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The one thing you learned about what occurred at the Oscars is that every instant of life is important," she said. But in his rollicking new book “Star: How Warren Beatty Seduced SHIRLEY MacLAINE. Beatty's older sister . The whole relationship was a performance.” “ Beatty Chances are, he was taking his own advice. He would. And if you know anything about Warren Beatty, it's probably that he's rumored to have He, along with Shirley MacLaine (his sister), Jane Fonda, and a handful of other Oh, and for a hot relationship with co-star Natalie Wood to develop, all RPattz and KStew-style. .. Sex Tips From Queen Elizabeth I. 4.

Collins was getting roles, Beatty was not, but they were head-over-heels for each other — and apparently having a tremendous amount of sex. Beatty may have been a romantic, but he also understood the benefits of a demi-star as a fiancee.

That production was a little something called Splendor in the Grass. Beatty won the part of Bud Stamper, a small-town middle-American teen with, well, urges for his girlfriend, played by Natalie Wood in her comeback role. A hysterical, yearning, roll-on-the ground marvel.

The French translated it into Fever in the Blood. Or, who knows, they might have just figured out they had irreconcilable sleep schedules, or that only one of them liked black licorice. A planned wedding was called off just in time for the hoopla surrounding Splendor in the Grass, and its pile of Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations, to crest.

Beatty was all sorts of visible, and he appeared in three high profile projects before the end of The problem, then, was that all three of these films — The Roman Spring of Mrs. Lilith has aged well, and was underestimated at the time, but Beatty was increasingly frustrated with his inability to make good on the promise of his turn in Splendor.

He would barrage directors with questions, growing increasingly frustrated with their lack of decision or direction. His obsession with knowing everything that was happening — everywhere, all the time — grew. After much back and forth that reminds me much too keenly of my sophomore year in college, Beatty and Wood broke up, sparking a string of one night stands on his part — seldom for sex so much as for connections. Caron was married to Peter Hall, the director of the Royal Shakespeare Company, with whom she had two small children.

But Beatty was no legitimate home-wrecker: Caron was six years older, a mother of two, and Beatty was apparently totally smitten. Which is another way of saying that Beatty was essentially becoming The Worst.

Comedian targeted by the mob? American attempt at nouvelle vague? Warren Beatty in a role intended for Lenny Bruce? Somewhere around this time, Beatty began to develop an amazing ability with the phone. Meaning he was constantly on it — but not in the annoying, always-be-closing stockbroker sort of way. More the purring, sex-on-the-line sorta way. Then, the final straw: Feldman becomes convinced that Beatty is trying to outmaneouver him and boxes him out of the production. It makes a fair amount of money.

Enter Bonnie and Clyde. Caron and Beatty are hanging out in London, and Beatty hears that Francois Truffaut, he of The Blows and Jules et Jim and, you know, all of those other French masterpieces, has an adaptation of Fahrenheit in the works.

Caron sets up a meeting for her overanxious boyfriend and Truffaut, but Truffaut says no way, mon ami, but maybe you want to develop this other gangster thing? Beatty dithers over buying the script, thinking that Westerns are washed up — the stuff of television and B-movies.

But Caron tells him to stop being a doofus: He wants Bob Dylan for Clyde. Maybe his sister for Bonnie? He offers it to still good friend Natalie Wood, but she turns it down. So did every other female star in Hollywood: In the end, it was Arthur Penn, who Beatty had wrangled to direct, who discovered Faye Dunaway on the stage. She was Bonnie; Bonnie was her.

Now, when was the last time you saw this film? Was it in my college film history course? Was it with your dad sometime in high school? Whenever it was, it was too long ago. Beatty was in his element: He was impotent yet charismatic — when you see how Dunaway looks at him in the beginning shots of the film, you understand exactly why she leaves her life to be with a man with little more than a gun.

The many eccentric lives of Shirley MacLaine

The frustration is palpable. As douchey as the preceding 2, words have made Beatty sound, this film — and the courage it took to convincingly portray an impotent man — defined his career.

No longer was he Beatty, the man no one wanted to watch: And the story gets even better: And enough for Beatty to make whatever movie he wanted, with whomever he wanted. But while Gibson chose to use his star capital to entertain the Christian fundamental base, Beatty bided his time. According to lore, he sees Julie Christie, still hot after Doctor Zhivago, meeting the Queen, and falls for her.

But Christie was having none of it: She was engaged to a British artist, and thought Beatty the equivalent of a state school frat boy. But he managed to get her to come to dinner, and surprised her with his intelligence.

He stays in the background, biding his time until she outgrows her hipster boyfriend and moves back to L. They move in together; have a lot of sex; go full counter-culture.

There are three sets of people where sex is concerned. The promiscuous, which I was not; the total monogamist, which I was not; and the serial monogamist, who has very deep but intense relationships while you are in them. I guess I learned what I needed to learn from them and then I usually fixed it so they would move on, not me. I didn't like the guilt of moving away from them. I'm a middle-class girl from Virginia. I don't handle guilt well. But I'm over the hill now,' she says, not particularly sadly.

Is it true she never had her heart broken? She whispers, 'Yes, that's true. My heart would be broken, shattered, if something happened to my dog though. I take her everywhere, and you know, we've had a talk.

She's going to live till about and then she'll come back again and it'll be up to me to find her. She says they are both very independent spirits, loyal but individual. She credits Terry as co-writer of her book Out on a Leash: Exploring the Nature of Reality and Love. And Terry is 'almost androgynous, that's why she has an androgynous name'. She could talk about her dog all day. She swallowed a diamond ring once. It hasn't come out yet.

She's commandeered for her a special coat which says she is a therapy dog, which allows her in forbidden places like aeroplanes. He might come back as a person. People come back as people, dogs come back as dogs. Was it a lap dog, your dog? Did he do lapping? I tell her the story of my poodle and how he died, how I told him he didn't have to hang on for me and we would always know each other, how he arched his neck up, took his last breath and died in my arms.

She wipes her tears away. Any slivers of brusqueness are gone. It's still a conundrum, though, why she should write books about love and say she doesn't know heartbreak.

But maybe she has forgotten it. It's set during the Second World War, with MacLaine's character the love interest of three men, until one of them dies when his bomber crashes into Belfast's Cave Hill.

The mechanics of the triangle are told both in the present and in the past, and MacLaine gives us a woman who is distanced by life, hardened until a breakthrough moment when she allows herself to feel. I doubt it was hard for her to access that dislocation. She says the pain of the separation from her dog helped her to support Attenborough, who was grieving for the daughter and granddaughter he lost in the Asian tsunami of Through her dog she can access hurt.

She tried to teach me then; I didn't learn very well. She's come back and I'm learning better. They met in when they played husband and wife in The Bliss of Mrs Blossom. It meant such a lot to him. It's really his story. Perhaps it was his release. Many of the key players in MacLaine's world have been around in previous lives. I did learn from my parents, though - that was fairly complete. I ended up at a Spanish military installation.

Man, I didn't know where I was. My parents came back to guide me to the trail.

The many lives and loves of Shirley MacLaine

The first time they had been together since they were both alive. I was in real danger. Her father had several out-of-body experiences and saw his best friend appear at the edge of his bed at the moment he died in the Second World War. Her mother 'was extremely contained. She was, after all, Canadian. And as a result of being contained they can erupt. People who met my parents said they reminded them of eccentric vaudevillians.

Over the years she has had times when she didn't talk to her brother, Warren Beatty. We are fine now. I think we've been through a couple of lifetimes together. He's going through his left-brain intellectual lifetime now. He's on a very different path to me. But his kids are very interested in what I'm saying.

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It's also been written that they differed over his taste in girlfriends, particularly Madonna. I like to remind him as often as possible that I am the senior here, so you'd better listen to me.

She seems naughty, teenage. I have a kid's nature. I am very interested in doing this movie with Olympia Dukakis, playing these two old women who feel marginalised by their invisibility.

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Although I like to be invisible. Because I've been noticed so much in my life, I really go the other way.

Shirley MacLaine Accepts the 40th AFI Life Achievement Award

This paparazzi stuff would drive me nuts. I would have driven over 20 paparazzi by now. I don't eat a lot of it, but I have to have it every day. We share a giant Twix and then a Snickers. Does she worry about ageing? Is she worried about a loss of beauty, about dying? So I'm looking forward to that. I'm not looking forward to death but I'm not afraid of it. I don't want it to be painful, so I have to be careful not to be afraid of it, because you draw it to you.

That was the given. I didn't see myself that way. Just in the last week I'm falling in love with my wrinkles because I was wondering: I'm loving the idea that I'm 73 and almost looking like it.

I'm going to get some great parts I had a face-lift about 30 years ago. I'm glad I did it. It's all back to where it was now, though. I do worry about getting heavy. Not so much cosmetically, but what it means for the body. But I won't do liposuction. I go for walks on the beach, up and down hills at Malibu. I do stretching for my back and some of the skeletal problems. Probably caused by dancing in high heels, and dancing on cement instead of wood.

I was never that good a dancer to really injure myself, and I was always really cautious. We live in an open and free society, as opposed to the oppression of Islamic fundamentalism. It's dangerous to deride, tease and ridicule another person for speaking the truth in relation to these spiritual things. My husband really was the love of my life. He died some time ago. He put it into projects that he thought were worthwhile, but without asking. He was involved with another woman and I was all over the place with different men.

She's not feeling regretful about that today. She's feeling that she and Sachi 'went through a couple of lifetimes together and our relationship is more like friends anyway'. They went to live in Japan when Sachi was six.

She didn't want her to grow up in Hollywood. There was a weird incident with a drunk nanny and kidnap threats, so she was sent to the International School in Tokyo. We were together every summer and a month at Christmas and a month at Easter. And in the early years in Japan I was a hands-on mother. She's just not particularly maternal, perhaps because her mother wasn't. She believes both she and her mother were male warriors in another life.

She is curiously distant and curiously full on. She drinks you in and then seems to float off. She wants to know about my lovers. Have I felt that I've met them before in another life? I imagine that she was always the person who was doted on rather than the person who doted.

It's very burdening for that other person because they feel they can't live up to it. I'm not over that, but I'm not in a relationship and nor do I want one, so that's not going to come up again Well, it might, and that would be all right.