Seras and alucard relationship tips

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seras and alucard relationship tips

Seras was turned into a vampire by Alucard to save her from a would-be fatal gunshot fight between Alucard and Anderson by pretending to be a tour guide. way to distinguish how they (Alucard and Seras) feel about it (their relationship ). Sep 14, Rated: Fiction T - English - Alucard, Integra, Seras - Words: 1, trying to process this new perspective of both her masters' relationship. She noticed Seras' internal conflict with another question blossoming on the tip of. Integral's relationship with Alucard has been often said Seras' name means nothing and he invented it.

I am his wife and master, first and foremost. She had no delusions should she ask him to stop, he would, simply by virtue of his position underneath her. But she had no need to exert that power over him, and didn't really care to.

Already, she had seen so much in her twenty-two years that the prospect of other lovers shagging her husband didn't seem to amount to much in the grand scheme of things.

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As satisfying as our sessions together are, I am only human. He has desires of domination that I do not wish to enact with him, and even when he is playing the submissive, there is only so long I can keep up with his libido throughout the week. Allowing him multiple partners keeps him from growing bored and allows me some respite from my more, shall we say, 'wifely duties.

That was bloody rude of me. Discussing my sex life isn't anything for me to be ashamed of. I have a fulfilling one, and I have no qualms stating it.

What is the relationship between alucard and seras Victoria in hellsing

K - English - Humor - Chapters: He tries to make a new start. She's his redemption, as innocent in many ways as Seras, but he knows now he was in fault, and this time, he won't let that happen. He tells his story to her. Manga AU Hellsing - Rated: Fluff that could be taken as AxS. K - English - Chapters: Seras begins to wonder about her master's past, which leads to some interesting discoveries. But one July night in Cheddar, they seemed to be resurging.

How were the reactions of the members of the Hellsing Organisation to Seras Victoria? Manga fic cowritten with Ciarda Rois. Kasshoku reviews It's hard to face up to the mistakes that we blindly make. Ceres Victoria learns this the hard way.

Her Master, Alucard has some things to say to her but his subordinate has some wisdom of her own to dish out. With the return of Alucard, however, she must deal with her bitter feelings towards him and a past that can not be escaped. AS Hellsing - Rated: Seras is having man trouble. Returning to the pannel question: Demon Rin also claims Hirano said Seras' name means nothing and he invented it.

seras and alucard relationship tips

Why don't you edit her section instead of babbling about Ceres symbolism that isn't there by this information? Because we are taking the official word where the translator says there's no real "correct" way to spell her name in English. Another witness I know told me Hirano replied the Alucard and Integra question as "Master and Servant" but there's "but I don't take her words or Rin's over the official, neutral translator made by a trained professional with more years of experience and who isn't into fandom and thus doesn't have the danger to be biased and twist the original meaning.

The article certainly doesn't.

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None of this told what they feel about the relationship, though; Hirano didn't explain either because he wasn't asked about it. He was asked "How far will it go?

seras and alucard relationship tips

Maybe next time someone can have a personal interview with the man, they could ask about him about this in particular. I don't think it matters really Relationships are always ambigous and that makes them interesting to fans.

Talk:Integra Hellsing

This fact could mean nothing romantic, but the typical UST Unresolved Sexual Tension that some lead characters have in most fictional works known.

It will lead nowhere but more fanservice scenes and interaction to please the huge fanbase of the pairing. I hope so because when sexual tension is resolved canonically, it tends to make their relationship boring. I edited the section to clarify this point better and added the nounces of lust and love are minor. The other topic of why I edit it Integra worries about Alucard She asked if he was alright after Anderson's attack in volume one as proof.

This is a ridiculous statement of someone who clearly hasn't even noticed how much Integra looks after every subordinate. Go back and reread, for you are obviously in need to notice Integra's not some cold-hearted harpy who doesn't care about Alucard except for giving him orders. This is what makes Integra a better leader from Major or Maxwell who couldn't care about their people.

seras and alucard relationship tips

It's one of the pillars for her character. Many famous British women Judi Dench and Julie Andrews for example are knighted rather than married to knights. Because of this I changed it to 'normally connotes'. For one, it's riddled with mistakes, and for another it focuses on her relationship with Alucard and completely ignores her relationships with Walter and Seras.

As of today, I removed it to stop the acts of vandalism. But her full, proper name is Integral. Just check the manga or the official OVA website. I checked the credits at the end of the OVA and you're right. When I posted that message I didn't really payed attention to them. By the way, the anime does feature her name as integura.

That's what confused me. Though it says clearly in the manga he did that years ago, not in the current time, including some inapropriate words such as "dog", and others.