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Dec 10, I've read all three of Rainbow Rowell's books and while Fangirl is definitely my I mean, talk about a lame excuse to break up with someone. Jan 27, Attachments by Rainbow Rowell is a novel I highly anticipated, having All this being said, the book does deal with relationship issues and miscarriages. The point in the novel, towards the end, when things seem to start. Attachments: A Novel (): Rainbow Rowell: Books. I loved Eleanor and Park, but the ending was such a disappointment. I liked Fangirl . The book was about relationships, family, friends, work, and romantic.

Lincoln is the heart of the book for me. I knew when I started the book that I wanted Lincoln to be a truly good guy. I reject that entire idea. I wanted Lincoln to be like the guys in my life — sensitive, kind, idealistic, feminist, smart. I wanted to show that a guy like that can be a dreamy romantic hero. What are you working on next?

attachments rainbow rowell ending a relationship

Can we expect more from Lincoln and Beth? My next book comes out in I wanted to write about how tragic every high school romance is. In a way, every 16—year—old in love is Romeo or Juliet. My goal was to write a story about first love that would actually make you feel 16 again while you were reading it.

I wanted it to be visceral.

Attachments (Rainbow Rowell) Summary & Study Guide

After Attachments, it was fun to write a book where the main characters actually meet and have scenes together. How would you describe his character when we first meet him? What is your opinion of the status of his life?

Much of what we learn about Beth Fremont and Jennifer Scribner—Snyder comes from their email exchanges. What impression do you get of these two women? What about their communication attracts Lincoln? What ethical dilemmas, if any, did you see for Lincoln? How would you have acted given the same position and why? When we first meet Beth through her correspondence, we hear about her relationship with Chris.

How would you describe their relationship? What draws Beth to Chris? How does her relationship with Chris affect Beth? How does that relationship inform his actions throughout the book? What is your opinion of how Beth goes about investigating her office crush? What do we learn in that email?


What does that email reveal about Beth and what she wants? What effect does this email have on Lincoln? What impact does his brief reunion with Sam have on Lincoln? What significance does the timing of this reunion carry within the story? How would you have handled the same situation and why? Jennifer is dealt a devastating blow late in the novel. How does this event change her? How would you describe his reaction to this news?

How does his ensuing actions following the news differ from how you would have reacted? Over the course of the novel, Beth struggles with the simultaneous comfort and coldness she gets from Chris.

At times, Beth rationalizes his laziness, but there is an underlying frustration she has when she admits their relationship is going nowhere. Lincoln O'Neill, in his late twenties, is new to the Courier having just been hired as an Internet security officer as part of the Information Technology department.

The Courier is new to email and the Internet and wants to remain vigilant about waste of company time. Lincoln works the graveyard shift reading employees' emails that are flagged for inappropriate content.

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Soon, though, employees catch on and adapt. The only conversations that continually land in the WebFence folder are Beth and Jennifer's.

Instead of turning them in or warning them, however, Lincoln continues to read their correspondence, feeling a sense of human connection and, later, a love for Beth. Before the action of the story, Lincoln lived at home with his overbearing mother, much to the chagrin of his older sister, Eve, who was married with kids and actively trying to distance Lincoln from their mother, who had undiagnosed severe separation anxiety issues.

Lincoln was still recovering from the fallout after his relationship with his high school girlfriend, Samantha, dissolved when he followed her to college in California.

Eventually Lincoln transferred to a local university, but he still felt raw from how things ended with the passionate, outspoken, and mercurial Sam. Throughout the course of Attachments, Lincoln tries to find out who he was and what his strengths were.

attachments rainbow rowell ending a relationship

Lincoln gradually makes more friends, both with the night shift copyeditors and an older employee, Doris, and begins working out and thinking about taking classes at the city college since he has a curious mind and a love for learning.

He also moves out to an apartment, though he does not tell his mother this right away.

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Lincoln and Beth's lives intersect. Beth's emails turn up a frequent reference to a handsome, strong, hunk of a man at the Courier on whom she has a crush. Lincoln pieces together that her crush is in fact on him. Beth becomes more aggressive in trying to find ways to formally meet him, but it is not immediately apparent to Lincoln who Beth is or what she looks like.

This attraction bolsters his confidence, but Lincoln realizes the ethical dilemma he has gotten himself into by violating Jennifer and Beth's privacy. Not long after the new millennium comes on January 1 and after the IT team works to avert a disaster with the Y2K issue, Jennifer and Beth's emails stop showing up in Lincoln's queue.

He rationalizes to himself that this is a good thing and he can finally think about dating her without the ethical issue hanging over his head. Lincoln takes steps to establish himself in his new apartment and also expand his social circle, all the while missing Beth and Jennifer's banter. When Jennifer and Beth's emails do show up again, something is clearly different in their tone.

One night, Lincoln finds Jennifer trying to change a flat tire in the pouring rain. He helps her, and then realizes that the tragedy that Beth and Jennifer were alluding to was the loss of Jennifer's child when she miscarried.

Jennifer had mentioned pain she was having, but the midwife reassured her falsely that everything was normal. Beth and Jennifer return to their ease of conversation, though Jennifer is clearly in mourning after the miscarriage.

In late February, Jennifer finally asks Beth about her sister's wedding.