Zoey 101 logan and quinn relationship

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zoey 101 logan and quinn relationship

Chase and Zoey were still out catching up on everything that was their She would give Quinn's and Logan's relationship a chance and she. Not only was Chase finally back, but the newly discovered relationship between Logan and Quinn still surprised everyone. While Chase. The Quinn and Logan relationship (in fandom, known as Quogan or Linn) is the pairing of the characters Quinn Pensky and Logan Reese. The two are shown to .

Michael Both boys got ready for bed in silence, but when they lay in the dark Michael suddenly, rather loudly, spoke up. We said good night to the girls an hour ago.

Out off all the shocking things that happened tonight, his driving teach not existing, Chase being back and finally together with Zoey and Mark running Stacey over with his car, the most shocking was still Quinn and Logan loving each other. Suddenly out of nowhere a memory entered his mind. We just started dating when we thought you found out. You two have been a couple since then? First of all Logan had a relationship, a serious relationship.

That was definite new. Normally Logan went on a date with a girl and made out with her afterwards and that was it. That process repeated itself constantly and now he was in a long term relationship. Now that Michael thought about it Logan hadn't been on a date with a girl since forever. The second shocking thing was with who he was in a relationship. Quinn Pensky, the scientist and genius of PCA. Logan and her were like fire and water, constantly bickering and not at all the least bit couple material.

Considering that there was a question Michael had to ask. I mean you two were never interested in each other like that and she isn't the type of girl you normally go for. We tried to end things between us because we thought it was weird, but we couldn't. The next thing I know I was falling for her.

There was a moment of silence before Michael remembered something. You never threw me a surprise birthday party. Michael's last thought before he drifted off to sleep was that even thought it was weird that Quinn and Logan were a couple now, he hoped everyone else would accept it as easily as he had.

Chase It was early in the morning when Chase got up. He still wasn't used to the time difference between England and California. Slowly he went to the lounge only to see Logan sitting there watching TV. Normally Logan slept in as long as he could, except when something was bothering him. You and standing up early to think. So you and Quinn got together at prom? Clearly there was more to it when the always cool Logan Reese got so worked up about it.

We became a couple four month ago, but kept it a secret because we knew how much abuse we would get for it.

zoey 101 logan and quinn relationship

Yesterday I finally confessed to her and that in front of all the students. I mean what I said, I love her. It's just that she has a reputation and I have one and other people might think it's weird. You love her and I assume she loves you back? It took Zoey and me ages to find together, so stop complaining and be happy. Now that he was back and finally got together with Zoey he could only hope that everyone would stand behind Quinn and Logan like he did.

Zoey When Zoey came into her dorm room later on prom night she was still overwhelmed that Chase was back and she was now in a relationship with him. She thought all her roommates were already asleep by the time she entered, but she found Lola sitting on the couch reading a fashion magazine by dimmed light. However when Lola lay her magazine on the table and faced her with an untypical serious look she had a feeling that something was up.

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Thinking about it a few things made more sense now, like the way Quinn had defended Logan in front of Lola or the way Logan reacted so jealous when Mark was mentioned. Slowly Zoey got ready as well and lay down. Majority of her thoughts were still about Chase, but she was thinking about Quinn and Logan as well.

The next morning she woke up to Lola discussing something with Quinn.

Good to know that a few things never changed. However before she could intervene Quinn spoke up. It's good as it is and Logan likes me the way I am. Not that I think you have to change your look, but Logan normally goes for You remember when I changed my look to compete with Brook? While her two friends searched through their wardrobe Zoey couldn't believe that Logan was really the sweet guy Quinn described him as, that was until he stood in front of the door to get her.

It seemed like he really cared about her and suddenly she knew what to do. She would support both of her friends no matter what others might say. Logan rolled his eyes and with an arm around Quinn's waist the two went out of the room.

zoey 101 logan and quinn relationship

All of them would try to be supportive, all in their own way. Seeing the couple leave Zoey could only hoped that everyone was as supportive as her. Net reviews Ever wondered what happened with our two favorite characters, Logan Reese and Quinn Pensky between episodes? Well, inside is a growing collection of their loverly interactions starting from "Quinn Misses the Mark" up to "Chasing Zoey".

This is a continuation of 'Chasing Zoey'. How will he react and will he keep it a secret? This time Logan wants to compete as well. How will Quinn react when he chooses another girl to dance with and what will he say when Quinn gets herself her own dance partner. Takes place after Chasing Zoey Zoey - Rated: What happens when he want to get her back and is determined to do whatever it takes to do so?

Secret Valentine by Rose-Aki reviews It's Valentine's Day and finding a place to meet each other is difficult for a secret couple. Can Logan and Quinn still spend the most romantic day of the year together without their friends finding out?

With her perfect younger sisters, her inaudible step dad, and her abusive mother, a lot can happen in a weekend. Re-Rated T for child abuse. Plus a discussion on Logan's smartest idea!

Because we didn't get enough closure in CZ. Quogan of course, and all other cannon couples. Let me know if you have any ideas for future chapters Zoey - Rated: T - English - Friendship - Chapters: Lupin reviews Six cups of coffee: One packet of Sharpie permanent markers: