Sailor neptune and uranus relationship definition

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sailor neptune and uranus relationship definition

For me, they were my first examples of homosexuality in general and served The third episode ends with Sailor Uranus kissing Sailor Moon after She and Sailor Neptune's relationship was a bold move on Takeuchi's part. Sailor Uranus (セーラーウラヌス, Sērā Uranusu) is a fictional lead character in the Sailor Moon Although her relationship with Michiru Kaioh/Sailor Neptune is not implicitly sexual until later in the series, their romantic situation is referred to. [Throwback Thursday] 5 Reasons Why Sailor Neptune and Uranus Are Our But let's analyze a particular couple of characters that defined a Beyond the fact that they are girls, their relationship dynamics in an anime.

While Uranus exhibits many non-binary traits, Takeuchi refers to her as definitively female.

sailor neptune and uranus relationship definition

For her part, Haruka flirts with just about every female character on the show at one point or another, while Michiru only seems to flirt with anyone to make Haruka jealous. Uranus's Distant Past," we learn of how Michiru and Haruka met.

While the other Sailor Scouts had to be awakened by outside forces, Sailor Neptune was the only one to awaken herself through the power of her own dreams, and she watches Uranus from afar for some time.

Later, she awakens Haruka, at first enigmatically flirting with her, then losing her patience and snapping that being a guardian wasn't exactly what she wanted either, since it was ruining her chance to become a famous artist or violinist. At the end of the episode, Michiru teases Haruka that a lot of girls have crushes on her and wishes she would take them for a ride in her car, then later admits that she may have wanted that, too.

That's how the episode ends!

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Their Talents Sailor Moon S episode 92 Yes, Haruka and Michiru are middle school students like most of the other Senshi, but they do not attend just any school.

Mugen Academy is a massive elite complex founded by the Sailor Moon S antagonist the scientist Souichi Tomoewhere only genius students are admitted.

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In the particular case of Haruka and Michiru, they appear to be from wealthy backgrounds. Haruka is a car and motocross racer, active and cool. She is also shown to play the piano in the last Sailor Moon season from the 90s Sailor Stars.

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As for Michiru, she is a talented violinist and painter. The Combination of Their Personalities Buy now Faithful reflections of their talents, this pair is an interesting and well balanced combo. Haruka is a tomboy who is pretty much like the wind: As Sailor Uranus, she also has a protective personality, although sometimes we see her reacting rather strongly.

As for Michiru, she is the ideal complement for Haruka, as she is feminine and kind. When Michiru is angry, she is composed, cold and sharp. She might look frail at first sight, but as Sailor Neptune, she is as effective in battle as Sailor Uranus.

We know that most of the Inner Senshi live with their parents or, in the case of Rei Hino, with her grandfather.

Sailor Neptune & Uranus: 5 Reasons They Are Our Favourite Couple

They even have helicopters to ride to school as shown in episode 92which they know how to pilot. We can only expect that, as Sailor Moon Crystal is more similar to the manga in general, we will see more of those helicopters and other daring scenes both in their daily lives and as Sailor Senshi.

When they were around the Inner Sailor Senshi they made fun of themselves, especially Haruka. Haruka did not make an effort to correct that impression until much later, which led to comical situations.

sailor neptune and uranus relationship definition

This time, it was with Shitennou generals Kunzite and Zoisite. In the original version of the show, the two are male lovers, though in the manga they are depicted more as brothers.

5 Anime Couples That Define Relationship Goals

When it came to dubbing the English version of the show, it was tough to pull the "cousin" card for Kunzite and Zoisite as they were very outwardly affectionate with each other. Get a female voice actor for Zoisite and pretend he's a woman in a straight relationship with Kunzite.

sailor neptune and uranus relationship definition

In Sailor Moon Crystal, they appear to be truer to the original anime characters. The character Fisheye is presented in the anime as another gay character, particularly as an effeminate gay man who enjoys dressing in drag. Sailor Neptune's voice is no different-- and the voice actress behind Michiru actually lent her chops to quite a handful of other anime characters in English dubs as well.

She is also known for being behind a slew of additional voices for anime and video games including Super Smash Bros.

Unfortunately, this plot never happened. While a Sailor Moon Super S film did get released inthe original story that was pitched-- Uranus and Neptune betray Sailor Moon and awaken an ancient god at The End of the World-- was scrapped in favor of a totally different plot.

sailor neptune and uranus relationship definition

Instead, the movie was about Sailor Mercury's love life and Queen Badiane's evil plans involving gingerbread and fairies. However, Michiru was an exception-- she was able to awake as a Sailor Scout on her own through dreaming.