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Test your knowlegde on the new series, Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge. Are You The Type Of Person Who Cheats In A Relationship?. She reappears in Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia as a supporting him many troubles during the battle, but in the end, he managed to defeat her. In Arc 1 of Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge, Shun sports a light green shirt under . At the end of New Vestroia, Hawktor becomes his new Guardian Bakugan, with.

At least, that's what she told herself. The bell rang and Runo looked up, taking the pencil out of her mouth in surprise. The class had flown by. She shoved her notebook in her bag and hurried out the door. There were more important things to do than worry about her ex, like studying for the finals in a few months and finding an apartment after graduation.

She was turning eighteen in March, after all. She had too much homework to do to worry about work right now. Her dad nodded at her as he wrote down a customer's order. The blue haired girl sighed as she tossed her bag onto the ground, collapsing on her bed.

She closed her eyes and took in the coolness of the silk sheets laid out. The room smelled of vanilla, which meant her mother had been cleaning through it again.

The stakes are high, the water's rough. But this love is ours… Runo sat up, reaching down to the floor and rummaging through her bag to find her phone. She glanced at the screen, her heart skipping a beat while her blood boiled and skin paled. It was an odd sensation, really, and it was all because of the name that blinked on her screen. Dan Kuso Hesitantly, she pressed the green call button and held the phone to her ear. She held the phone in her hands, glaring at the smiling picture of Dan she had saved as she snarled, "What's up?

Are you that stupid? I don't care what you're doing Dan Kuso, but I never want to see you again! After a few minutes, she sighed and reached back down to her phone and dialed a number. They walked side by side, snow gently falling. The blue haired girl nodded numbly, rubbing her arms through her coat. And before you ask, I didn't call Marucho because he doesn't understand just yet. The question had been bothering her for months. Did something happen while you three were out with the Bakugan?

He wasn't some stupid kid in over his head anymore; he was a soldier in a war. Even if it wasn't the best choice, he still fought.

It's a good thing and a bad thing for him, really; I mean, I know he wasn't thinking about how you or anyone else would react when he left.

He called me…just now before I called you," she explained and his eyes widened. He knew Dan was stupid but he didn't think the brunette was so stupid as to call and pretend everything was alright. I couldn't remain a hotheaded girl who acted without thinking forever.

I don't know what I would do. She knew to follow her heart, but her heart was telling her to forgive Dan. Runo had been hurt by him so many times, every time he left her.

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She didn't want to be hurt again but she knew deep down, a part of her would always belong to the stupid boy. Runo dropped her head, moaning as she clutched her mug.

Someone chuckled as they took the seat across from her. A pink tinge formed on her cheeks as she sputtered, "W-what? So am I right? The boy gestured towards the waitress and ordered a hot chocolate. You know what they say, the oldest people are the wisest…so I guess you should be talking to my grandfather instead of a seventeen year old boy but hey.

Runo sighed, taking a sip out of her hot chocolate. She didn't even know this boy and yet she was about to tell all with him. For some reason, it felt like she was cheating on her Dan. Yeah, your Dan who didn't seem to give a crap about your feelings when he left you. The blue haired girl rested her chin on her palm, staring at the green eyed boy.

The first one, we-the six people that made up our little group of friends-were all included. It was fun and then we took a break for about three years. A new adventure shows up and he leaves with two of our other friends without hesitation. He comes back and apologizes and then leaves again. He comes back for a while so we can help him plan the next step and then he leaves with his new friends.

After he accomplishes that mission, he comes back to relax when something comes up and he spends all his time in a video game-literally, in it. On top of that, he moves to another continent. When he's done with that, I got to visit and help out for a while. And just when everything is calm and he can finally settle down, he leaves with his partner so they can give other people chances to have adventures.

Now it's been almost six months and he suddenly calls me like nothing's happened. You waited for him and clearly loved him all through it, no matter how much you obviously wanted to strangle the bastard. Now he's back and expecting you to fall back in his arms like you're his housewife. Aren't you sick of doing that? Make him feel what he did to you; go on your own adventure and show him you can be just as adventurous as he is. Why waste your time on someone who can't appreciate a loving girlfriend who's willing to stay faithful to him no matter what?

Prove to him that he needs you more than you need him because you don't seem like the kind of girl to go down just because of a clueless guy who can't sort out his priorities.

The former Haos brawler stared at the card on the table, cleverly blended in with the cash he left. On it was his name and a number, along with a scrawled, Dan Kuso doesn't deserve someone like you…Runo Misaki of the original Bakugan Battle Brawlers.

How do I make it up to Runo? She was a complete mess when you left, crying and refusing to leave her house…after she had calmed down and stopped threatening to kill you, of course. He couldn't remember a time when he wasn't the reason why she was crying, besides when they found out the Bakugan had to return to Vestroia back when they were twelve. Dan's expression fell, a sadness forming in his eyes. She's not the same hotheaded girl that would die for you.

A part of Runo will always love you, I know that, but you didn't really think you could just show up and expect her to forgive you just like that? Shun sighed, closing his eyes. I spoke to her a week ago; she wasn't sure if you loved her as much as you loved her…" "But I do," interrupted Dan, head in his hands. I thought that she would try and drive me away if I stayed too close so I left.

What the hell had he done? Why was she so giddy? She jumped when she felt her phone vibrate in her pocket, pulling it out and seeing it was yet another text from Julie.

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So how's the date going? Is he a good kisser?: Runo flushed, glaring at her phone as she texted back. It's not a date, Julie; stay out of my love life! The last time you meddled with it, I got my heart broken by the guy you wanted!

Julie puffed her cheeks and sat down on the chair. I took a little peek to look at what my friends were doing.

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Shun sipping his teaJulie putting some jam on a piece of breadMarucho carefully putting some food into his mouth and Mira reading a magazine. I sighedand laid down on the table again. It was great that my friends weren't bugging me.

I got up from the table to leave the dining room. I head back to my room and sat in front of the dressing table. Since my family was in Japan and I had come to Bayview to help my friends with a battle a few months agoI decided to extend my stay till I felt like returning home.

Dan had no idea how happy I was when Mira asked me for help to come help them. He wasn't the most romantic guynor was he the smartest. But he was the guy that could make my heart beat fasterand the one whom my heart beat for. He never really expressed to me how he feltand nor did I.

We weren't the closest couplebut stillwe were rather close friends. The relationship we had is complicatedtruthfully. I took some clothes from my closetan orange singleta white jacket and a grey skirt and changed my clothes. I let down my hair from the orange hair bands and put on a white hat. Pulling up my socks and then tying my shoelacesI got up and walked out of Marucho's house without telling my friends a single thing. While they were captured, they still had their Bakugan at the capture unit pod.

The three manage to escape Beta Citybut are surprised when Dan and Baron told them that Mira betrayed them and joined the Vexos. He, Mira and Marucho then confront Hydron and witness Mylene take him away. He convinces Marucho not to go after them and they begin trying to free their Bakugan.

They managed to crack the code to free the Six Warrior Bakugan, thanks to Elfin, who accidentally pressed the correct keys. Shun was very happy to be reunited with Skyress and shortly met up with Dan, Ace and Baron. Shun, Dan, and Marucho go back to Earth along with everyone except Skyress. Skyress said that Shun didn't need her anymore and left her successor as Ingram to become Shun's new and permanent guardian.

After she told them about the strange device that regressed all Bakugan to ball form Shun tried to destroy it, but it was protected by a force field.

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He is then confronted by Lync who revealed it was the BT System. Shun nearly lost due to his inability to control Master Ingram's powers, but Storm Skyress stepped in for Ingram, but almost ended up sacrificing herself in the process. Ingram finally regained his confidence and was able to unlock Shadow Wing to defeat Lync and Aluze. After the battle Shun got very upset when Skyress left saying she will always be watching over him. Later, Shun told Dan and the others what happened when he last visited New Vestroia to investigate.

Shun somehow senses that Volt is on Earth and sneaks out of Marucho's house to face him. During the battle it looked a little grim for Shun until Baron shows up and is able to help him face Volt and his mechanical Bakugan Boriates. Baron's little sister Maron unfortunately gets caught in the crossfire, but is saved by Shun.

They win, keeping the Ventus energy safe. Unfortunately, in a rematch against Volt and Mylene in a tag battle with Baron, he loses due to the Vexos' special new battle arena that gave Mechanical Bakugan a power boost.

Because of that, the Ventus energy is taken. During the evacuation Shun openly expressed his distrust of Spectra, saying he's only helping because he wants to create the Ultimate Bakugan and that can't happen if the BT System works.

He and the rest of the brawlers then watched Dan and Spectra's final rematch. When the Alternative was complete, in episode Dan and the other brawlers, including Shun, battled it.

Shun used all his Bakugan: Master Ingram, Shadow Wing, and Hylash. When Keith and Helios were able to blow open a hole in the Alternative, Dan, Shun, Ace, and Baron went inside to destroy it from the inside, as Shun remembered the blueprints for it.

Professor Clay then trapped the four of them in a virtual world similar to Bakugan Interspace where they battled four unknown Bakugan. They managed to win and were able to destroy the Alternative. They later part ways with Mira and the other Vestals of the Resistance and head back to Earth. Gundalian Invaders Shun in Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders Shun is seen competing in a battle in Bakugan Interspace with the synthetic Ventus Hawktor as his partner.

He battles Shuji in arena F He is ranked the second best brawler in Bakugan Interspace, right between Dan and Marucho. Shun still seems to distrust Renmuch in the same way as Ace distrusted Keith when he first joined the Brawlers. When Fabia Sheen appears and battles DanShun is the first to suspect that Ren's story about the Neathians attacking Gundalia is false.

After Dan defeats Fabia and she leaves, Shun finds her and asks for her side of the story. After learning from Fabia what was really going on, he and Fabia work together to expose Ren for lying about the Gundalian-Neathian War, saying that the Neathians invaded Gundalia when it was really the other way around. Ren flees, which Shun says only proves their theory correct.

Maruchostill trusting Ren, yells at him and runs after Ren.

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After Marucho had run off, he and the rest of the Brawlers watch Marucho brawl Ren, he then like the others see Ren's true Gundalian Form. Shun and Dan brawl Mason and Taylor and beat them both clearing Taylor's brainwash, but then like the other brawlers are forced out of Bakugan Interspace when Ren hacks into the systems and now BI is under his control.

While trying to get back into BI, he mentions to Jake that he was being a bit rough, and now no one in BI could leave, which he seemed very worried about until Drago and Coredem along with Jake and Dan come up with a way to spy then get them out. While smuggling kids out of Bakugan Interspace, Shun comes across Linus and Neo Ziperatorwho he believes are Gundalians, but realizes are Neathians when Ren and Jesse show up and challenge them to a battle.

Linus had been carrying something very important and asked Shun to escort him to Fabia. Shun remarks that any friend of Fabia's is a friend of his and the two battle against Ren and Jesse together. Shun and Linus eventually lost the battle and Neo was taken by Jesse. After hearing how things are getting worse on Neathia, Shun and the others decide to head to there to help fight.

Fabia takes them to the Sacred Orb and reveals that it is the true object of Barodius' desire. He ends up facing Airzel and Strikeflier and suddenly got overpowered.

He, Dan and Fabia are making their way through the jungle when Stoica and Jesse confront them. Dan and Fabia remain behind to deal with Stoica and Jesse while Shun continues ahead. Later, it is revealed that Dan and Shun switched their Bakugan so Shun, being the fastest member of the team, could continue with Drago and the Element to power the second shield.

When Shun and Drago reach the shield generator, Shun successfully sneaks into the building while disabling the Gundalian guards. However, before he can reactivate the shield, Kazarina and Lena arrive and ambush them and a battle ensues. Shun takes out Lena with next to no effort, but begins struggling with Kazarina.

Dan and Hawktor arrive in time and they switch back their Bakugan. Dan stays behind to deal with Kazarina while Shun enters the building to reactivate the shield. During the Gundalian's next invasion attempt, Shun battles Zenet and Gill. This battle marks the first time Shun uses his Battle Gear, making him the only main character to take the longest to use his Battle Gear.

He easily overpowers Zenet, but struggles against Gill. Fortunately, Dan arrives in time and the Gundalians are defeated. The invasion continues and Shun must hold off Airzel and Strikeflier.

Airzel begins overwhelming them, but Fabia steps in to help out. Kazarina ends up defeating Fabia and Airzel launches a sneak attack and defeats Shun. After Jake is taken by Kazarina, he witnesses Jake return to Neathia, but is suspicious of whether or not that is the real Jake. He tests Jake to see if he remembers distracting the Gundalians to help Dan and Shun restart the second shield, and he in fact remembers. Later, he helps Dan defeat the brainwashed Jake, utilizing Swayther.

The two of them face off against Gill and Airzel. Although Shun manages to defeat Airzel, Gill still defeats the two of them. Shun then throws a smoke ball and the two of them escape. They are later seen disguised as Gundalian guards infiltrating the palace. Though after that they soon fought and they escaped with everyone including Jake not hypnotized anymore.

Once they returned to Neathia, Shun and the others fought to hold off the Gundalian forces. Though the other Twelve Orders fell, Shun was easily beaten, along with all the other Brawlers, and were all knocked out by Phantom Dharak. After regaining consciousness with the other Brawlers, Shun witnesses Linehalt using his forbidden powers to restore the war torn Neathia.

After Dan and Barodius battle, Shun and the Castle Knights arrive in time to see Dharak and Barodius take the Sacred Orb by force, but are ultimately destroyed by its power, and Drago's evolution. Fabia thanks the brawlers for all their help and they are sent home, leaving behind their Neathian Bakugan partners. Once back on Earth, they reunite with Julie and Dan's mom. Mechtanium Surge with Ventus Taylean. He is starting to get suspicious of what Dan and Drago are doing. Later, he is seen commenting on whether Drago and Zenthon are connected due to the timing.

He figures out that Dan is hiding something, but Dan keeps on making excuses. Later, during Dan's battle with Anubias, Shun and Marucho realize that Dan is holding Drago's power back and that is what he has been hiding, but they do not know why.