Transport and tourism relationship quiz

Tourism: Characteristics & Types - Video & Lesson Transcript |

transport and tourism relationship quiz

About This Quiz & Worksheet. Answer these questions to find out what you know about the relationship between tourism and geography. You will need to. The relationship between transport and tourism development is a vital area of tourism studies. For development of any destination, adequate and efficient. Work through the available quiz and worksheet to see how much knowledge you part of the tourism industry; Examples of the transportation sector of this industry Relationship Between Tourism & Hospitality · The Relationship Between.

Tourism: Characteristics & Types

In this lesson, we'll look more closely at how these two areas are connected. Well, the hospitality industry is an industry that offers services to us that go beyond our basic needs and generally require extra income to purchase.

These services include things like accommodations, restaurants, transportation, and leisure activities. So, every time Bella stays in a hotel, grabs dinner at a nice restaurant, hires a tour guide, or flies on an airplane, she is supporting the hospitality industry.

Now, let's take a look at what tourism consists of.

How to use a Visitor Oyster card (information for visitors and tourists)

When Bella travels somewhere for pleasure, she is taking part in tourism. Tourism is the act of visiting places for enjoyment purposes.

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Tourism happens when tourists, like Bella, travel to different places with the intention of participating in leisure activities. The Relationship As mentioned, the hospitality industry consists of hotels, restaurants, transportation, and leisure activities.

Like Bella, many times when we purchase these services, we do so while we are traveling.

Relationship Between Tourism & Hospitality - Video & Lesson Transcript |

Thus, every time Bella travels to a new country for pleasure and stays at a hotel, she is purchasing a service in the hospitality industry. Every time Bella flies to her destination, she is purchasing a service from the hospitality industry.

transport and tourism relationship quiz

This lesson goes over some of the different types of tourism, as well as some of its characteristics and impacts. Types of Tourism The different forms of tourism are vast and the ways in which they can be grouped are many. For instance, you can generally group tourism into two types: You can also classify types of tourism based on places or activities.

Sectors of the Tourism Industry

For instance, a lot of people love beach holidays. Some famous places for beach holidays include the Caribbean islands and Mediterranean coast. But as we've already mentioned, some people can't stand lying around and doing almost nothing.

transport and tourism relationship quiz

They prefer types of outdoor adventure tourism. For some, it's going to and hiking around Crater Lake National Park in Oregon and seeing a true natural wonder of the world.

Quiz & Worksheet - Parts of the Tourism Industry |

For others, it's going to the Himalayas and climbing some of the most famous peaks in the world. Surfing in Hawaii sounds pretty good too. Those afraid of heights or sharks may not want to go to any of those places. They may enjoy cultural and historical tourism instead.

transport and tourism relationship quiz

Perhaps you've always been fascinated by ancient Rome. Rome and Pompeii would be excellent places for a historical tour as both are full of amazing ruins. Or maybe you're in love with museums. If so, a visit to the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia, one of the most culturally rich and diverse museums in the world, may be up your alley.

transport and tourism relationship quiz