Yang mi and hawick lau relationship memes

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yang mi and hawick lau relationship memes

The Hong Kong actor is reportedly planning to register his marriage in The singer responded to internet memes and jokes that he is vampire as he .. Hawick Lau and Yang Mi are getting married tomorrow at the Bali island ( Indonesia). Yao Ming (Chinese: 姚明; born September 12, ) is a Chinese retired professional basketball player who played for the Shanghai Sharks of the Chinese. Dec 16, CHAO YANG ASSETS LIMITED. . Chi-Mi Limited Dickie Lau Holdings Limited. .. EASE CONNECTION (HOLDINGS) COMPANY LIMITED. Fuzzy Memes Ltd. Hawick Sales Ltd.

Soul luring lamp could only muster petals of peach blossoms, cruelly withering in the wind.

Yang Mi: Hu Ge and I have always been friends!

I suspect our Gods and Goddesses need no tailor, they spun wrappings expressing everything words no longer can, the elaborate, complicated patterns, black on black covering his entire body with messiest deadknots. At a glance this is nothing special, but how often do we have a peasant heroine genuinely blending in, dressed in the exact fabric all the bit players are donning in scene?!

There is not a worry in SuSu now that her fellow living being is surviving and eating. I could write many rational words, you all as witness: And hunky tanned flesh does match the studly bamboos of a bed with room enough room for romping.

yang mi and hawick lau relationship memes

Is this his first smile ever?! Weirdo me adore how much more exuberant his robes are, picture a giggling YH, a puppy in love throwing confetti of embellishments and let them stick. His eyes, never a moment he could spare not fixated on her. It is as if she is wearing the moss around her, and this could be their wedding bed. YH is no fool, he could loss in this bliss till the sky is lit by midnight blue of his robe. How are these not the most beautiful globes stunning any mere mortal lifting the veil, the purest innocent trust and affection promising this lucky guy her everything, every mile of peach blossoms, 9 heavens, 4 seas and in 8 directions?!

I swoon and swoon at the perfect touch of intimacy, nose to nose, brow almost to brow, lost in each other.

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It takes dedication for an idolactress to barely put on colorings and let that glow of a fictional newlywed be the best beautification in disguise. His outfit is sandy beach she anchors. Ornate ripples of his stormy sea of regrets on such a fine lush robe, and I am sorry, it must be matching his blue testicles. This lovely billowy dream of the coloring of peach blossoms, perhaps an imprint of someone promising her 10 miles, babyblue ribbons flowing out her torso, subconciously heartfelt a disciple of her Teacher in many blue robes, directing her the straight paths of enlightenment to goodness.

A creature of contradiction, her elvish young regal fox queen, at the core an endearing, kind, wholesome, guileless, unwittingly cute clinging animal without game and never cutesy, coexisting with the dichotomy of a formidable goddess who has lived a full existence of many many thousands of years, stately and effortlessly confident carrying her majestic being, any judging frustration towards her thoughts or lack there of in sensitivity, and impetuous actions… perhaps anthropomorphized too much by us confining her in human heroine stereotypes, more believably they are her ingeniouss design for her character.

Here she is, beating herself, confiding to her fellow wise fox gods, falling in love too easily for a kiddo YH by their celestial years, but smitten she is like any young girl: YM is serving all the facets of the character flawless a perfect dream, now a bit more mature, edges are smoother, she adds a softer warmer glow to her eyes. The feral animal spirit is intrinsic in her many transformations, threading cohesiveness, suppressed by what the identity curtails.

BaiQian the goddess skirt around the celestial rules she smartly knows well but not necessarily obeying, shouldering her baggages for peace for all deities and earthly beings, yet living her life as much as she pleases within reason. If a more sheltered BQ, our SiYin is exactly like an untrained loyal puppy cuddlemonster to everyone but most stirringly to Master Teach MY, the much more unknowingly weathered BQ, that lingering whiff of weary in her soul through the lifetime of SuSu, is the most arresting feline of all goddesses Where is this young gentleman from?

A cute fox goddess young girl at heart, and a stately regal ruler of her natural lands, done in a thousand interesting mix by a face of Yang Mi. I love that BQ is always bold and impulsive, even caught in a moment of shock at his outpour of intense affection, she is wise beyond the moment, rationally peering into his eyes fetching for rhyme and reason and stating how this is not exactly allowed a respecting gesture of her almighty.

While at the cute offspring, the following way too many caps are godly skinship related: Ahhh I love nothing more than their nose-kissing. Instead of the usual girly blushing shyness, which we are trained to jump as a woman throwing her flirtatious hooks in this exact disposition, there is no coy, BQ says a million words of her every thought, her honest feelings, and demanding him reciprocating, professing how utterly he loves and respects her before being consumed by physical intimacy.

That perfect tear, MC. It was not a work of draw by numbers shifting between emotions from confusion, uncertain of her feelings, angst to rapturous, it was a pressurized suppressed heartache of grievance, debilitating rueful yearning overcome momentously by the reprieve in overwhelming utmost joy of their mutually loving consummation.

When she is expressing simpliest joy of a goddess in love, as eloquent as her words are, it is speaking clearer when she lets out the cutest clingy kitten in her soul. Those eyes said I love you, I love you my wounded beloved, I love you, your happiest goddess, without one human word.

With her perfect nuances, BQ morphs from a free spirited young woman, to the diplomatic regal queen of all lands. White blooms embellishing her neutral understated gown, wearing her pure devoted intentions, and new beginnings on her sleeves. A pale yellow simpliest flock, tieing a yellow ribbon on her twines in heart, remembering, longing, welcoming someone home. His love, unbeknownst to him, visiting him in a white cape, regal like the fox queen goddess she is.

She met him as a knight in dashing forest green and black, stays by his side a farewell, a wooden voodoo doll without flesh nor heart, loving this man. She is a vision of palest green and white, her pure devotion, knowing her place to be by his side, his earthly time, in unrequited love.

This is how a goddess severed a clingy ex from her world. Even when he is a bewildering stranger, you take his hand and let him, to have and to hold. She's able to match wits with Constable Lanzhi and use her cleverness to get in and out of trouble.

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The character moment that won me over the most was when her servant, Shi Tou, tells her that his girlfriend is falsely accused of murdering a brothel worker named Ru Yue. Yuan'an goes into her "Justice Cave" It's stated that it's her shed but it looks like a batcave so I couldn't help myself with the nickname and gets a James Bond style gadget from a mystery man in dark cloak.

And then proceeds to use her martial arts and spider bracelet to bust Shi Tou girlfriend's out of jail. She even goes so far as hide the woman at her own manor after they fail to escape the city. As a counter balance to that side of her character, Yuan'an does get really great comedy moments where she makes some truly meme worthy facial expressions.

I love her bold confidence showcased when she puts her own freedom on the line to work with the constable to find the real murderer. Which is where the constable, Zhao Lanzhi, comes into the picture.

He technically appears before our heroine, setting up the opium smuggling plot line that serves as the main mystery for these opening episodes. He's got a very Sherlock Holmes feel, shown by him being correct about a suspected smuggling ship, even thought it has legal papers, because of the ships low waterline is was a great character introduction. But unlike Holmes with his eccentric behaviors, Lanzhi is very by the book.

Which at first made him feel a bit boring since I could see his "realizing that true justice is more shades of grey then black and white" plot line coming a mile away. Even after his fantastic meet cute moment with Yuan'an, by carrying her down from a scaffold using a giant red ribbon as a rope, I still hadn't warmed up to him.

But when the show dives into his private life, then he becomes a much richer character.

Wearing Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms on Sleeves

He's an ex soldier who served with Jiang Ren and Pei Xianya. Jiang Ren is a slave, Pei Wei and Lanzhi are nobles yet become sworn brothers. It's this class division that adds weight to Lanzhi since he knows just how large the gap between noble, commoner and slave is due to these relationships. With episode 3 seeing one of his sworn brothers brought to justice, I can't wait to see Lanzhi's values come into conflict more and more.

Zhang Yu Jian plays off Wu Qian's passionate charm with a natural stoicism that makes him a feel like a constable.

It's when he literally gets to let his hair down and shows more layered emotions off duty that he shows his acting skill. That social divide plays a huge role in these episodes especially with Mu Le. He starts out as the odd man out of the cast for me. He's introduced as a nameless, mute wild man whose forced into slavery at the Qianduan Brothel.

yang mi and hawick lau relationship memes

Yuan'an saves him from getting a savage caning from his master and he in turn saves her from being trampled to death by her own runaway horse, giving them a very nice meet cute moment while setting them as equals. I was a bit leery when Yuan'an literally buys him from a black market slave auction, since she does it like buying another human being is a totally normal thing to do. His character really gets more depth once the mystery hits full steam allowing him to show that's more then just a strong wild man and he proves to play a huge role in solving part of the murder mystery.

Zheng Ye Cheng has the toughest role since his is the most physical and expressive. He only just starts talking at the end of episode 3 so I can't judge his verbal acting ability just yet. Most of his dialogue has been growls, snarls and pointing at things.

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I was worried that show would draw out his Tarzan act but since he's already talking, I hope they can give Mu Le a character now. I'm being vague about how the opium and the murder of Ru Yue are connected since it is a quite well done mini mystery that gives a decent setup for overarching style of the series.