The tempest miranda and prospero relationship test

Prospero’s Mirages of Power Struggle and Conscience in The Tempest

the tempest miranda and prospero relationship test

The Tempest Questions and Answers - Discover the community of teachers, mentors For Teachers · Literature Lesson Plans · Literature Quizzes What kind of ruler will Miranda and Ferdinand be from The Tempest? . he has lost his daughter Claribel to marriage, and now, shipwrecked on a deserted island. There are many different kinds of relationships in the play ranging from Love Miranda and Prospero are a very big part in this play because they are the bases of the play. Prospero test Ferdinand to see if he really does love Miranda. What is the nature of Prospero and Miranda's relationship? Discuss moments where Miranda seems to be entirely dependent on her father and moments where.

Miranda and Ferdinand

Prospero angrily reminds Ariel how he rescued Ariel from imprisonment. Ariel had refused to do the cruel bidding of Sycorax, the witch who ruled the island before Prospero's arrival. Sycorax then imprisoned Ariel in a tree, and didn't free him before she died.

Ariel might have been stuck in that tree forever if Prospero had not freed him. Ariel begs Prospero's pardon, and Prospero promises Ariel his freedom in two days' time. Prospero then instructs Ariel to make himself invisible to all but Prospero. Prospero and Ariel have a complex relationship.

the tempest miranda and prospero relationship test

Prospero freed Ariel from imprisonment but then enslaved him himself. Prospero appears to be a pleasant and kind master to Ariel, until the moment it becomes clear that Ariel would prefer not to have a master at all.

Then Prospero wields his power more harshly, and becomes friendly only when Ariel begs his pardon.

the tempest miranda and prospero relationship test

Active Themes Prospero awakens Miranda and, calling for his "poisonous slave," 1. Caliban and Prospero immediately start trading curses. But then, Caliban says, Prospero made Caliban, who had been king of the island, his subject and servant.

What happens

Like Ariel, Caliban is Prospero's slave. But where Ariel is cheerful in his servitude, Caliban is bitter. Perhaps because Prospero rescued Ariel from a worse imprisonment, while Caliban previously had been free and powerful.

The process Caliban describes, in which Prospero first befriended Caliban, educated him, and then enslaved him is similar to methods of European explorers—they often did the same thing to the natives in the lands they colonized. Active Themes Prospero angrily responds that he treated Caliban with "human care" 1.

Yet, in response, Caliban tried to rape Miranda. Caliban replies, "O ho! Would't had been done. Caliban's anger is so great that he is unrepetant for trying to rape Miranda. Yet despite this gift of education, Miranda continues, Caliban remained innately vile and brutal. Caliban retorts, "You taught me language, and my profit on't is, I know how to curse" 1.

The viewpoints of colonizer and colonized are on display here. Miranda believes Caliban owes her a debt of gratitude for trying to civilize him.

the tempest miranda and prospero relationship test

But Caliban sees himself as having been free, and insists he was better off without all the "elevating," which resulted in him losing his autonomy. Caliban grudgingly obeys, knowing that Prospero's power is greater than his own, and exits. She can't believe that anyone who looks so lovely on the outside can be anything other than lovely on the inside. In 'The Tempest', Shakespeare shows us that things are not always as they first seem.

the tempest miranda and prospero relationship test

Prospero calls Ferdinand a 'traitor'. He threatens to 'manacle' his neck and give him sea water to drink and acorn shells to eat. Prospero doesn't mean any of these threats, but in making them he shows that he has power over Ferdinand and could make him a slave just as he made Caliban his slave. Throughout the extract, Prospero uses words like 'usurp', 'traitor' and 'impostor' which all seem a bit strong when referring to Ferdinand. When Antonio took Prospero's place as Duke of Milan, he did 'usurp' him, and in doing so, he was a 'traitor' and in calling himself the Duke of Milan, Antonio is an 'imposter'.

When Ferdinand draws his sword, Prospero uses magic to make it impossible for Ferdinand to move. Miranda tries desperately to stop her father but he won't listen. Ferdinand comes to the conclusion that all his problems - his father's death, the shipwreck, Prospero's threats - mean nothing, as long as he can see Miranda once a day, even if he is in prison.

He says it's all like a 'dream'. Does love have that kind of dream-like power to overcome difficulties? Or is it another one of Prospero's spells? Prospero is pleased that his plan to make Ferdinand fall in love with Miranda has worked.

He praises Ariel I I: Prospero promises Ariel that he will be free I I: Freedom and Slavery - Just as Prospero has made Caliban a slave and threatened to imprison Ferdinand, he has the power to set Ariel free. When Prospero arrived on the island, Ariel was trapped in a pine tree and Prospero set him free, so he has a debt of gratitude towards him. Also, Ariel is gentle whereas Prospero has a temper.

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It could be that Ariel is a little afraid of his master. Prospero orders Ferdinand to follow him and tells Miranda not to try and speak up for him. L Language Ariel's song calms the stormy waters. I Issues Illusion - Ferdinand does not know where the sound is coming from. I Issues Illusion - Ferdinand is a living human being, but Miranda is convinced that he is a magical creature.

the tempest miranda and prospero relationship test

L Language Miranda can't believe that Ferdinand is an ordinary mortal. C Character Prospero likes to be in control. C Character Think carefully about what kind of man Prospero is.

Fourthly, he uses magic to embolden his power as an authoritarian figure of the island. In the fifth stage he makes peace with Alonso and forgiving his brother and the other lords for their faults against him. Finally, Prospero firmly concedes to the marriage of Miranda and Ferdinand by changing his relationship to all of the characters from hostile and revengeful to peaceful and celebratory.

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