Robert redford and sonia braga relationship

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robert redford and sonia braga relationship

Robert Redford talks to Jan Moir about his divorce, the traumas of who has been linked with actresses Debra Winger and Sonia Braga. Sônia Maria Campos Braga is a Brazilian-American actress. She is known in the Melanie Griffith, Robert Redford and Sonia Braga promoting The Milagro During the s, Braga had relationships with Van Halen frontman David Lee. Robert Redford dating history powered by Who's Dated Who Relationship info powered by: Married Robert Redford and Sonia Braga.

Sônia Braga

One of the highlights of the soundtrack of the soap opera is the cover version that Gal Costa recorded of Tigresa, music that Caetano Veloso composed in honor of Braga. In the late s, Braga gave life to another renowned character in Brazilian television, Julia Matos in Dancin' Days In the storyline, Braga played an ex-convict who gets out of prison ready to win back the love of her daughter, played by Gloria Pires.

The following year she returned to television in the telenovela Chega Mais alongside Tony Ramos.

robert redford and sonia braga relationship

In the early s, Braga, who had already made films like Lady on the Busdecided to devote herself exclusively to the movies. Inshe obtained American citizenship.

After divorce from wife Lola Van Wagenen, Robert Redford married Sibylle Szaggars in

Braga was the first Brazilian to present a category at the Oscars. She was announced by Goldie Hawn as one of the most glamorous actresses in the world, before appearing with Michael Douglaswho announced the result of the best short film.

For her performance in The Burning Season she was nominated for the third time for the Golden Globe for best supporting actress.

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That same year, director Nicolas Roeg invited her for the lead role in the film Two Deaths alongside Patrick Malahide. Braga also had the lead in Tieta of Agrestedirected by Carlos Diegues. The Legend of Bagger Vance is Redford's fifth film as director and stars Matt Damon as a broken-down young golfer with a drink problem in search of redemption.

Against the backdrop of a myth-drenched, apple pie America, the film focuses on what have become Redford's pet themes of recent years: Although it has not fared particularly well in his own country, Redford hopes that his new film will be "uplifting in a time of cynicism".

Speaking of cynicism, some have found it amusing that Redford - who would hate to be thought of as vain - seems to relish casting younger versions of himself in his films, practically launching Brad Pitt's celluloid career with A River Runs Though It, and now giving Damon the same uxorious, big screen treatment, with lots of lingering camera work highlighting his tow-headed loveliness and lantern-jawed smile.

Does it remind you of anyone?

robert redford and sonia braga relationship

I hear that Brad is the young me and that Matt is the young me. On a superficial level there is a general look, an all-American, athletic, heroic look which is usually on the blond side and that is what I wanted for this character. Matt is intelligent and athletic; he seemed the obvious choice. Sure, we all have that look, but I do not see the comparisons beyond that. To be honest with you, you are going to put yourself in your films. Because it will quite probably dry up.

I tell them, you will begin to repeat yourself, fall into patterns of repetition. Money will get to be too important.

Robert Redford

Stardom will become too important, too. Brad and Matt must have skipped merrily home after hearing all that The young Robert Redford grew up "on the edge of poverty" in southern California and, like the character in Bagger Vance, had early problems with alcohol, drinking his way out of a college athletic scholarship when he was still in his teens, then deciding he wanted to be an artist and bumming around Europe with his sketchpad for a few years. I just did what kids normally do, except I did everything to excess.

That was just in my nature," he says. I was too young and inexperienced, a lot of rough stuff happened. I thought I was going to be treated like the guy in American In Paris. I didn't realise what the French were like," he says.

I got what I was looking for. I wanted to prove them wrong," he says, and it still sounds oddly bitter. Living on bouillon in New York, Redford did, in fact, have to grow up quickly when their first child, a daughter, died of cot death. It was very traumatic," he says. The Redfords went on to have three children - Shauna, David and Amy - but while his career glittered in the spotlight, darkness stalked the edges of his family life. His son developed liver complications from ulcerative colitis in his teens and had to undergo two liver transplants.

You feel such terrible impotence. It was hard, but he is all right now, I am happy to say. We still have great love, great affection, great friendship.