Shizuku and haru relationship quiz

となりの怪物くん 9 [Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun 9] by Robico

shizuku and haru relationship quiz

Outside of school, Shizuku mostly wears old-fashioned clothes; Haru has . She asks him to give her more time to think about their relationship with Haru. [1] The story follows the relationship between Haru Yoshida, a cheerful and seemingly delinquent boy and Shizuku Mizutani, a socially awkward girl who devotes. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun - Knowledge Quiz a romantic-comedy anime/manga, centering around the relationship between Shizuku Mizutani and Haru Youshida.

shizuku and haru relationship quiz

But I still play Stardew Valley a lot. I think sometimes it feels like you can only have one or the other. Either have a social life or study your ass off. Since Shizuku has always been somewhat of a recluse and not had any friends, she has to learn how to balance the two. If you think Shizuku and Haru are likable, wait until you meet the rest of the cast. Asako Natsume and Sohei Sasahara.

I really liked both of them and thought they helped make the entire group more fun. I see Sasahara who people affectionately refer to as Sasayan as something like an anchor for the group. Even though he is pretty carefree, he gives members of the group a lot of insight whenever they have problems.

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Seeing Natsume always made me laugh because she was so dramatic about everything. Even the start of her friendship Shizuku made me laugh. It was fun to see her so excited about her first actual friendship with a girl when she became friends with Shizuku xD Like age gap relationships? Instead, he just gently nudges her away to steer her on a better path where she has a better shot of happiness.

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If anything, their presences, with the exception of Chizuru, are more there for comedy than anything else. She initially asks Shizuku to help her study for a make-up exam and so she can attend a real-life meeting with that community; however, the meeting turns out to be a disappointment as only the guys wanted to talk with her, so she unsubscribes from it and joins a new online blog group.

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She treasures her friendship with "Mitty" ShizukuCh. She feels safe around Haru because he has Shizuku, and around Sasayan because he doesn't fawn over her like the other boys. He cares about Haru, and does not want a repeat of what happened in middle school where Haru stopped coming to school.

Shizuku Mizutani

Yuki Furukawa [2] Haru's older brother, whom Haru seems to dislike and tries to avoid. At first, he tells Shizuku that he has come to take Haru home upon their father's request, but after seeing that Haru attends school because of Shizuku, he agrees to let him stay. Although he is popular with the ladies, he is a bit terrified when they make advances on him.

Yuzan and Haru's mother had divorced from the family when they were young and later, she abandoned her children. Yuzan and Haru were pulled back to their father's family when Yuzan was around seven years old. Unlike Haru, he decided to adapt to the Yoshida society lifestyle. In he final volume's bonus story, he goes on a date with Iyo. Minami Hamabe [2] Chizuru is a glasses-wearing representative for the neighboring class 1-A.

She was helped by Haru after he beat up an upperclassman who was bullying her. Even though she has a crush on Haru, she usually finds herself putting aside her own feelings to give him advice towards his relationship with Shizuku.

She and Haru are put in the same class for their second year of high school. In the final volume, she works as a student teacher, and is courted by Shizuku's little brother Takaya who has fallen in love with her.

shizuku and haru relationship quiz

Takehito Koyasu Shizuku's father is usually the one who is taking care of Shizuku and her brother Takaya ever since he separated from his wife. He runs a shop but it has gone bankrupt six times that his wife has had to work extra in order to bail him out.

となりの怪物くん 9 [Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun 9]

When Shizuku tells her that she likes a boy but doesn't know what to do about that and school, she encourages Shizuku to double her effort so she can do both. She is a petite girl Yamaken's friends nickname her "Tiny" with a bob cut who attends Otowa Girls High.

They play online games like Monster Hunter together every day. Ayumu Murase Shizuku's little brother who has the same serious disposition and is mostly quiet.