Ratliff and rydel relationship test

Are You Part Of The R5 Family Or A Rossian? - ProProfs Quiz

ratliff and rydel relationship test

It's often said that the best relationships begin as amazing friendships. For R5's Ellington Ratliff and Rydel Lynch, both 22, that statement couldn't be any more. Watch Rydel test Ellington's Rydellington knowledge in this cute the *cutest* video of her and BF and bandmate, Ellington Ratliff: the Ellington definitely felt the pressure to answer the Qs about Rydel and their relationship. Will their friendship or relationship last? Rydel- Yeah but I took a test and its said positive! Ellington Lee Ratliff you are going to be the father of my child!.

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ratliff and rydel relationship test