Wiglaf and beowulf relationship

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wiglaf and beowulf relationship

This relationship between the lord and his men was the basis of the Anglo-Saxon society. The epic poem "Beowulf" is a [tags: Epic of Beowulf Essay]. Beowulf, Wiglaf and the Wasgmundings NORMAN E. ELIASON In the second precisely how is Beowulf related to Wiglaf and what is Beowulf's connection with . Beowulf () on IMDb: Plot summary, synopsis, and more our hero, Beowulf (Ray Winstone), and his lieutenant and good friend, Wiglaf (Brendan Gleeson). . Their relationship is kept secret with the Queen, thought she knows about it.

Grendel comes crashing through as before, killing Geats left and right until Beowulf comes into the battle, in all his nakedness. Beowulf is very strong and agile, and knows how to fight Grendel suggesting that the sea monster story wasn't entirely a bunch of hooeyand they spar back and forth until Beowulf notices that Grendel reacts painfully to loud noises.

He promptly jumps onto Grendel's back and hammers at the beast's sensitive earpads, which causes the monster extreme pain. As Grendel tries to retreat, his arm is caught in some chains, and Beowulf grabs hold, preventing Grendel from escaping just as the monster goes out the big main door.

Grendel's arm is pinned between the door and the doorjamb, and Beowulf, after victoriously announcing his name to the monster, rips off Grendel's arm. Grendel flees to his cave. Beowulf holds up the arm in victory, claiming he's killed Grendel, and most of the Geats cheer his name in celebration. Wiglaf does not, being much more concerned and upset with the lives lost in the battle.

Back in the cave, Grendel is dying. We hear his mother asking who did this to him, and Grendel says Beowulf before he dies.

wiglaf and beowulf relationship

Grendel's mother sings a lullaby as she carries her boys body to an altar of sorts. As she places the body down, her voice starts to crack and she sobs before starting to scream with rage.

Back in Heorot, Hrothgar is holding another celebration in honor of Beowulf. Unferth apologizes for doubting him, and Wealthow is even more smitten with their hero. The King gives Beowulf a golden horn, the standard of the Danish kingdom, as part of his reward. The horn is in the shape of a dragon, with a red jewel at the neck, and Hrothgar makes an off-hand remark about how hitting the neck is the only way to kill a dragon.

Wiglaf is still upset, and goes down to the shore to prepare their ship for departure the next morning. Later, the Geats are all passed out in the Hall after their celebration, and we get a first-persons view of Grendel's mother as she flies into the Hall and tries to figure out which man is Beowulf. She correctly singles out the man who is the biggest and strongest, and appears to him in a dream as Wealthow, begging Beowulf to give her a son.

How is Wiglaf similar to Beowulf?

Beowulf realizes he is dreaming and wakes up just as Wealthow's face starts to turn into something demonic. He looks around the Hall to see that all of his men except Wiglaf, who was down at the shore have been slaughtered, their bodies strung from the rafters.

wiglaf and beowulf relationship

Later on, when people start to suspect that Grendel isn't really dead, Hrothgar explains that the Geats were killed by Grendel's mother, about whom the King seems to know a great deal. When pressed about who is Grendels father, the King is evasive. It is implicitly clear that Hrothgar himself was Grendel's father explaining why Grendel didnt kill him earlier.

Unferth gives Beowulf his family's sword to assist him in killing Grendel's mother.

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Beowulf and Wiglaf set out for the cave to kill Grendel's mother and avenge their men. Beowulf insists on going in alone, golden horn and Unferth's sword in tow. The cave is dark, but the horn magically glows to light the way. Beowulf finds an alcove filled with gold, as well as a lot of human bodies, and the altar holding Grendel's body. Suddenly, Grendel's mother's voice comes out of nowhere asking who Beowulf is, and we see her slowly rise out of the water, apparently having shape-shifted into human form.

Beowulf is rightly transfixed, in a manner very similar to when he saw the mermaid in his sea monster story. Beowulf's seems to be easily susceptible to the charms of the mystical lady-creatures. She admires how handsome and strong he is. Beowulf tries to run her through with Unferth's sword, but it just passes through her like shes a ghost.

She comes up to him and tempts him with the promise of a kingdom and eternal glory, only if he lay with her and give her another son to replace the one he took. She grabs hold of Unferth's blade and it melts like butter. It is apparent that she could slaughter Beowulf at any time.

Beowulf doesnt fight her as she sidles closer to him and grabs Hrothgar's dragon horn. There's clearly some kind of connection there, as she says that her promise is valid as long as she has that horn.

And Beowulf seems on the verge of yielding to her offer. Jump cut to Beowulf marching back into Heorot, tossing Grendel's head at the Kings feet. Beowulf claims that he not only made sure Grendel is dead, but killed his mother, too.

He claims he lost the horn while fighting her, and left Unferth's sword in her body to make sure that she stayed dead. Hrothgar gives Beowulf a quizzical look, and suddenly exclaims that since he, Hrothgar, has no heirs, everything he has, including the kingship and Wealthow, will go to Beowulf when he dies.

Hrothgar throws another party, then asks Beowulf for a private word. The King asks Beowulf to recount exactly what happened with Grendel's mother. Beowulf repeats the same blustery tale as before, but with a bit of wariness in his voice. The insinuation is that Beowulf isn't being truthful about what happened. When Beowulf refers to Grendel's mother as a hag, Hrothgar gives him a knowing gotcha! We both know that. But shes not my curse anymore; she's yours.

Beowulf, realizing that the King knows exactly what happened, is visibly shaken, but says nothing. They rejoin the party, but Hrothgar excuses himself later and promptly jumps off the castle wall to his death.

We cut to Beowulf's face, older and grayer, wearing the Danish crown, surveying his soldiers on a field of battle. His soldiers are slaughtering the opposing army, and Beowulf seems almost saddened by the news. It seems that Grendel's mother made good on her promise, as Beowulf has enjoyed unsurpassed success and glory over the past 50 years, and Beowulf feels as his achievements are all empty and dishonorable, gained from an unholy union with a monster, rather than on Beowulf's own skill and merit.

Beowulf even dares one of the enemy soldiers to try and kill him, knowing yet disappointed that it won't happen it doesn't. Wealthow is Beowulf's Queen, but he has taken up with a younger girl, Ursula Alison Lohmanwho truly seems to care for Beowulf. Their relationship is kept secret with the Queen, thought she knows about it anyway and doesn't say anything. In fact, Beowulf and Wealthow seem to be in a cold and loveless marriage, and she doesnt seem the least bit relieved or happy to learn that he came back from battle unharmed.

When Ursula asks what happened in their marriage, Wealthow says "Too many secrets.

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One night, Unferth comes to the King with a slave in tow. The slave holds out his hands to reveal Hrothgar's golden horn, which was found on the shore not too far from Grendel's cave.

Beowulf is freaked out, as he realizes that this means that the deal with Grendel's mother is no longer in effect, and that trouble is sure to follow. Sure enough, one of the kingdoms outlying villages is attacked by a dragon one night, and almost all are killed.

Unferth is spared so that he can pass on a message to the King that his son is waiting for him. Beowulf knows that this dragon must be the spawn of his liaison with Grendel's mother, and prepares to set out to fight him. He shares a tender moment with Wealthow where they admit that despite everything that's happened, they still love each other.

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Then he suits up with Wiglaf and they head out to the cave. Again, Beowulf insists on going in alone. He hears a male voice trying to decide who it should kill first, the Queen or Ursula. Grendel's mother appears, who tells Beowulf it is too late to make amends, take things back or renegotiate the deal. As she says this, a huge dragon appears in the caves darkened alcove and spews a blast of fire toward Beowulf.

He dodges and escapes the cave just as the dragon flies out and heads toward Heorot. Beowulf grabs onto the dragon and tries to fight it mid-flight.

Wiglaf follows on his horse. At some point, Beowulf gets a chain of some kind lashed around the dragon's neck. When Beowulf is on the back of the dragon, it nose dives into the ocean and plunges deep to the seabed. He becomes a loyal supporter of Hygelac. Hygelac goes on a raiding expedition. The Franks counterattack and kill everyone but Beowulf. He kills 30 men of his own and swims up through the river back to his home. The raid takes place While Beowulf is alive the Geats are safe because of Beowulf's strength.

When Beowulf dies the word will get to the Franks and the Geats are in by trouble. Hygelac died in the raid and really doomed the future of his people.

Hero- Hygelac was a good leader; gets bored- falls into the trap. Beowulf was offered the throne and turned it down. He wanted, HeardredHygelac's son to serve. Beowulf serves as a protector for he young boy and then Heardred had inherited his father's stupidity. He does a raid and gets killed. Beowulf makes what peace he can with the Sweden who Heardred attacked. So, his land Beowulf's people and land are doomed so far by 3 people.

Hrothgar's country, the Swedes, and the Franks!!! This is the consequence of overly aggressive behavior. The dragon fight someone kills a man and runs to escape the consequences then hides out in an underground chamber in a cave. He sees a huge treasure and decided to take a piece of the treasure to pay the wergeld financial payment to family of deceased to make peace. The dragon owns this treasure and discovers that his favorite cup as stolen. He smells the scent of a man and decides to attack the man in revenge.

Beowulf was in his 70'. Beowulf is still responsible for his people and has to deal with the dragon the arms himself with an iron shield very heavy, metal and this symbolizes his strength still. He wants an iron shield because of the dragon's fire breath. Now he has a sword, a shield, and a helper. He is passionate and says ahead of time that he want fight it. He goes to fight the dragon for his people. He sets out with his retainers surrounding him.

These men are standing behind him and wants to take on the dragon himself. The soldiers run away when the dragon appears! The dragon attacks Beowulf. Sword failed him after he hit the dragon. It then chews on his soldier. Wiglaf-only solider who didn't run away helps Beowulf. Wiglaf sticks dragon in the throat with sword, allowing Beowulf to be released.

Beowulf takes the short sword and jabs the dragon in the stomach, killing him. Beowulf is dying and wants Wiglaf to bring treasure to him so he can see what he won for is people. He dies, messenger tells people that Beowulf is dying an is dead. He has a funeral and a singe sings aloud. What will happen to Beowulf's people? Devil appears as a dragon in the 3rd fight. Beowulf represents Christ while his opponents symbolize the devil.

Beowulf's 3rd fight was with a dragon as was Christ's 3rd fight. Augustine- On Christian Doctrine book used to teach future priest Beowulf- main character, hero, attributed successes to God only; helps Hrothgar to repay debt his kindness. King Hrothgar- guilty of sin of pride; reminds Beowulf of what he did for Beowulf's father.