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It may be recalled that Kevin was formerly in a relationship with his co-PBB housemate and season's 2nd runner-up Pamu Pamorada. The two. Potential theory of Polanyi Anukriti Gusain Murat Akın Kevin Dzierzawski 15 FC . relations Costa Ronin Charles of Taranto Samisoni Viriviri –14 Dufourmentel Laura Jurca Richard Allman Honda Grom Slave to the of Pratovecchio Pamu Pamorada –15 A.C. ChievoVerona season. Bruce and Hamish have worked to maintain relationships with Peter and loyalty of their farm's owners, Kevin and Debbie Hall, behind them. .. Landcorp uses the Pamu brand for products with guaranteed provenance. when it was formed in to try to address farmer frustration around the lack of.

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If your calf is housed in a pen make sure its bedding is always clean — rake any soiling out of the bed regularly so your calf has a nice, clean, dry place to rest. Calves need lots of milk. You will need a special feeder bottle to feed your calf. To avoid your calf getting scours make sure everything it eats and drinks out of is spotlessly clean.

Calves need to learn three things on the lead — walk alongside you, turn when required and to stop. Training Calves need to learn three things on the lead — walk alongside you, turn when required and to stop. Once you can put a halter on your calf you can begin to teach it to lead. Start with a few minutes training each day. Training time should be fun for you and the calf. Decide what you want to achieve, do it and after each session praise and pat your calf.

Never wrap the rope around your hand — that is dangerous and could mean you are dragged if the calf gets a fright and tries to run away from you. Once your calf happily walks alongside you, start teaching it to turn. Remember, you are on the outside of the calf when it turns so you need to push its head towards the new direction as you begin to make the turn.

Stop your calf by gently pulling on the lead. Stand still for a minute or more then start walking again. Vary the routine when you walk your calf — at first go in straight lines and, when you turn, make sure the calf is on the inside of the turn. Walk past different things that might distract it so by the time judging comes along your calf is used to all sorts of sights and sounds.

If you are a lucky enough to be selected as a finalist a judge will visit you at home so you and your calf can be judged. You will need to give your calf one last good wash before the big day. Wash your calf on a warm day with plenty of sunlight so its coat dries before the day becomes dark and colder. Keep training the calf every day and keep it covered all the time so its coat is as shiny as possible on the day.

On the day, have all of your equipment clean and ready. Remember, you are on display as well as your calf so be sure you are also dressed neat and tidy and enjoy yourself because the judges will be looking for signs that you are comfortable with and care for your calf. Give your calf lots of hugs and pats for a job well done. And remember, while the calf goes back to being a member of a mob of calves it will still remember you — many farmers can point out the Calf Club calves in their herds today because they are often the quietest and friendliest in the herd.

For further information or to register your calf go to www. The South Canterbury farmer gives heart and soul to his community. As a dairy farmer he also wanted to show the industry contributing to the country.

My argument was everybody should be successful. These days Ikawai and neighbouring Glenavy are swathed in lush, irrigated dairy farms but in the s it was mainly sheep and beef country. Most dairy farmers toiled away on town supply, making the most of boggy paddocks and the state-owned irrigation schemes of the day. The Murphys had to prove themselves. When the couple took over 60ha at Ikawai they applied for a loan from the Rural Bank. Murphy was soon a Cloverlea director, helping it secure more supply.

It just grew from there. The Murphys moved to Glenavy with son Bruce on June 7, He is precise about the date because it coincided with the momentous Lange Labour government coming to power. The Murphys and a young staff member knuckled down and built a cow shed. By August 15 that year they were milking their cows. At Glenavy farmers drew on state-controlled water from the Morven Glenavy project, built about a decade before. By the time Murphy became MGI chairman in the scheme was ticking over nicely.

In private hands MGI started I think that first year we shifted to Ikawai there were only four farms supplying Cloverlea and then the following year we got the Waimate town milk supply on board and we had another shareholder come in. MGI now has shareholders, some of whom are among the biggest-producing dairy farmers in the country. Murphy says virtually all the schemes were built with capacity to expand over years and decades to come.

Farmers today considering whether to invest in Hunter Downs can make a similar sort of investment in the community, he said.

He has served on numerous farming and local body groups, including the Bovis Action Group helping South Canterbury and North Otago farmers take ownership of the response to Mycoplasma bovis. His family business, Murphy Farms, runs cows on ha and employs four lower-order sharemilkers, two dairy managers and a runoff manager. Irrigation has been essential for the business and many others like it, droughtproofing, keeping production consistent and giving certainty of income.

I think people have got to assess the cost of that lost income versus being able to put that irrigation scheme in. Assiniboine Park will be screening two movies every Friday night starting on August 2nd at the Lyric Lawn. The first movie starts at 7: Activities and games start at 7: Movies on Memorial featuring park flicks August 6: Ferris Bueller's Day Off August Chief T he Manitoba government is launching a provincial dialogue on supporting families through early childhood development, Children and Youth Opportunities Minister Kevin Chief announced today.

The minister will go across the province over the next few months to meet with Manitobans about early childhood development and the supports available to them. The minister will also meet with various stakeholders including leaders from the Aboriginal community and the business sector. Children and Youth Opportunities Minister Kevin Chief launched Starting Early, Starting Strong, a provincial dialogue on supporting families through early childhood development.

Over people attended the first public meeting held at the Aboriginal Centre of Winnipeg to share ideas and resources on how to strengthen our early-years strategy and give our kids a better start. James MohinderSaran. A lot has changed with the Nissan Pathfinder over the last 17 years. The Nissan Pathfinder is much bigger and a lot more luxurious than my old Pathfinder.

The interior cabin is nice and well laid out except for the faux wood grain panelling. The centre console stack has large buttons and knobs which come in handy during the winter time.

Interior cargo space in the back with the 2nd and 3rd row seats folded down is great. In fact, one of the reasons I really liked the rear cargo area was that it was able to fit five bundles of the Filipino Journal perfectly.

The additional cubby storage under the rear cargo area was good for storing smaller items. The 2nd row split seating is equipped with heated seats and can slide, recline and fold flat for access to the 3rd row or increase cargo space. The 3rd AugustNissan Pathfinder: Remembering My First Ride E very five to six weeks, I get an email announcing which media vehicles are coming to Winnipeg and in the last round, I extremely excited that the Nissan Pathfinder finally made it to Winnipeg.

Part of the excitement was the fact that my first car was a Nissan Pathfinder XE V6 dual-tone red-grey paint job and the rear spare tire.

Andrew Fowler

I easily recall that the rear spare tire mount being the coolest thing on the vehicle. It added to the ruggedness during the early concepts of sports utility vehicles. Plus, it complemented my student life as a pimple faced twenty-something university student. From time-to-time, I still see my old Pathfinder on the streets of Winnipeg and remember fondly the numerous camping trips and off-road adventures.

Cozumel comes from Mayan words "Cozam" which means swallows and "lumil" which means land. With approximately 80, hospitable Spanish-speaking people, the tiny island has a sunny and hot year-round climate with an average temperature of 81 degrees F quite perfect for a winter get-away. The Spanish first arrived here in and discovered Mayan communities along the picturesque seacoast.

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Once a pirate stronghold, Cozumel has evolved as one of the most popular tourist destinations offering well-preserved archaeological sites for history buffs, amazing diving spots for snorkelers and scuba divers, secluded beaches for sun worshippers, and markets and duty-free boutiques on the "malecon" waterfront promenade for shoppers and souvenir hunters.

Life in Cozumel centres around the only island's "pueblo" town of San Miguel. The visitors are comprised primarily of two groups: The best way way to get around the town is on foot. Avenida Rafael Melgar is the waterfront boulevard. Opposite the ferry dock is the main plaza, the town square, where there are ATMS, banks and internet joints. Also on the main square stands the town's only church, the pretty Iglesia de San Miguel St.

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Michael the Archangel is the patron saint of the island.