Sulli and choiza relationship marketing

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sulli and choiza relationship marketing

Article: [Exclusive] f(x) Sulli and Dynamic Duo's Choiza, is this the birth of a they held hands because they're of an uncle/niece relationship ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Either she's just doing it to create noise marketing and scandals to get. But SM has taken an extraordinarily long time to address Sulli and Choiza's relationship. This has been going on since September , when. Former f(x) member Sulli's Instagram usually contained a lot of Could her previous relationship with Choiza have been the source of her.

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Sulli, despite being contracted under SM, basically has free-reign over her projects and yes, she personally contacted Rotta to work with him. Not once, not twice, but now three times. Some of you may not know who Rotta is. Granted he later said that that was a jokeand said about the true concept behind his shoots: If these are the images he has in his head of what his first love looked like to him at the time, then I question his childhood very much.

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If that is how he looks back on his first love, his adult self is projecting that image onto a pre-teen to teenage girl who was probably just acting her age. You can see the theme carry clearly into his shoots with Sulli.

Sulli’s Instagram more ‘normal’ and less ‘provocative’ after breakup with Choiza

Her first shoot is obviously lolita-themed, with her donning a stereotypical Japanese schoolgirl outfit in some pictures while exposing skin, her hands behind her back. Companies see her work with Rotta getting into the news and push their groups to do the same because after all, bad publicity is still publicity.

Sulli working with Rotta has benefited him immensely and is probably part of the reason why he still gets work.

sulli and choiza relationship marketing

So why would Sulli choose to work with such a man? I get her wanting to stay relevant, I do.

sulli and choiza relationship marketing

This is partially due to the way that SM Entertainment handled the situation. When Korean news outlets began to report that the four Girls' Generation members' relationships, SM Entertainment didn't take long to confirm the situation. Even when Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon became involved in a violent situation with her ex-boyfriend, SM Entertainment confessed to it. But SM has taken an extraordinarily long time to address Sulli and Choiza's relationship.

This has been going on since Septemberwhen Choiza and Sulli were photographed holding hands. SM Entertainment denied their relationship, and at that point they may have just started dating.

sulli and choiza relationship marketing

But when someone found Choiza's wallet this June, there were pictures of Sulli in it SM Entertainment didn't even respond to the situation, while Choiza's company, Amoeba Culture, merely admitted that it was his wallet- but didn't comment on Sulli's picture. Shortly after the wallet-fiasco, SM announced that Sulli wouldn't be appearing at all of f x 's promotions for their latest song "Red Light," due to having the flu. But photos came to light that Sulli and Choiza were having dates, while Sulli was meant to be recovering.

Shortly after that, SM Entertainment announced that Sulli would be taking a break from the entertainment industry, and that f x would halt promotions for "Red Light"- even though the song became a huge success.

Only after Dispatch spotted the two of them on a date on August 19 did both Amoeba Culture and SM Entertainment confirm their relationships.

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Looking back, it has been nearly a year since the first signs of a relationship between Sulli and Choiza.