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Loving His Forever (Forever Series, #2) by LeAnn Ashers

*Brown Eyes is a 27, word novella which bridges the first and third books, which are full length novels. We'd love to hear from you! You can. Editorial Reviews. Review. The first novel of our next series, Blue, will be released on . It's a love/hate relationship when you start reading a book casually and end up not being able to . Angel Eyes (The Forever Trilogy Book 3 ) Kindle Edition. At the end of The Indigo Spell, she admits to herself that she loves Adrian and they During Bloodlines, it is revealed she has a strained relationship with her rigid and longer throughout the series) and brown eyes that turn gold in the light. .. As he offers Sydney the chance to escape the Alchemist's forever and join of.

That word destroyed me. Took my innocence, my life, everything I worked hard for. When her worst nightmare catches up with her, and she manages to barely escape, she sees no other way than to ask her best friend Sidney for help.

Loving His Forever

A protector by nature, Ethan immediately comes to the rescue, ready for anything. That is, except being knocked on his ass by the very sight of Braelyn. She nods and then smiles at me. And valiantly embraces this feeling. It was definitely not an easy battle, Brae had so many healing to do, and so many barriers to overcome, but Ethan was there for her, every second, always her rock, and never demanding or pushing for anything in return.

I see a strong-ass woman who has fought as hard as she can. Ash only ever fought because he wanted to be free; constantly being abused and—contrasting with the war influences on the story—forced to live violently in order to survive a war of his own. Him dying before ever really getting a chance at the freedom to live his own life sends the message that it never gets better: Keeps me up at night, considering how many times the story establishes how much Eiji wants him alive, safe and by his side.

Angel Eyes

It could have been Yoshida taking things from queer media she liked without really considering the harmful things some represent. Or it could also have been her way of being tied to heteronormativity and convention of her time—but I can only speculate.

It comes with volume 19 the final volume and exists to bring us some sort of closure. The pictures themselves reassure what their story already told us multiple times, which is their undeniable fondness and intimacy. When I look at this page, I see someone who not only miss, but longs for the subject in those pictures. Makes you wonder if he ever will. It's was written by her aunt, and as she begins to read it she finds that she can remember the boy it's about.

Meanwhile, she meets a young guardian at her welcome party who she starts to like as well. As the story progresses, Ana begins to remember things from before her lifetime. All things dealing with the boy. Eventually, it comes down to the boy from this lifetimes vs. She's put into the impossible situation of having to choose which one lives and which one dies.

Grey Eyes (The Forever Trilogy, #1) by B. Alston

Ana, the main character is funny and strong though she does cry alot. I loved her best friend Taylor, she totally steals the scenes she's in.

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I especially love the twists. Every time you think you have a handle on whats going to happen, the author flips the script and you're like wow!

The final twist is something you're either going to love or hate.

Cannot Completely End or Walk Away From Relationship (Attachment Trauma Series)

It sorta seems to come out of nowhere, but if you read carefully you'll see little hints. Ana goes back and forth with her decision which will make you want to throw your kindle out the window a few times.