Triss and geralt relationship witcher 3 review

triss and geralt relationship witcher 3 review

In this Witcher 3 romance guide, we're going to list all the characters we find you can her that they can try to make their relationship work, or he can truly pour his heart If Geralt avoids romancing Triss Merigold and instead attempts to woo. The timeline of the Witcher novels takes place before the events of the games and is where Geralt and Yennefer's relationship began. Despite. In the witcher video games does Triss take advantage of Geralt's even remember Geralt [whole memory loss thing from the wild hunt]? Review: Dreamlike ' Memories Untold' Makes the Costs of War Real FANDOM.

From what I've seen, Triss apparently was bad to Geralt before but possibly remorseful about it, while Yen treats Geralt like a tool and Geralt seems ok with that? Anyways, I am playing as more of a Neutral Good archetype, trying to do the right thing when I can, including not taking payment for services when appropriate, and never helping someone get away with something I know to be wrong, and not taking advantage of people.

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Just curious if one of the two girls better meshes with a "good" Geralt, or if neither do, or if it really doesn't even matter. Triss basically used Geralt's amnesia to jump on his pogostick. On the other hand it seems Geralt isn't pleased Yen works for Nilfgaard but I don't know if that would affect his feelings romantically.

MagillaGuerilla MagillaGuerilla 8 months ago 3 Either one really.

How reading the books reshaped my choices in Witcher 3

Triss wasn't bad to Geralt, she just took advantage of his amnesia to get and steal him from yen for good and feels remorseful for doing that to him. Yen is a little meaner but overall actually seems in love with Geralt.

Triss is definitely in love with Geralt legit. Personally I like the personality of yennefer vs triss but I like the looks of triss vs yen I love me a beautiful redhead. My girlfriend is a dark red redhead.

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So pick the one you fancy most. Neither one is immoral, though yennefer is more of the "ends justify the means" type whereas triss is definitely a do the right thing at all times type imo.

triss and geralt relationship witcher 3 review

The sun doesn't give its light to the moon assuming the moon is going to owe it one - Linkin Park El Marsh 8 months ago 4 All three characters are on the same moral wavelength, so either Triss or Yen would work. They're both highly manipulative "power players" who have genuine affection for Geralt but will use him to further their ends as they see fit.

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They're two sides of the same coin really, the major difference being that Triss is more outwardly affable while Yen is fairly cold; make no mistake though, Triss can be just as ruthless as Yen in her dealings with friend and foe alike. That said, despite those "tendencies" both of Geralt's love interests are undeniably "good" characters so either works. Like many things in the world of the Witcher, there are no easy answers.

You can tell she's the canon love intrest. This guy User Info: Tigsar Tigsar 8 months ago 6 Yen is a girl that gives you a hard time every day, sometimes makes fun of you, points out your mistakes and patronizes you a lot and does what she wants, often not asking your opinion or permission. Assassins of Kings that we begin to learn of her through a series of flashbacks.

triss and geralt relationship witcher 3 review

Triss on the other hand, is a main character in every Witcher game. Without getting too much into the plot of the first two games, Triss is one of the first people who Geralt meets after she finds him unconscious and nurses him back to health. In the prologue of the first game, Geralt has the opportunity of a sexual encounter with her and the second game begins with the two being in a relationship.

However, the same can be said about Yennefer. In the first two games Geralt suffers from amnesia and cannot remember anything about his past, including Yennefer.

triss and geralt relationship witcher 3 review

Triss, who has been in love with Geralt for many years uses this to her advantage and seduces him. Shortly before the events of Wild Hunt, Geralt presumably calls off his relationship with Triss as he begins to recover from his amnesia. This story arc is often used by those of us on Team Yennefer when the choice is upon us, arguing that if Geralt did not lose his memory, Triss would not even be a romantic contender.

Wild Hunt then begins with Geralt reuniting with Yennefer after a long search. There is no right or wrong choice when deciding which women to pursue. Both choices offer great gameplay and some very entertaining dialogue. The love triangle between these three characters is one of the reasons why The Witcher 3: