American horror story seven wonders ending a relationship

american horror story seven wonders ending a relationship

Jan 29, 'American Horror Story: Coven': How it ended Frances Conroy as Myrtle in ' American Horror Story: Coven' episode 'The Seven Wonders. Jan 29, In the end, American Horror Story: Coven just didn't have any At the edges of that world were a mother and daughter who had a relationship filled with in “ The Seven Wonders” that they were similarly incapable of getting. Misty was obvious, but Zoe has black widow powers and keeps seeing a relationship end, Madison is shown coming into her fire starting.

The finale of Murder House turned into a delicate twist: After an entire season about the breakdown of the American family, a season which argued relentlessly that any long-term relationship is doomed to misery and corrosion, the final episode suggested that the Harmons could finally find peace with each other.

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American Horror Story season finale recap: Coven' recap: 'The Seven Wonders'

Asylum went the other route: After a season of mid-century madness, the show hit the gas pedal and followed that madness across the decades, ending with an act of filicide that simultaneously read as redemptive and apocalyptic, as if the joyful solution to all the problems of our sad world was to stop having the children who screw things up. After a season of mad spinning, Coven spun onwards, with an ending that you could read as happy or as ironically happy or as evidence that nothing has really changed.

Myrtle had chosen a last supper of Caviar and Champagne. Delia saluted her young witches. She paraphrased the Bible: But when I became a woman, I put aside childish things. Appropriate, considering that Coven has more or less committed gendercide: All the male characters have been killed, many of them self-destructing, leaving only poor Kyle behind as brute-force man-candy.

The Seven Wonders began. Misty mind-controlled Queenie into slapping her own cheeks, the witch version of the popular big-sibling game Stop Hitting Yourself! Queenie got her own back, getting Misty to pull at her own hair. Then came Madison and Zoe. They turned FrankenKyle into a chesspiece. Madison forced Kyle to kiss her, and then made her lick her own boots. Zoe made Kyle kiss her, shooting Madison a look while it happened.

american horror story seven wonders ending a relationship

Then Madison made Zoe strangle Kyle. Then the girls all went to Hell. Queenie had already been there: Personality and Appearance Before the apocalypse, under an identity spell, Mallory is a stylish individual who seems eager to help Coco establish herself as a social media influencer.

As her true self, a bright, kind and promising witch, Mallory often wears natural, comfortable clothes as well as golden hair pieces with flower and vine motives, often giving her a fairy-like appearance.

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She is eager to be upgraded to purple status and feels left out due to the people she came with all being made purples. Story Mallory is first seen at the hair salon where her boss, Coco is getting her hair done by hairdresser Gallant. Coco first dismisses it as a hoax, but her father calls her to tell her the threat is real and to get to Santa Monica airport where a private jet is waiting. Mallory and Coco run out of the salon and get into a car that is waiting for them.

Gallant tells Coco that he heard her father say there were four spaces and that he and Evie are here to take the remaining two. Onboard, Mallory goes to the cockpit to ask the pilots where they are going but finds that the plane is unmanned. Suddenly, the missile hits Los Angeles and the plane begins to rock violently, but it restores itself quickly. Coco, Mallory and Mr. Gallant look out of the window to see a mushroom cloud rising where Los Angeles has been destroyed.

A few weeks later at Outpost 3Mallory has been put into servitude as a gray, waiting on the purples.

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When the song on the jukebox changes, Gallant believes this is a sign that The Cooperative is coming to rescue them. Mallory gets excited and drinks the mineral water she is serving to celebrate. However, eighteen months later the group still have not been rescued. Mead says that no one is going to leave. Michael mistakes her current identity and her feelings of confusion for her potential for darkness and pushes her to reveal her true nature.

Mallory reacts poorly and her magic surfaces unexpectedly.

american horror story seven wonders ending a relationship

Shocked, she leaves and confesses her fears to Coco and Mr. Gallant, who ridicule her. During the masquerade party, she eats a poisoned apple and dies, only for Cordelia, Myrtle, and Madison to arrive at Outpost Three and resurrect her, along with Coco and Dinah, revealing them to also be "sister witches". Madison greets her with her catchphrase, as the return to the mortal coil has broken the spell to keep her safe and takes off her glasses, able to see without them.

Cordelia then enters, Zoe tells her to watch her excitedly as Mallory changes the petal color to blue it then falls apart and Cordelia begins to doubt her, leaving Zoe shocked. However, she quickly changes the fallen petals to butterflies, amazing everyone in the room including the supreme herself. The butterflies then transform back to petals which revert back to their original color.

Myrtle then explains why she thinks so, when she and some girls were in the garden collecting herbs and a deer was found dead, Mallory not only brought it back to life but completely reversed its injuries without the use of healing mud. Myrtle says it was the most powerful magic she had ever seen. A little later, Mallory informs Cordelia that her resurrected witches are settled and her appointment is here.

After hearing Coco's story, Cordelia tells Mallory to show her around. Mallory welcomes her kindly and then walks away with her. She is the one designated in checking if Coco gets the correct amount of calories in every piece of food at the table. Later on, due to excitement and fun, Coco mistakenly ate a sno ball and it got stuck on her throat. She died and then Mallory magically sliced a part of her neck to get the food out, and undid the wound, bringing Coco back to life.

Zoe is shocked because she's never seen this kind of magic before. Cordelia is walking down the stairs when she almost collapses. Zoe helps her to her room and Cordelia tells her that she can't fight Michael, not in this condition. Zoe says that maybe she doesn't have to, maybe someone here will be able to help instead. Zoe tells her that she doesn't think she's fading because Michael is the next Supreme, but because it is Mallory.

american horror story seven wonders ending a relationship

Later, Mallory performed the Seven Wonders to prove herself the new Supreme of the coven. Her final test was resurrecting John Henry Moore.

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Even though only a handful of John's ashes were recovered, Mallory was still able to restore him back to his body with no wounds at all. Michael enters and kills most of her fellow sister witches downstairs; she is eager to stop him but Cordelia forbids her as it will result in her death. Her, Cordelia, Myrtle, Madison, and Coco are the few surviving members of the coven and are seeking shelter in Misty's shack.

Myrtle reveals a time reversing spell which she believes to be a myth but also believes that Mallory can perform it since she reversed the wounds on the deer and brought it back to its youth. Myrtle tells her the story of a Siberian witch 's unfortunate fate and tells her to go bring her back to present day as a test to see if it will work. She is then assisted by Cordelia and Myrtle to perform the spell.

Once the water in the bathtub turns black she is submerged underwater traveling back to Siberia she attempts to help the witch known as Anastasia by holding her hands and saying the protection however Mallory fails and almost dies. She then awakes from the spell with blood pouring from her eyes and nose screaming that she wants to go back as Cordelia calms her down.

Michael is seen standing in the staircase with Ms. When Michael offers them the freedom to live in exchange of subjecting to his will and power, the witches, except for Dinah reject it. Following the appearance of the newly resurrected Marie Laveau and her murder of the traitor Dinah, Mead begins to rearm herself to kill the witches, only to be exploded into bits by Cordelia's spell. The girls and the others try to take Mallory back into safety, with Madison, Marie later stays to hold off Michael.

While ahead of the other witches, Mallory was stabbed by Brock, stating that he should've been on that plane and not her. Myrtle, enraged, used a fire spell against brock, burning his body down to death.

Cordelia later proceeded on using Vitalum Vitalis on Mallory, but not powerful enough as Cordelia's power is getting weak.