Scorpio male and leo woman relationship

Leo and Scorpio - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

scorpio male and leo woman relationship

I am a leo woman (22) & I've been talking to a Scorpio male (24) online for about a Karmic blessing for the pain we both endured in our last relationships. Love match compatibility between Leo woman and Scorpio man. Read about the Leo female love relationship with Scorpio male. The relationship between a Scorpio man and a Leo woman can be a very powerful one, but this couple do have some problems to overcome if they are to create.

Ruled by the sun, you like to see the world around you in shades of black and white, and you are uncomfortable that falls in the gray areas. Learn to accept that nothing is cut and dried and that you are often your own worst enemy and then open yourself to love. The Scorpio Man Water sign Scorpio injects a lot of emotion and drama into any relationship and this man is one of the most jealous and rage-prone lovers in the zodiac. Scorpio men bond in love with an intensity that can scare other signs away, and when they feel hurt or betrayed they can fight it out until the relationship is burned to the ground.

Even he is stuck in a mode of thinking where you are either for him or against him, so any lover who wants to make the most of his sensitive and passionate skills in bed will have to first convince him that she is on his side and has his back.

Gaining the trust of a Scorpio man is difficult enough but making sure you never betray him is next to impossible. You need to have a sense of humor and a lot of patience to build a solid and workable relationship with him, but if you make the effort you will be richly rewarded.

What works in your relationship Scorpio and Leo are both very well defined personalities and you will be impressed by the strength and sheer force of will you see in the other. He will love the constant chase that she provides him. She will never make it easy, and he will love it. If she is aloof with him for any reason, he may withhold sex from HER. He will purposefully fall asleep in bed next to her as she is telling him about her day just to make her feel alone, as she did earlier when she was too busy thinking about herself and forgot to make his lunch.

One thing that may tie these two together is a goal. Whatever it is, it will be a very strong tie to their union.

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With his passion and her power they can conquer the world together. They will hate being apart when he travels from work leaving her at home with the kids, or when she goes to a party leaving him to wonder what man is goggling over his queen. He will have a hard time with the topic of other men in her life. He is possessive of his love, but he needs to understand that this is not a woman that he can cage up in the house.

Have you ever seen a Lion at a zoo pacing back and forth wishing for its freedom? That is what a controlled Leo woman feels like in a suffocating relationship. She will appreciate the emotional security he provides her, as well as his undying loyalty. Leo women are not nearly as emotionally volatile and instead subsist on attention and admiration.

scorpio male and leo woman relationship

Without these two things, a Leo is as desperate as a lioness backed into a corner and things can devolve very rapidly. For the most part, both male Scorpios and female Leos are fun people to be around. They love spending time with friends, and a little adventurous excitement gets their blood pumping. The generosity of Leo is very well-known, and you can count on them to have your back regardless of the situation.

Scorpios are masters of problem-solving and are innately resourceful. As such they will never surrender entirely to helplessness and will focus down to get themselves out of any hole they end up in. On the outside, male Scorpios are cool and collected, with their high-energy passions hidden below the surface. Conversely, female Leos are boisterous and excitable externally, which hides their soft hearts.

The arrogance of Leo and Scorpio's need to be correct and unchallenged is often the trigger that brings any undesirable traits to the surface.


Get an online astrology reading on Keen to learn more! Love And Relationships In both friendships and intimate relationships, trust is where these two signs really shine. With Scorpios being naturally wary of any type of secrecy, Leo's honesty and openness prevent many complications from developing.

Leo women have nothing to hide and are upfront about their needs for many friends.

scorpio male and leo woman relationship

A Leo's moralities and loyalty are highly desired and treasured by Scorpio friends or lovers. The lioness forges friendships with ease and is relatively trusting while the scorpion is a bit more standoffish. The self-awareness of Scorpio men means they don't jump head first into a new relationship until they are sure they can trust and commit to their partner.

The alternative could be soul-crushing and difficult to recover from.