The color purple celie and shug relationship problems

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the color purple celie and shug relationship problems

A summary of Letters 22–33 in Alice Walker's The Color Purple. Shug Avery is sick, likely due to a sexually transmitted disease, and no one in the When Celie sees Shug unclothed for the first time, she confesses that she feels a This time, Celie advises against beating Sofia, telling Harpo that his relationship with his. In the novel, The Color Purple by Alice Walker, Walker illustrates the and its impact on life through the relationship Shug Avery has with Celie. She even has a problem with religion that prevents her to live normally. Relationship Between Celie And Shug – The Color Purple Analysis Celie endured many difficulties reflective of this time and she suffered.

ManderLit: Alice Walker's relationship between Celie and Shug Avery in The Color Purple

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the color purple celie and shug relationship problems

It is suggested by Smith that the narrative of Sofia powerfully depicts the damage caused by racism in America Lister,p. Sofia is unsuited to her imprisoned role by her nature, she was meant to rule and not be ruled over.

Sofia learns a hard lesson from her resistance to the racist and sexist culture of the time and place which is indicative of a woman with the courage to stand up and fight for her own beliefs. Graham, whilst finding The Color Purple outstanding, argues that Walker has compromised its authenticity by side-lining historical circumstance and the simplification of gender politics.

It could be argued that both Celie and Sofia are survivors where Celie is broken from the beginning but Sofia is strong until being broken by her unjust imprisonment. They both use different means to manage to survive; Celie uses the lessons she learns through Shug whilst Sofia uses the strength of her own character to get her through.

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Something that Celie and Sofia both have in common however, is the major theme of injustice that they both suffer. Walker has faced strong criticism and praise for the language and narrative of the novel. Interestingly, Kane asks the question as to why Steinem does not have a bad word to say about Walker; suggesting that it may be because she wrote her appraisal at a time when Walker, her friend, needed protection from bad press Kane, In contrast she feels that the majority of white women who have read the novel have enjoyed it.

A point of particular interest is that Harris feels that many black women critics have issues with the novel but feels that for them to complain about the novel would be equal to committing treason against black women writers; this is due to canonisation of the novel where Walker is considered to be universally recognised as the spokesperson for black women Harris,pp.

Walker uses these subtle messages to illustrate the change in morality towards being a black American female of the s in comparison to today. Walker shows the reader that there is a deep sisterhood of women throughout this novel. It can be argued that with the introduction of Shug there is a sense of competition, albeit unfair, but walker later develops this into a sense that the women of the novel actually complement each other rather than compete.

After Celie meets Shug Avery, a successful black woman in an era where it is tough to be so, Celie is inspired to pursue her own interests and finally advocate for herself and find that she can and should own herself.

the color purple celie and shug relationship problems

Once Celie appreciates herself and gains her own self worth, she is finally able to be happy and content with her life no matter who is around her. In the first part of the novel, Celie has a rough life and does not believe anything will change.

She is a passive woman and allows others to dictate her life.

the color purple celie and shug relationship problems

She is alive, but she does not live. What is the point of life if one does not own their self? She admits, actually boldly states that she will not fight and will comply with what others tell her.

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She even has a problem with religion that prevents her to live normally. Celie becomes passive and will not advocate for herself due to the early life philosophy.

the color purple celie and shug relationship problems

That is, until Shug makes her question the principles on which she bases her entire life on. Shug brings up topics almost randomly in the novel. Shug takes an independent stance on Christianity, which she shares with Celie. Lastly, Shug shows that there is a person who loves Celie, and her name is Shug Avery.

the color purple celie and shug relationship problems