Spencer and caggie relationship quiz

8 HUGE reality stars we totally forgot existed

spencer and caggie relationship quiz

Confessions of a Chelsea Boy has ratings and 18 reviews. Nicola said: * sees paper bag with DEAD DOVE DO NOT EAT written on it**looks inside*I do. Spencer: "When Caggie and I sealed the deal in Finland, it was very watched his and Caggie's will-they-won't-they relationship for yonks. But then Caggie Dunlop breathed: “Take me to Chelsea please” to her taxi driver in the first scene and soon enough like everyone else I was.

Of course, it includes lots of details about the parties he's thrown, the parties he's been invited to and the parties he's promoted, as well as how Made in Chelsea came into being.

spencer and caggie relationship quiz

He talks about pretty much every relationship that he's ever been in right from his first kiss, to his relationship with Stephanie Pratt yep, it's that up to date including things about him and Funda, Louise and Lucy, fellow MIC stars. They are, of course, mentioned numerous times, but not as much as I would like. One of the most common questions when it comes to reality TV shows, such as Made in Chelsea, is: Spencer's autobiography gives you a good look at what his life has been like both before and after the creation of Made in Chelsea and it allows you to understand his playboy character a lot better.

Caggie Dunlop Admits 'Hard Week' After Spencer Matthews Becomes Engaged

According to Spencer, the action on the show is real, but I believe he once said in an interview that he 'plays to his dark side'. But what about those awkward silences, you ask?

spencer and caggie relationship quiz

Well of course there are awkward silences, no one wants to air their dirty laundry out in public! At least not at first What's good about this book is that Spencer doesn't preach about what he has learnt in life, instead he tells you straight up what happened and how it affected him.

He's had a hell of a lot of life experiences considering how young he is, a lot of them involving him making some not-so-clever decisions, but I admire that Spencer takes full credit for his own actions. The other good thing is that he doesn't try to glamorise his life.

Caggie Dunlop Admits 'Hard Week' After Spencer Matthews Becomes Engaged - Pretty 52

He doesn't really encourage the life that he leads, acknowledging that it's not for everyone and it's certainly not normal, but nor does he discourage it. But now, Jeremy's TV days are long behind him and his lovable, camp sense of humour is a foggy memory.

spencer and caggie relationship quiz

Today, the former reality star can be found writing a blog on his website about his radio and charity work. Obviously, everyone's totally addicted to it.

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From running over her poor hubby's foot to her life-threatening overtaking on dual carriageways, Maureen's terrifying driving fascinated the world. Even US star Jay Leno was a fan and jetted her over to the States to discuss her questionable motoring skills on his talk show.

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After going on to release her own single, a cover of Madness's Driving in my Car, Maureen pretty much disappeared. Whatever she's up to now, we hope she's not behind the wheel — in the nicest way possible. Justin Bobby was the real hot one from The Hills and when the show finished inthe world was his oyster.

Awkwardly though, he didn't give a shit.

Made In Chelsea Christmas special sees Caggie and Spencer get together

Justin ditched fame when the series ended, and his not-so-loyal fans then ditched him seriously, he's got under 1, followers on Twitter, compared to Lauren Conrad's 3. Instead of sipping champagne and mingling with celebs like his former co-stars, Justin is now a hairdresser and only occasionally pops up in the public eye these days if there's an opportunity to trash The Hills.

Unlike Kendra Wilkinson and Holly Madison, who both went on to film their own individual reality shows, Bridget faded into the background after Hugh Heffner's E!

spencer and caggie relationship quiz

In fact, if it weren't for the other two, we probably would have forgotten she existed. But we honestly loved her at the time. When the show finished, she was a household name.

spencer and caggie relationship quiz

Fans couldn't get enough of the BB original — especially when she started dating fellow Big Brother star Alex Sibley although they broke up three years later.