Squall and rinoa relationship quizzes

Final Fantasy VIII (Hard Quiz)

squall and rinoa relationship quizzes

Quistis is still having a hard time dealing with Squall and Rinoa's relationship. There is . Quistis slowly corrected the quizzes, afraid to touch Rinoa's. "I have to . Their relationship comes together far more organically and believably than Squall and Rinoa's. And Zidane might be a flirt, but his loyalty to her. - Explore Nightwing's girl Squall and Rinoa" on One of favorite Final Fantasy 8 couple of all times Rinoa and Squall .

She's too innocent to do the things we are asked to do. Lately it's just gotten even worse. It's like she's getting more childish by the day. And I wouldn't want to see her…get hurt. Apparently we're not in agreement here. Quistis, you said the same thing about Xu and look at her. She's doing just fine. She never leaves the Garden. Rinoa will probably be sent on missions.

Squall, she could get killed. He had never seen Quistis be so passionate about something, especially something involving Rinoa. She was so cold to her to begin with. Quistis shifted her gaze to her feet, afraid to look at him.

Squall brought her head back up with a hand on her chin. When he could see her face again, it was wet with tears. Come on Quisty, tell me what's wrong. Of course Squall noticed. Don't worry about your class. Involuntarily, Quistis fell into him, crying into his blue shirt. Squall gently brushed her golden hair from her face. She doesn't love you like…like I do. I thought you said, while we were at the beach, that it was a sisterly kind of love. Don't worry about it Squall. I know you love Rinoa and I would never do anything to intervene.

The only thing that matters to me is that I see you happy.

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I just thought you would like to know that. And another thing, I'll always love you no matter what. All I ever wanted in this world Baby I found in you I never felt this way before But I can't break through And now I lie awake, alone at night So afraid now to close my eyes Just one more dream of you I'll carry here inside Quistis smoothed her tussled hair down and pulled it back into a simple low ponytail.

She quickly entered her classroom, throwing her glasses on as she walked over to her desk. Quistis ignored Rinoa's chatter and sat at her desk. Open a new document on your counsels…Question 1…" Rinoa's hand shot up from the back of the room. The boys back here are being very rude to me. Why doesn't she have her sissy lover protect her," the red head boy laughed.

I can fight my own battles for your information! Rinoa, you can sit up here at that counsel. And Jacob, I would like to have a word with you out in the hall. Quistis took Jacob by his shirt and shoved him up against the wall.

Never again are you to talk like that to Rinoa. Leave her alone; because I can assure you that Squall will not hesitate to deal with you. And if he doesn't, I will be glad to deal with you myself. I don't care what you have against the little witch. Just leave it outside my classroom. He had never seen Instructor Trepe act like this before. Quistis slowly corrected the quizzes, afraid to touch Rinoa's.

squall and rinoa relationship quizzes

But Squall might get on my case if he sees that I'm being harder on her than the rest. Oh, I don't know what to do. It knocked her into the wall behind her, rendering her unconscious.

It seemed like an eternity passed before anybody found her. She slowly opened eyes with the soft touch of a hand on her face. Quistis blinked and focused her eyes on the person in front of her.

A sexy blonde man with a SeeD uniform on stood before her. Especially that hand of yours. You look so…" she trailed off. I guess it doesn't matter what I wear. You're not the brash young man I used to know. Almasy…I will not answer that. You're too full of yourself as it is. I don't need to boost that overflowing ego anymore. I see that your counsel was all smashed up. No wait…let me guess. My dear Instructor…I read you like a book. You and I are much the same.

Both looked down upon and not seen as an equal. Both had our dreams shattered. Both had our hearts broken. I've never heard him talk like this before… "And I think I've finally found that person.

Unfortunately her heart is set on another…one who will never love her back.

squall and rinoa relationship quizzes

He turned around and smiled gently at her. Put him in your past and look to your future. Look right in front of you and see what could be yours. I want to be the one that will help your heart heal.

So will you give me a chance? Is Seifer confessing his love for me? This sounds too good to be true. Seifer caught her and carried her off to the infirmary. And I would hold you all through the night I would stay right by your side And I'd give you the world if your love was mine But baby could it be I'm only dreamin' Don't let it pass me by "So Seifer…what'd you do to upset her this time?

Final Fantasy VIII (Hard Quiz)

I patched up her hand. Tell her not to go punching anymore counsels. She should be awake now if you want to see her. How's your hand feel? But my head is swimming. Was he really that nervous?

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You caught me off guard. By the way, did you want an answer to your question right away? Cause I have a lot of quizes to correct and…" Seifer silenced Quistis with a deep probing kiss. You of all people should know that.

Kitten just shook her head at his antics, her pigtails bouncing in the process. Squall and Rinoa for sure or maybe this other couple I know.

Kitten smacked Zell's arm in protest. Haven't you ever thought about getting married? Just not so soon. His gray-blue eyes solemnly staring at a dark hair girl in a soft pink bride's maid dress. No…It's time to move on. I have something better waiting for me at the end of that isle. He steadily made his way to his PA system, preparing once again, for the third time this hour, to make an announcement.

Squall abruptly jerked his elbow causing Zell to hit his head on the desk, "Hey! What the- - I was sleeping! Irvine had returned to Galbadia Garden and Selphie stayed not only because she and Zell were together but obviously because Trabia Garden is gone. She wanted him to do more but he was too scared, "I um.

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Okay, first step to a good relationship is done. They were silent for the whole trip to Cid's office. Rinoa was completely jealous of Zell and Selphie's relationship, her own relationship didn't even consist of communication. She got the guy she was going for all along but now, he's even more up tight than before. I'm sorry to disrupt your class but I'd like to thank you all again. Thank you Headmaster Cid. They wanted Cid to get the point that they've accepted his gratitude and that they're pretty much annoyed with this constant "thank you's" every hour.

Zell was already punching the air as Selphie was trying to untangle her weapons. Squall finally saw what everyone else was gawking at, Seifer stood at the door with his Gunblade over his shoulder. His clothes were as good as new, a brand new, stunning outfit, whereas Squall had his same old ugly brown and black fur thing on.

Quistis even scolded him for not following rules and wear his seeD uniform to class. Can I cut in and join class? Seifer had done so many things to her, rejecting her love, sacrificing her to Adel, she was deeply hurt. She shoved Zell out of his seat and sat herself down by Squall, taking hold of his right arm and hugging it tight. Seifer winked at Rinoa when he saw her and flicked Squall off, Quistis didn't catch it.

He seated himself quietly in the front row and smiled at Quistis with his handsome grin, "Continue. How is that possible?