Stannis and davos relationship trust

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stannis and davos relationship trust

Hell, he thought Stannis as the only man he could trust without question. . the fingers of the man who smuggled in vital supplies, as Stannis did to Davos. So we have seen that Stannis value Davos advice above almost everyone a notoriously keen judge of character, motives, and relationships. Yes, Davos saves his life but Stannis is also stubborn and he won't the big defining moments in Stannis and Davos' relationship was Davos.

I heard it was best to keep your enemies close. Whoever said that didn't have many enemies. He [Stannis] sees something in you.

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Might not be apparent from his tone, but it's the truth. He believes in you. Jon's fate was rather personal for Davos.

Why is he keen for Melisandre to use magic to save him? He mistrusts Melisandre and has passionately spoken out against her magic before. Look back to when Davos most passionately spoke out against Melisandre's tricks, in episode 10 of series 3: I don't know if Robb Stark died because of the Red Woman's sorcery or because at war men die all the time, but I do know that uniting the Seven Kingdoms with blood magic is wrong.

stannis and davos relationship trust

And you are not an evil man. Do you know who had this table carved and painted, Ser Davos? And do you know how Aegon Targaryen conquered Westeros?

On the back of his dragon Balerion the Dread. He had a smaller fleet than the kings he faced and a smaller army, but he had three dragons. Dragons are magic, Ser Davos.

stannis and davos relationship trust

My enemies have made my kingdom bleed. I will not forget that. I will not forgive that.

stannis and davos relationship trust

I will punish them with any arms at my disposal. You do not need to burn the boy. If what you say is true, a drop of his blood killed Robb Stark Stannis argues that good ends can justify sinister, magical means. Davos doesn't argue with that - the thing he won't compromise on, however, is the killing of innocents. Later on, he gives the impression that he's come to accept "blood magic" as an uncomfortable but sometimes necessary strategic compromise from season 4, episode 3 transcript: The first time I read it was the moment I fully fell in love with Stannis Baratheon as a character, and my absolutely favourite part is this: For this, I am of a mind to raise you to lord.

I would not know how to begin being lordly. To be lordly is to be false. I have learned that lesson hard. Lightbringer, Melisandre had named it; the red sword of heroes, drawn from the fires where the seven gods were consumed. The room seemed to grow brighter as the blade slid from its scabbard.

stannis and davos relationship trust

The steel had a glow to it; now orange, now yellow, now red. The air shimmered around it, and no jewel had ever sparkled so brilliantly. I woke this morning in his dungeon.

Your lords will never obey me.

This is what I mean about this chapter making me adore this guy. Renly and his peach. In my dreams I see the juice running from his mouth, the blood from his throat. If he had done his duty by his brother, we would have smashed Lord Tywin.

stannis and davos relationship trust