Tifa and cloud relationship management

Final Fantasy: 25 Hidden Details About Cloud And Tifa’s Relationship

tifa and cloud relationship management

From the very beginning of Final Fantasy VII, Cloud Strife was . After Final Fantasy VII, we see Cloud and Tifa's relationship in Case of Tifa. The Compilation of Final Fantasy VII has been met with both praise and hostility; some fans quickly ate . Settle Cloud and Tifa's Relationship. Tifa is the focus of "Case of Tifa" in On the Way to a Smile, examining her life and relationship with Cloud after the Planet was saved from Meteor. Tifa, Cloud and.

In fact, there were times when she even dreamt about him. So, when the SOLDIER duo of Zack and Sephiroth reached Nibelheim, Tifa had only one question for them — a question that involved a spiky blond-haired individual in their ranks who protected her in her dreams.

Tifa Lockhart

Both of them were understandably perplexed since a person did fit that description While the gist was solid enough, there were certain fine details that Cloud altered or skipped out on that caused Tifa to raise an eyebrow. However, Tifa refrained from raising her voice and correcting Cloud because a part of her also wasn't sure if what she'd seen was correct.

tifa and cloud relationship management

Keep in mind that Tifa was heavily injured during this altercation, so it's normal for her to doubt her memories. She knew something was particularly off about him, but confronting him about him was particularly daunting for her as well. So, instead of taking what would arguably have been the right course of action to take, Tifa decided to let things be and not get into something that she felt was way out of her depth.

Finding a wheelchair-bound Cloud was the last straw for Tifa, and it was quite lucky that the subsequent earthquake threw both of them into the Lifestream.

tifa and cloud relationship management

This allowed Tifa to explore Cloud's psyche and understand what exactly happened to his memories. However, in Advent Children, Cloud is as distant as ever. So, it's obvious that Tifa would take this in the wrong sense. Being ignored and kept in the dark by the person closest to her was quite an alienating experience for Tifa.

While the realization of his true past definitely took a toll on his mind, ostracizing Tifa from his true feelings was not necessary. This self-apathy was so severe that Tifa had to step in and give a stern talk to Cloud about his crummy behavior.

Tifa vs Aerith: Who did Cloud REALLY Love more?

Apparently, there was another scene right after this blowup that showed Tifa regretting the blunt nature of her outburst, but this scene was removed from the final cut for time constraints. Similarly, Tifa's last name is also meant to indicate something along the same lines.

The obvious meaning of "Lockhart" is quite apparent, which we've discussed in detail. This took a fair bit of effort from Tifa. However, the same can be said for Tifa. While not overtly rude, Tifa had the problem of being too shy to let Cloud know about what she really felt about him.

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This perceived romance ended up on a slow burn, which culminated in one iconic scene in the game. The fact that both of them could open up to each other to such an extent showcased something else.

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Not only should the group band together again for their last adventure, they should also be given an equal amount of screen-time as well as sidequests, so that we can see them off without any regrets. I will slice your nostril off now. Plus, her ability to use thermal blades, computer hacking and the ability to turn invisible, along with a backstory that includes maintaining her necessary Mako dosage as well as finding a way to revive her comatose sister, should meet all the standard JRPG requirements of being a permanent party member.

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But more importantly, it has also been consistently entertaining. And just to make the final showdown even more epic, how about including the evolution of Sephiroth to Qliphoth?

In the Kabbalah, Qliphoth represents the most evil and demonic force in the tree of Sephiroth. The idea of an Uberoth is simply too cool to pass up, and would probably look something like this: At this point, there is more than enough evidence that establishes Cloud and Tifa as the default romance in the FFVII series, no matter how much Claerith lovers I really hate that term want to deny it.

His distance from Tifa and his surrogate family is the result of his lack of confidence, as he fears that he will be unable to protect them when the time comes. To embrace the childhood friend that he has long been in love with is to break away from his tormented past and finally embrace life, a theme that has been present in nearly every iteration of the Compilation; In that sense, their romance may be the most important element in the whole series.