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Cody Rhodes vs Rey Mysterio - WrestleMania permalink . Shield vs Rhodes /Goldust from the main event of Raw 10/14/ Not only an. I'm here to discuss the Twitter announcement from Cody Rhodes a.k.a. I don't think that relations between WWE and Cody are terrible or anything, so of course .. AJ vs Bully Ray was ruined by Dixie Carter's involvement, The Shield and Team . Rey Mysterio had been battling injury all year and there were many people. The Shield was a professional wrestling stable in WWE which consisted of Dean Ambrose, .. after being kayfabe fired, Cody Rhodes and Goldust earned their jobs back and Jack Swagger) to defeat the team of Rey Mysterio, the Rhodes Brothers coverage of live Raw – WWE Title match, The Rock returns, Cena vs .

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I put the link to the match and her commentary below. Great way to hype up the Divas title match at Night Of Champions. Slapped on the cross-armbreaker, R-Truth tapped, game over. This thing with Fandango constantly interrupting matches is really getting annoying, as is this feud. I swear, this feud between Miz and Fandango is so bland and dull as are the both of them. I loved that Santino was starting to look like a good grappler in the match. He did his giant swing on Santino… and swung him for about 30 seconds non-stop!

It really was incredible. Here it is… Unbelievable strength. The booking for the end of the match seemed a little off.

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Especially considering that RVD bested Ryback in a battle royal a month or so ago. They must have something big for Ryback to have him attack the number one contender for the World Title a week before his match.

Mostly because of the build around it.

Raw: Jan. 13, 2014

However, Randy ultimately prevailed. It was a really good match with a lot of feel towards. That was added on in the backstage segment afterwards when Stephanie rubbed salt in wounds and called him a loser. She berated Goldust with such vindication. She really has that venom in her voice as well similar to her husband Triple H.

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Having her do a segment is always great to see. It was a good match and he beat him clean and beat of the Shield as well. Bryan then posed with the WWE Title. It was a good way to end RAW. Overall, good RAW in Canada. Great match between Goldust and Randy Orton and some great promos being cut by all sorts of people.

Follow us at ArmbarExpress on Twitter and go to https: My Twitter account is TomRobinson so gives us a follow there as well. Thoughts and prayers to those affected by them horrific attacks 12 years ago. XD Someone had to do it! At the Royal Rumble pre-show, on 26 January the Outlaws defeated the Brotherhood to end their championship reign.

This turned out to be himself, appearing under the ring name Stardust while wearing a jumpsuit and face paint similar to Goldust.

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The two quickly defeated RybAxel on that night, [1] [66] and also at the Money in the Bank. They would accuse the Usos of a purposeful countout to retain the titles, and then attacked them, turning heel in the process.

After being hastily defeated in a number one contender Tag Team Turmoil on the 2 December edition of Raw by Kofi Kingston and Big E ; Gold and Stardust returned later on in the match and attacked their manager, Xavier Woodsdistracting them enough to cost them the match, thus setting up a feud. Stardust would respond to this by walking out on Goldust before their match had concluded on the 5 February episode of SmackDown.

Though at first Cody seemed to be in agreement with his family, after Goldust took the loss for his team against The New DayStardust hit his old finisher Cross-Rhodes thus dissolving their partnership entirely. He then stated that Cody, and now his own family, were dead to him. A match between the two was set for Fastlane [78] with Goldust promising to vanquish Stardust once and for all and to reclaim his brother and rekindle their partnership and brotherhood.

Due to their father asking Goldust not to cause any real harm to Cody, Goldust won their first encounter via roll-up. Cody Rhodes was released by WWE inbringing an end to their storied rivalry and chances of a reunion.