Skip beat kyoko and ren relationship problems


skip beat kyoko and ren relationship problems

Ren Tsuruga and Kyoko Mogami are both in love with each other but both have no plans of confessing. Chapter 96 - Ren tricks Kyoko and lays his head down on her lap. Chapter - Kyoko sees Ren in his appearance as Kuon/Corn. Kyoko and Ren | Tumblr. Kyoko and Ren, shows their current relationship status most correctly. HorimiyaHyoukaSkip Beat AnimeShugo CharaThe. Mar 16, The unique storyline of Skip Beat! has caught the attention of many Ren and Kyoko definitely have a more uneven relationship since . I like a little bit here and there from ren because it shows that he problem.

He had been very impressed to see how she'd progressed as an actress since she'd challenged Ruriko, particularly her portrayal of Mio in Dark Moon. Knowing exactly what a deer caught in headlights feels, Ren didn't know what to do but play dumb.

I happened to hear you remind your manager to pick her up, and I distinctly heard him reassure you that nothing would happen to YOUR Kyoko chan and that he'd have her here in a jiffy. Swearing didn't fit his image, and would only draw the reporters down on him like vultures on a fresh carcass. Denying would get him nowhere, so he had to try and dampen the fires and pray the host lost interest. Putting on what he hoped was a calm, reasonable smile, Ren did his best to answer with all the diplomacy of a seasoned diplomat.

Mogami is a friend of mine. If this in any way jeopardized his relationship with Kyoko there was going to be hell to pay and Yashiro was paying it. They'd make a pretty cute couple, now that he thought about it. He'd have to quiz Ren about it later. Putting on his most charming smile the director did his best to generalize Ren's supposed relationship with Kyoko.

Kyoko is an amazing actress, and Ren always does what he can to help new talent improve their acting abilities. They really look up to him. Mogami appeared in one of Mr.

Fuwa's promo clips, which is where he knows her from. This was one wily fox, disguised as a simple talk show host. And she was out for blood. Mogami played Mio in the drama. She did an excellent job. Seems sort of late, doesn't it? After all, it was late in the evening, far too late for simple friends to be getting together, especially during the work week.

Neither actor or actress were known for their partying or clubbing, so those seemed unlikely as well. Tsuruga wasn't involved in a project with this Kyoko as far as they knew, so what reason could there be for the two to be getting together for professional reasons. The most logical assumption was, therefore, that the two were having a late night rendezvous which could signal not only a romantic entanglement, but a possibly sexual one at that.

The blood had been scented, the hounds were giving chase. Ren was in a world of trouble and he was fast coming to the conclusion that he must have massacred this woman's family in a past life, for her to be coming after him this enthusiastically. She was all but licking her chops with a fork and knife in hand. He was going to have to elaborate and lie really, really well. You must be very close, since they don't feel it problematic or rude to ask someone like you to play chauffeur.

He wasn't used to being on the defensive like this, and he'd gotten rusty, Ren thought, trying not to wince as he recalled the blood bathes of past L. Mogami and I belong to the same agency, I've given her rides home upon occasion and so they knew I wouldn't consider it too much of an inconvenience to do so again. Do I look like a sucker? Annoyed with both of them and himself Ren did his best to pull himself together, and ignore his basic urge to take advantage of this chance to rake Fuwa over the coals a little.

You were asking everyone about their love lives earlier as I recall. I'm afraid I'm just too busy with work. My schedule would drive even a saint crazy.

She'd counted on boosting her ratings with news of Tsuruga's honey, but she certainly hadn't realized she'd stumbled into a love triangle, with two of the three already on set and the third in the wing.

Standing off to the side off set Kyoko looked up at Mr. Yashiro with something akin to terror. They'd arrived at the station only to be practically attacked by a horde of assistants, all seeming to know her name and wanting her attention for some reason.

Yashiro had been herded up to the set's backstage, whispers all around them suggesting that something big was going on. It wasn't until a few moments ago that they'd gotten their answer. Apparently the host of the show believed that Mr. Yashiro had left the station to pick up Mr. It didn't matter that he denied it, it didn't matted that Mr.

It didn't even matter that she denied it and would do so to her dying breath. They'd just said onstage that after the break she'd be appearing, and if she didn't want to, well that was her problem.

skip beat kyoko and ren relationship problems

The people in charge weren't letting them near him unless it was under their terms, the bastards. If only he knew how this whole mess had gotten started.

Had Fuwa, that bastard, said something to tip them off? But how would he have known Kyoko was even coming here? Thank God she hadn't taken off her make up, Kyoko thought, having not even thought about that part until the woman mentioned it. She was still dressed and turned out like Natsu, her latest role, and therefore looked like the calm, sophisticated young woman she most definitely wasn't. Thankfully she hadn't wanted to keep Mr.

Yashiro waiting by taking the time to change and wash up after the shooting, and that choice had definitely saved her butt big time. Now if she could only find the courage to face the audience and Mr.

He must be so embarrassed and insulted, people thinking he'd ever be interested in someone like her. He could have anyone after all. He was considered the coolest and sexist celebrity in Japan for a reason. Yashiro finally announced with a sigh, after they were informed she was on in one minute. Could it be that that wasn't a dream? Did it really happen? He wouldn't call me Kyoko unless it had right? Kyoko wanted to ask him but she wasn't sure how. Ren wanted to talk to her but she looked so focused he didn't know how to start.

She knocked on the office door and someone opened it. The man nodded and pointed to a nearby desk to put them on. He gave a questioning glance at Ren who only smiled. After receiving her full marks stamp from the man they began to walk away.

Kyoko could no longer take the wondering. She needed to know what was going on.

skip beat kyoko and ren relationship problems

She opened her mouth to talk when Ren's phone rang. I'll be right there. But he stopped and turned back and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek before taking off for his meeting. Kyoko stood in the hall frozen in place. She glanced around trying to make sure that no one had seen. She wasn't sure why but she didn't want this to be known by everyone just yet. Heck, she didn't even know what they were yet.

Does this mean we are a couple now? Kyoko blushed at the thought. As she went through the day she was distracted anytime she wasn't in front of a camera. She spent some of the afternoon filming some make up scenes for her drama but after that found that she was free.

As she walked she tried to imagine what it would be like dating Ren. She'd never really been on a proper date… her date in Guam with Corn flashed through her mind. She shook her head.

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No, nothing like that. She found herself thinking about when she and Sho were living together. Would Tsuruga-san ever ask me to clean and cook in his apartment? She pictured her being at his apartment, wearing an apron while cooking dinner and cleaning the house and being there to greet him when he returned from work.

Why am I assuming I'd move in with him? She sighed at her own assumptions. She quickly dug through her bag and pulled out her doll of Ren that she'd made. Kyoko dug through her bag again and found her cell phone. It showed three missed calls from… "Tsuruga-san?! Why would he be calling me? That's right, he said we would talk later. And then he kis- No! The phone began to buzz again.

She quickly fumbled with it and opened it. He was worried about her. I mean, yes I'm fine. I'm sorry I didn't answer until now. It was in my bag so I didn't feel the vibrate. I'm sorry if I caused you to worry.


I was actually calling to see if you wanted to go to dinner with me tonight. We can discuss things. That would be fun. Where should I pick you up? I'll pick you up there at eight-thirty. See you then, Kyoko. She just couldn't get used to him using her first name. She stopped walking as she realized something. He's going to want me to call him by his name.

This was beginning to be more trouble than she had originally thought. Kyoko arrived home and went to her room to change for her date. She went through her small wardrobe debating on what to wear. A skirt or pants? She quickly decided against the heels because she still wasn't used to wearing them. She wound up deciding on a cute skirt with a pretty top, some sandals, and for the finishing touch- "Princess Rosa!

She had figured she should wear it for good luck. Kyoko put on some light make up for the occasion and when she was finished she looked in the mirror.

There's a very handsome man waiting for you downstairs. She grabbed her purse and quickly transferred her necessities. She included her wallet, her phone, her lipstick, her pouch with Corn's stone, and after a moments debate, she grabbed her Ren doll and stuck it inside. She spotted Ren immediately because he looked so out of place in the small restaurant. He was wearing jeans and a fashionable shirt.


His smile made Kyoko want to run back upstairs but she told herself she couldn't back out now. He opened her car door and helped her in before walking to his side and getting in. Ren felt pride flow through him as he noticed the necklace that hung around her neck.