Stolbova and klimov relationship

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stolbova and klimov relationship

As for other Russian pair skaters, I never understood what kind of relationship Ksenia Stolbova and Fedor Klimov had (have?). Ksenia Stolbova/Fedor Klimov. Interview It is familiar to us, but just more grown up especially concerning the relationship within the couple. Ksenia: The. Figure Skating archives; Stolbova and Klimov split / retirement .. in the past that she finds it hard to get a close connection with Ksu.

I did not know other summer leisure. I started to watch football in World Championship in Japan and Korea. I was interested only in the game of national teams, then came an interest to the clubs, Zenit, Russian championship.

I saw Roberto Baggio, and so far he is the best in my history. Fedor, at what moment did you stop dreaming of becoming Ronaldo? I was already engaged in figure skating, and in the summer we had no ice for a month. It was a time of football! My mother, who is a coach, was forcing me to go to the stadium and run, not to lose the shape, but all day I was kicking the ball. Was difficult to tolerate your coach Nina Mozer at first?

A new beginning Again — Skating Couples

I came to her and it turned out that in St. We just did the elements, Moser began to teach us steps, Nikolai Morozov began to do programs that were hard for us. It was all unusual, and then I broke my leg. In April-May we mastered one program, at the end of May we went on vacations for a week. As a result, I got a cast.

I called to Moscow to explain myself. But she has such quality as an instant reaction to difficulties. She can say you just a couple of words. The problem appeared, you only thought about it, but Moser already decides everything.

Within a minute the plan was ready. All summer I was recovering. She could have acted differently with me, if someone else would have been on her place. The season is important, no one knows what will turn out from me.

Therefore, it was Nina Mikhailovna who worrited because of me. Petersburg with Luydmila Velikova you worked only on elements, without artistic side? Petersburg there was such a system of training: In Moscow, we started everything from scratch and whatever we started to work oneverything was bad.

Do you have any desires like that? In my childhood I could, but in skates, on which fifty people skated before me, which made them incredibly soft. But then they bought me new and tough ones, which I, a seven-year-old boy, have been breaking into for a very long time. Or maybe I have never had it? I tried to master this element, and every time the boots clamped the bone, there was pain.

By the way, the double axel also was hard.

stolbova and klimov relationship

I have been practicing and have waited for it for four years, but at the age of eleven, maybe even twelve, I broke through — a double axel, triple salchow and a toeloop. And still you left single skating.

stolbova and klimov relationship

What kind of injury bothered you, Fedia? I twisted my foot, not even on the ice. They said you recovered quickly, but to me it seemed very long. It was the right foot and it happened in between two training camps. How did you recover from your injury? When I said that I am skating for two weeks, I meant that I am jumping and do the elements full force.

stolbova and klimov relationship

I am actually skating since July. What can you say about your new short program? I think we became more grown up and the program is more grown up. But it is not such a big difference.

stolbova and klimov relationship

It is familiar to us, but just more grown up especially concerning the relationship within the couple. The program is half ready.

Fedeor Klimov: we had the sexual story only on the ice

The program itself is absolutely ready, we just have to do the elements Q: What is the name of your music? Ask something easier, please. There are many different pieces. What about your triple twist? Obviously this is the most difficult question, because are still relearning it. We are getting a new technique, coach Vlad Zhovnirski is helping us and I think the technique has improved.

We are doing a double now and soon will move on to the triple. We started from scratch, with some exercises, with the throw even without revolutions and now we have moved on to the double. At what point are you now? We are in a good shape now, but we need to do run-throughs of the program. The physical preparation is there, the technical preparation is almost there, but we need to do the program.

We are not ready yet to do full run-throughs.

Ksenia STOLBOVA / Fedor KLIMOV - GPF 2015 - SP

How was the training camp in the USA this summer? I liked it there. We danced, we went to the Broadway, Oksana Grishuk worked with us, we did the new program, we met a new off-ice coach.

Everything was new for us, we skated a lot, we were on the ice until midnight, this was different for us. We all went together to New York with three cars. It is like a fitness club, you go there and take lessons and dance. There were different styles and everybody could try what they liked, Latin dance, Hip Hop, Jazz and so on.


Fedia learned to use his hips for the Flamenco. It was an interesting experience, liberating. I went to the Latin classes.

What are your next plans?