Shivaya and sesha relationship problems

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shivaya and sesha relationship problems

ॐ नमः शिवाय Om Namah Shivay is very powerful mantra. It has been said that if A soulful connection with the cosmic transcendence. .. Harayae, The Lord takes away the difficulties and fears of His devotees Vyaalroopaay, The Lord is the form of the snake Vyaal means snake (He takes the form of Sesha ) Except Shesha and Vasuki, other serpents had a tendency to act cruelly, suffer from naga-dosha that causes delays in marriages and breakups in relationship. They are the followers of Hindu God – Lord Shiva, they are the “Aghoris”. A place .. They are eating there any problem for you?.

Why Does Lord Shiva like Wear Snakes

This rudraksha bead enhances knowledge as well as gives mental peace to the wearer. Twenty mukhi is said to benefit the wearer in progressing spiritually and also improve the visual power of the wearer. It is also said to nullify the effect of snake bite if the rudraksha bead is worn or held in hands. This beads also protects the wearer from all evil forces. This is a very rare bead and the possessor of this rudraksha is blessed with wealth and health. This rudraksha beads also helps in the spiritual growth of the wearer and opens the third eye chakra and gives him sixth sense and clairvoyance abilities.

This bead has a natural protrusion similar to the trunk of Lord Ganesha. This bead is also associated with wisdom, learning, prudence, and power. This bead can be worn or kept at the place of worship to get benefits.

The Ganesha rudraksha bead enhances luck and gives the wearer perfection in every sphere of life. Wearing this bead is auspicious when starting a new venture and is recommended for those facing obstacles and troubles in life. The ruling planet for this rudraksha bead is the Moon. The GauriShankar rudraksha bead brings in harmony, contentment, happiness and peace in family. It also brings good luck, monetary gain and fulfills all desires of the possessor.

Worshipping the bead by keeping it in the puja room or wearing this bead evokes harmony in relationships, partnership, marriage etc. This rudraksha benefits the wearer and overcome behavioral disorders and sexual problems. This bead is recommended to all who wish to have unity in family and have good relations between husband and wife as this bead evokes positive results even if it is kept in puja room.

In Gauri Shankar rudraksha both the joined beads are of equal size but in Garbh Gauri one bead is smaller than the other. This bead imparts the wearer with immense powers of motherhood and is recommended for pregnant woman and those who suffer from miscarriages.

This bead is also said to bring good and harmonious relationship between the mother and son. It endows the possesser with wealth, health, knowledge, confidence and other immense powers.

Those who holds or worship this rudraksha is said to receive Bramha Gyan. Trijuti rudraksha is a very rare and costly bead and normally kept in the puja room and worshipped. These beads are said to cure Diseases of all sorts in the body internally as well as externally and benefits the wearer with good health.

The practice of cannibalism, animal and human sacrifices are mostly related to tantric rites of the worshipers of the Mother goddess in any of the worship form — Kali, Dhurga, Kamakhya or Chammunda The life of an Aghori Sadhu is not easy, to become like them one has to meditate about twelve years and complete certain rituals under the guidance of an Aghori guru in order to enhance one spiritual strength.

NAAGIN 3 BIG TWIST : Naagin ‘SHESHA’ to Re-Enter in the Show !

Aghoris use woods from pyre, clothes from dead bodies, and ash of burnt bodies for the various rituals. There are certain rules one must follow to become an aghori. Firstly an Aghori must find a teacher and do what the teacher tells him to do.

And use only this as a ritual tool before initiation.

Why Does Lord Shiva like / Wear Snakes?

An Aghori must apply pyre on his body to symbolically show the nature of the Lord Shiva. The final part of ritual requires eating of rotten human flesh and also meditating sitting on a dead corpse. It symbolizes the rise from Savak human nature to Siva.

Agori follows the simple rule that the universe recites in them. And they try to attain enlightenment by self-realization. Through this they transcend human feelings of love, hatred, jealousy and pride. There are many Aghoris walking in the streets of Northern India, with their own kappla bowel made of human skull. This is how Parvati gets her name as Uma and Aparna.

At around this time, the cruel demon Surapadman wreaked havoc on the earth. The gods realized that only Shiva's offspring would have the courage and valour to lead the gods to victory over Tarakasuran, Surapadman and their entire asura clan. They hatch a plan along with Kamadeva the God of Loveto shoot flower arrows at Shiva, so as to make him fall in love with Parvati.

Kamadeva aims his arrow and lets it go to Shiva, who is tremendously incensed at being disturbed during penance. He opens his third eye and instantly burns down Kamadeva to ashes. Shiva lays his eyes on Parvati and is immediately attracted towards her. Together, they leave for Kailas. The sparks of this fire are so strong, that even Agni Deva God of Fire finds it impossible to tolerate it.

shivaya and sesha relationship problems

The river Ganga transports the six sparks to a place located at the mouth of the Ganges, called Saravana Poigai. Here, the six sparks become six children and are raised by the six Krittika or Kartika, the stars making up the Pleiades. This is how Murugan gets his name, Kartikeya. When Parvati sees the children, she is appalled, wondering how she would be able to raise six of them at the same time. The children immediately fuse into one child with six faces and twelve arms.

Ayyapan, Ganesha, Murugan - the Three Sons of Shiva

Hence, his name also came to be Shanmukha or Aarumukha. His birth at the Saravana Poigai gave him the name Saravanabhava. Murugan then went on to become the supreme general of all the demi-gods and also successfully led armies of Devas for their fights against asuras.

This gave Kartikeya the name, Devasenapati. He traveled to six sites at while leading his armies against Surapadman. All these six sites have become six beautiful, ancient, temples and are collectively known as "Arupadai Veedu", meaning, the six battle camps of the Lord.

Legends related to Murugan There are various legends on Murugan, which are also recounted differently from treatise to treatise. One such legend shows Kartikeya helping out Shiva fight and defeat the newborn Ganesha. The evil demon, Taraka, has a boon that only a son of Shiva would be able to slay him.

This is soon after Sati's death, so Taraka takes it for granted that Shiva would not at all get remarried, and hence, would not have a son to call his own. It is believed that Murugan manifested for the sole purpose of killing Tarakasura. After Murugan shifts to Palani following the Jnana Pazham incident, Shiva rushes to him in order to console him. Shiva says that he Murugan was himself the Fruit of Wisdom. Physical attributes Lord Kartikeya is portrayed as a very beautiful deity, with six heads and twelve arms.

This is also one reason why he is often termed as Azhagan the handsome one. The six heads represent the six siddhis or spiritual powers.

This also corresponds to his role as the bestower of the six siddhis. Murugan is often shown riding a peacock, holding his Vel or the Divine Spear or Lance, flanked by his two wives, Valli and Devayani. He is sometimes also depicted wielding other weapons like a sword, mace, discus, javelin and bow.

shivaya and sesha relationship problems

The spear, with which he is usually portrayed, symbolizes his being capable of purifying human ills and protecting his devotees from negative forces. Murugan's vahana, the peacock, stands for the destruction of ego and vanity that the peacock stands for.