonkwo's closest friend is Obierika, and, as you'll see, Obierika is very different from his friend. The territory inhabited by the Igbo people Who is Obierika? Obierika is a strong, level-headed man of the same village, Umuofia, as the novel's protagonist Okonkwo.

The two are great friends, despite being complete opposites -- or foils of one another.

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But we'll get into this later! Obierika has several wives and many children, which is the custom of Umuofia, and though he greatly respects the traditions of his culture, he's also forward-thinking and level-headed enough to realize that Umuofians could learn a thing or two from the outside world.

Obierika also treats people fairly, is kind and just in dealing with his family, and shows himself to be an excellent friend and confidante. He's rational, and he reasons out his actions before doing anything. He's curious, too, and is interested in the British colonists who come to Umuofia.

okonkwo and obierika relationship test

He's honest and fair, shown by his trade dealings and business interactions. Obierika, because he's a real stand-up guy, is greatly respected within Umuofia. To that list, you can add Obierika and Okonkwo.