Arrow episode 7 ending a relationship

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arrow episode 7 ending a relationship

This week on The CW's Arrow, Felicity clashed with Diggle, a pair of Diggle and Felicity discussed their differing approaches, leaving her to. 'Arrow' EP on That Shocking New Storyline, Keeping the Show Grounded, and More After keeping the storytelling devices of Season 7 a secret, and with Oliver him and Stanley, that's my favorite relationship of the season, so far. With the choice that Oliver makes by the end of the episode, what is his. 'Arrow' boss talks about the Season 7 premiere's big narrative twist, Felicity “ The reason I love their relationship so much is because, first of all, they “We'll definitely unveil and explore [that] before the end of the season,”.

arrow episode 7 ending a relationship

If Oliver needs to regain his humanity, he's going to have to start somewhere and right now, having dinner with Diggle and his family is the best place to start. Additional Thoughts Besides putting the moves on Felicity, Ray Palmer is up to his eyeballs in plans, but none so exciting as the designs for a certain A. Perhaps Brandon Routh will be donning another famous DC blue-and-red suit this season. The Hong Kong flashback was notable for letting Tatsu, aka Katana, show off her skills with her blade when she thought her husband Maseo was in danger.

Otherwise, the flashbacks continue to meander through Oliver's time in Hong Kong.

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Thea hired a DJ for her club and made out with him. And that's about all there is to say about that. Laurel sits this episode out and I can't say that she was missed. Will Vinnie Jones and Cody Runnels be sticking around for a bit? Are you finding it challenging to come up with creative ways to get him in scenes with the regular cast, outside of having them come to visit him and talking through the glass? I love the prison story. It allows his character to be with other people.

arrow episode 7 ending a relationship

His storylines are with the characters in the prison, and not as much with everyone else, so they are pretty separate. With the choice that Oliver makes by the end of the episode, what is his attitude like, moving forward? He was not the hero. He was just laying low and thinking that was the best way for him to be in prison.

Felicity made a similar decision, to stay and fight. What is her journey going to be? Her storyline is one of my favorites, this season. That will be her challenge, in the first half of the season.

Can Oliver and Felicity's Marriage Last?

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When Felicity Smoak draws a gun in defense of their home when she and Oliver are attacked by an assassin called The Mirror, Oliver is more than a little disturbed. He was not prepared for how badly the past seven months have changed Felicity or how her near-death encounter with Ricardo Diaz pushed her to become more militant in protecting herself and her family.

‘Arrow’ EP on That Shocking New Storyline, Keeping the Show Grounded, and More

While Oliver says he wants to get to know the new Felicity and see how much the woman he married is still there, Felicity confesses that what is best for her right now might not be the same thing that is best for them as a couple.

It remains to be seen if the two might be able to readjust how they view one another but the future of Star City suggests that they are destined to fail.

With no other options left to them in their efforts to track the mysterious Dante, Lyla and Diggle turn to the only person they know who has had contact with someone who knows how to contact Dante - Ricardo Diaz.

Diggle tells Lyla directly that there is no way they can ever let Oliver or Felicity know that they've elected to try and work with the man who ruined their lives and tore their family apart. Given Team Arrow's track-record for keeping secrets, this means that the two will almost certainly find out and that their already strained friendships may finally break for good.