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Shirou Emiya is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the visual novel Fate/stay . Archer, Rin's servant, is Shirou from the future who suffered greatly from accomplishing the goal of becoming an ally of justice. Gen Urobuchi believes Saber's relationship with Shirou doesn't seem like a realistic relationship. Not to mention Arturia is being a teasing mother on the side and encouraging the relationship. Archer (EMIYA) x Mordred. Fate/stay night - Rated: T - English. Despite crossing into Tear Jerker territory, the relationship between Illya and Berserker is the After being broken apart and struck down by Archer, Shirou has a.

Therefore, traces and memories will disappear someday. Even if it will not reach her, there should be something that will remain in our hearts. There is nothing that remains in our hands, but we lived the same time and looked up at the same things.

If I can remember that… I can believe that we can be together even if we are far apart. If I aim for the distance, there should come a day when I would be able to reach out to what I have been aiming for.

What, are you greeting me in an apron? You look pretty good in it. People who can put on a serious face while joking are the scariest. Yes, the desire to protect something If there is overwhelming power and speed, there is no room for technique.

Techniques are something humans invented to compensate for their weaknesses.

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I wish that we could be together forever I loved saber who bore many wounds yet still fought through everything It feels so close to me, yet I can't grasp it even if I extend my hands. Even if I can't reach it Being in the same time and looking up at the same sky, If I can remember that, then even when we are apart from each other, I believe that we can be together. I will run forward now. If i set my goal far enough, then someday.

I'll be able to reach what I aimed for. If one can be proud of one's life, one should not wish for another chance.

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People will eventually die, and death itself is sad. But pain shouldn't be the only thing that remains. A death is painful, but it also leaves behind bright memories. As I am bound be these people's deaths As I am protected by my memories of Kiritsugu I believe memories become constraints and change the people living now. Every time I say such a miracle is impossible, tears pour out from vexation.

I wonder why 'miracles' wishing for such normal happiness are too much for people. Just because you're correct doesn't mean you're right.

You oppose me to the very end. But I shall forgive you. When it comes down to receiving an injury or even giving up his life to help someone, he will do it without a second thought. When Shirou leaves the church after agreeing to participate in the war, Illyasviel von Einzbern ambushes them and overwhelms Saber with her servant Berserker. Despite his weakness as a mage, he rushes out to save Saber by protecting her from Berserker's strike.

Professor Makoto Kuroda of Wayo Women's University describes this action as neglect of a person's primordial survival instincts and his actions as encompassing "selfless philanthropism and a purely boundless sense of moralism. Her unwavering ideal serves as a juxtaposition to Shirou's ideal. Despite understanding that their ideals are unreachable, they ignore reality and continue moving on that path. Shirou is able to help Saber face the reality of her ideal, as it is impossible to change the past, but Shirou still embraces his ideas to the very end in this route.

Rin notices Shirou's twisted ideal of becoming an ally of justice. She criticizes his lack of self and how little value he places on his own life, as he would gladly die for his ideal. Archer, Rin's servant, is Shirou from the future who suffered greatly from accomplishing the goal of becoming an ally of justice. As such, Archer wishes to kill Shirou in hopes of erasing himself from existence or at least erasing the ideal of being an ally of justice from Shirou's world. Shirou is locked in an ideological conflict with Archer.

Archer criticizes Shirou's ideals for simply being borrowed from his father.

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Shirou denies that he will become like Archer. Through dialogue with Archer, Shirou sees hypocrisy in his ideals. In this route, though he refuses to give them up entirely, he works his way towards a middle ground where he will strive towards fulfilling ideals, despite knowing his idea was borrowed. Shirou accepts that his ideals are borrowed, but he continues to pursue them in this route.