Batman and robin new 52 ending a relationship

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batman and robin new 52 ending a relationship

In the Golden Age, Batman had a couple of short relationships as Bruce Wayne, By the end of the Silver Age, Bruce Wayne started seeing many ladies, with no The New Earth version of Julie was slightly changed from her previous counterparts. In Batman and Robin, Elle Macpherson plays Julie, though the character. Both Morrison and Snyder gave their own takes on Batman's end within the pages of their runs. The close relationships between my faves and the characters I just Batman, Batwoman, Red Robin (a new codename for the Robin of the DC's notorious line-wide reboot, the New 52, and Red Robin . Richard John "Dick" Grayson was once Batman's first sidekick Robin, before going on But his relationship with Starfire became strained, and problems in Gotham Starfire was implanted with a demon "seed" which causes her to leave Earth . his final confrontation with the new God, Darkseid, thus leaving Dick Grayson.

Batman vs Bane 1 for publication in April Doomed 1 would also be published in May, as a tie-in to a crossover story arc of the same name. But what you'll be seeing is a lot of the writers who are working on series right now projecting forward—their ideas, their storylines, where they think their character might be five years from now.

Teen Titans: The Truth Behind Robin And Starfire's Complicated Relationship

That means that the images change and show the transformation going on There is a level of change that is taking place with our characters during the course of this story. World's End launched in October This title is set in the present DC Universe on Earth 2while showcasing the events and circumstances that lead to the future depicted in Futures End.

Pandora and Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger, would have their final publications in August Doomed one-shot was also announced. In Februaryit was announced that following the Convergence storyline in May, The New 52 branding would not be used anymore, although the continuity of The New 52 would continue. That June, 24 new titles were unveiled under a newly introduced DC You initiative, and most of the 25 remaining titles of The New 52 had new creative teams.

Soon after it was shown that Brainiac had taken cities from the Pre-Crisis, Post-Crisis, and Post-Flashpoint multiverses and placed them on a planet in another reality.

Damian Wayne

The portion of himself he left behind renamed himself Telos and had the cities battle each other. Telos states "They have done it. Reality is resetting, stabilizing. Each world has evolved, but they all still exist. Rebirth and The Flash: Rebirth miniseries as examples of the basis for the initiative, which has been described as a rebirth of the DC Universe.

DC Comics Needs to Re-Team Batman and Robin | CBR

The Rebirth initiative will reintroduce concepts from pre-Flashpoint continuity, such as legacy, that had been lost with The New 52 and build "on everything that's been published since Action Comics 1 up through The New Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Notable continuity changes shown included Superman 's two new looks: Other notable changes included the integration of the Wildstorm imprint's characters into DC continuity, with Martian Manhunter as a part of the new Stormwatch team in the relaunched Stormwatch series.

The first story arc takes place five years in the past, detailing the first meeting of the Justice League members and the formation of the team. Additionally, all of the Robins have been accounted for, including the previously non-canonical Carrie Kelley. The Killing Joke and returned to crimefighting as Batgirl. Once back, Bruce confessed to Tim that he was thinking of permanently staying retired. That all changed when he learned that Azrael had let Abattoir die.

Bruce was a little angry at Robin for not doing more to stop Azrael, but Tim replied there wasn't much else he could do—Jean Paul had sealed off the cave and had almost killed them in their fight.

Breaking into the lair, Bruce and Tim found Jean Paul, who was beyond reason. He did not even refer to himself by name anymore, but simply was the Batman in his mind. Bruce decided he would have to retake the mantle by force, but he would need a crash course to get up to peak again, and that meant going to Lady Shiva.

Tim was just happy to have Bruce and his father back safely.

batman and robin new 52 ending a relationship

Robin joined with Nightwing to help Bruce out once he had "graduated" from Shiva's training. In the end, however, Bruce had to confront Jean Paul himself. Batman told Robin the job was still his, and the Dynamic Duo was back in action. Jack decided to buy his son a car—or more precisely, a van one that was wheelchair accessible.

Tim had another fight with Ariana when he fell asleep while she was trying to talk to him. Soon after Bruce's return, "Zero Hour" came into swing, a crisis in time itself. The effects dropped a young Dick Grayson in his first or second year as Robin into the present and he and Tim worked together before Zero Hour began to erase everything. During the team-up, Tim was reluctant to reveal any details of Dick's future or of Jason Todd, causing Tim to become sloppy and reckless.

After realizing he was acting just like Jason, Tim began to think things through, allowing for the younger Dick Grayson to appreciate him. Afterwards, Bruce decided he needed some time off, and this time he handed the mantle over to the right person—Dick Grayson. Robin and the new Batman got along great, working against the likes of Two-Face. In his home life, Tim kept trying to make it up to Ariana while his dad kept insisting on some bonding time because of his absence.

Jack also hired Dana Winters to be his personal physical therapist. On a date with Ariana, some teens picked a fight, and unfortunately he had to take some hits. He vented his frustration later that night when he went out with Dick. On another night, when he runs into the teens alone, he got his revenge, but it was spoiled when he visited Ariana and found out her uncle had been attacked at his shop by gangsters.

Dick's tenure as Batman quickly came to an end when Bruce decided to return to the job. That event also brought some long needed healing between Bruce and Dick, who were very much like father and son. Bruce redesigned his costume, making it darker than ever. Robin then had a run in with the KGBeast, but unlike their last encounter, he did not have backup.

KGBeast was perfectly willing to kill him and destroy most of Gotham City. The battle against the Beast was tough—Robin was tempted to use Bullock's sidearm, but refused. He managed to defeat him just in time for Batman to show up. Bullock was comatose for a while but recovered.

Robberies were up recently, and Batman discovered that someone was sending very lame clues to the police department from inside Blackgate Prison. Figuring it was the Cluemaster and he would talk to Robin, Batman took Tim to the prison.

Batman and Robin, Volume 1: Born to Kill by Peter J. Tomasi

Cluemaster told them that he was being blackmailed to plan some crimes by some thugs on the outside—and that they had kidnapped Stephanie. Batman tracked down their lair and Robin got there. Robin saved her life, and after changing into her costume, she insisted on coming along. Batman was not amused, but Stephanie told him that Cluemaster had conned them and was in on the whole thing.

While Batman went for another chat with Cluemaster, Robin and Spoiler stayed put until he tipped them in the right direction, where they rounded up the rest of the gang. Spoiler acted like the whole thing was a date, despite Tim's protestations that it was serious business and that he had a girlfriend already.

Afterward, Stephaine paid a "visit" to her dad in jail, beating him savagely for what he did to her. King Snake turned up in Gotham again, extending his empire there, but after a brief encounter with his enforcers alongside Huntress, Robin was told to back off by Batman. Robin next saved the life of Mayor Kroll from a disgruntled city employee, but the credit went to another man, this one who had recently been fired for trying to blow the whistle on safety violations around the city.

Following a couple of bizarre heists, like a missing lion, Robin stumbled across Ulysses Armstrongrecently released from juvenile hall. Ulysses had recruited a vagrant who was under the impression he was Julius Caesar having apparently been influenced by an equally vagrant Maxie Zeus and together they plotted a crime spree. With some help from Shotgun Smith, Robin foiled the plot.

Returning home, he discovered Ariana was in his bedroom. She told him she had run away because her uncle was planning on moving away from the city because of the attack on his shop. Tim might have been in some trouble with his father and the family maid Mrs. Mac for Ariana spending the night she took his room, he slept in the guest room --if only Jack's physical trainer hadn't come out of his own bedroom.

Dana had worked wonders on Jack in more ways than one, apparently. Jack was up and walking about with a cane, and apparently despite her being considerably younger than Jack, Dana and he had begun a romantic relationship. Robin got to take his mind off things a little by helping Batman investigate a string of local robberies that were perpetrated by a gang of amateur ninjas—one of whom died when he fell off a rooftop.

The deceased turned out to be a classmate of Tim's and he learned that the kid had gone to a Ninja Camp. Robin followed another classmate and easily took down some of the ninjas, though they managed to escape. Tim decided to go undercover and enrolled at the camp as his alias, Alvin Draper. He impressed the camp leaders enough that they let him in on their outfit, provided he could pass one last test.

Robin passed it with flying colors—and the ninjas were arrested. Tim got home and learned that Ariana's uncle had sold his store and they would be moving at the end of the week. Fortunately, things weren't so bad, thanks to a little help from Bruce Wayne. Bruce arranged for Lucius Fox and Wayne Enterprises to buy the store at a very generous price—enough for the family to open another store in a better neighborhood and remain in the city.

Ariana would even be now going to the same school as Tim. That night on patrol, Robin heard that Killer Moth had broken out. Figuring Moth for a third tier super lightweight, Robin went after him. Unfortunately, Moth had just sold his soul to Neron during "Underworld Unleashed" and been transformed into Charaxes.

The monstrous being shredded its way through some cops and evaded a shootout with Sheriff Smith while capturing Robin—hoping to use him for dinner. Robin was saved by an unknown party before Batman could turn up and Killer Moth was gone. Robin met the new Green Arrow Connor Hawke about that time. Green Arrow and Spoiler joined Robin to take down some gun runners who were selling guns around Tim's high school.

One of Tim's classmates, Karl Ranck, had even been given a gun by his dad to protect himself, prompting Tim to tell his father. Jack had a talk with Karl's dad, who took the gun away. Karl then took one of his dad's and was killed in a shootout at the school.

Tim was so angry that he attacked the gunrunners and may have even killed him, had Stephanie and Connor not been there. Tim spotted Stephanie at Karl's funeral and tried to avoid her, prompting Ariana to misread the situation. Then he and Spoiler went after the guy who shot Karl, who was part of a larger street gang. They had to be saved by Batman, who was not happy Robin decided to go at the gang without more backup than Spoiler.

He also reminded Tim that Karl had made the choice to pick up the gun and become a target. When the Contagion virus struck Gotham City, Robin was scrambling with everyone else to find a cure, which put him up against Catwoman briefly.

batman and robin new 52 ending a relationship

Tim was also a victim of the virus, but thankfully Azrael and his allies managed to find a cure and Tim was healed. Returning home after being cured, Tim found Ariana had dyed her hair blond in an attempt to better keep his attention thinking that at the funeral, Tim's attention towards Stephanie had been because of her hair color.

Wanting to have "more fun", Ari agreed to go on a date with another boy, who then attempted to rape her. She managed to escape before anything could happen. Later, Tim admitted he hated the hair color on her, and was pleased to see she had gone back to black hair, although he did not realize the cause of the change back.

On a rainy night, he ran across Maxie Zeusthe last of the Arkham escapees still free. Maxie was quite deranged at this point, and he and his hired goon whom he called Heracles captured Robin and dragged him along on their heist, which was Maxie's version of the Trojan horse only involving an armored car.

Robin tricked Zeus into letting him call the Oracle, but he managed to free himself and defeat Zeus and his gang without any help although Oracle sending the police did help. At a car show, Tim spotted Ted Grant, aka Wildcat, and was thrilled to be looking at part of the legend—when Bruce was in training, he anonymously hired Wildcat to teach him to box.

batman and robin new 52 ending a relationship

Tim also saw that several members of the Speedboyz were back and up to their old tricks. Working with Wildcat, Robin stopped the thieves from stealing a new Waynetech prototype car.

Going to the Batcave, Robin learned some bad news—former Mayor Kroll, a victim the Apocalypse virus who was thought to have been cured, had a relapse and died. Tim, along with Nightwing, traveled overseas to chase Ra's al Ghul and ensure that the plague will not come back full force. Soon after, Robin met Impulse for the first time, while on a case in Virginia.

While Tim along with Alfred was tracking down a group called White Heat and Mystral, Bart Allen's school was at the same mountain lodge on a school ski trip. Tim met Bart early in the trip, and once he saw him in uniform he was able to instantly guess who he was due to Bart's large feet and wild brown hair much to Bart's surprise. This would mark the beginning of a long and close friendship.

Tim hated that he kept having to mislead Ariana—trouble seemed to come up everywhere, even at a student outing to "Macbeth on the Beach" where Tim had to avoid Helena Bernatelli from recognizing him. What's more, Tim also had to deal with the continued attention of Spoiler who kept making passes at him while as Robin.

During the Final Night, the two of them were trapped in a snowdrift along with a thug who tried to kill them with a chainsaw. Spoiler could not understand why Robin tried to save the thug trapped in the snow. While they were digging him out, however, they found a woman and her child trapped in the snow and rescued her.

Stephanie realized that if they hadn't searched for the crook, they would have never found the mother and child. He knew that Armstrong would not do so, however, and sure enough the kid soon joined up with the Toyman Winslow Schott to try and steal the toy collection of a local eccentric, Phillip Crouch. Robin tracked them to Crouch's manor, where a fight broke out with some hi-tech, deadly toys.

Toyman betrayed Armstrong, however, and Robin had to rescue him and stop them both. His son, Roy Raymond Jr. Tim thought the show was a joke, but it couldn't take his mind off things—Ariana had been a little distant lately, and his friend Ives was keeping secrets too. On patrol, Robin found Slyfox and his crew trying to rob an insurance company, and Manstalker and his TV crew arrived on scene during a special episode. Robin had to destroy the tape in the camera before heading after the hoods, which he apprehended.

While Spoiler was out getting into some trouble with Lynx and her goons, Tim was over at Ariana's to spend some time with her. He got the shock of a lifetime while they were alone at her house and she walked out of her room in a sexy nightgown, wanting to sleep with him. Tim finally learned about the guy who had tried to rape her.

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Although it never got very far, but it left her feeling very scared and vulnerable. Tim told her that he loved her and said it would be best if they waited, since they were so young. Unfortunately, while Tim and Ariana were sharing a tender moment, her uncle and aunt walked in and saw them.

Her uncle was not in the mood to listen for an explanation. Tim had to book it before Vari strangled him. He decided to go on patrol, where he ran into Spoiler and she explained about Lynx's Ghost Dragons.

Robin agreed to work with her, but the Dragons proved too much for them to handle and they had to back off. Robin knew he should tell her to give up being Spoiler, but he just couldn't do it. Soon, Tim learned that the only secret Ives was keeping was that he had a job dressing as a giant mouse at a family restaurant. Ariana, however, was transferred to an all girl's school.

Tim kept thinking about Spoiler, and when he went to meet her, he found out she had been kidnapped by Czonk, who was back to calling himself the Baffler.

Despite being one of the dumbest goons in Gotham, the Baffler managed to tie up Robin and Spoiler and planned on leaving them to die in an old project building that was being demolished. He knocked himself out, however, and so they ended up having to save him as well as themselves. Afterward, Robin told Stephanie she might have to stop being Spoiler.

When he got home early the next day he found his dad back from his recent lecture tour—and Jack had spoken to Ariana's uncle. Tim was grounded, but even when forbidden from leaving his room he still managed to solve a crime via watching the news. Second Sabbatical During the Genesis crisis, Robin was unable to save a hood who tried to kill him from drowning.

Feeling depressed, Robin nevertheless had to head for the front-lines—this time literally. Armstrong was back, this time as the adviser to Ali Ben Khadir, a claimant to the throne of the Karoccan Emirate. His rival was being backed by Qurac. With Nightwing's help and a Waynetech jet, Robin went over to the war-torn country the conflict was escalating with the appearance of more mercenaries on either side, such as Deadline whom Robin managed to easily take down.

Nightwing managed to stop two armies from clashing outside the capital while Robin penetrated Armstrong's lair. He found that Armstrong and his employer had had a falling out, so the boy was arrested and Robin withdrew. Robin had Nightwing drop him off in France, saying that lately he'd been feeling lost and decided he needed to step back for a while. He thought Paris was the right place to start, since his training had never really ended there.

Knowing that Rahul Llama was dead, Tim decided to train in the course of the Iron Master, although he remained in his identity as Robin. He stopped a former student from stealing from the master and also met a girl named Dava Sborscs. The girl was there to learn a single move to add to her arsenal of lethal moves. She wanted to be able to fight in the war that was destroying her native country of Transbelvia.

After she left, Lady Shiva arrived looking for her. Robin had to withdraw, leaving the Iron Master to fight her alone, and she killed him. King Snake was also involved again, this time selling weapons to Transbelvia. Robin went after Dava to warn her about Shiva.

Robin found Dava, a rebel fighting against the oppressive regime, and she has a secret—a special chemical called Aramilla that allows her to move at super-speed. Together, they easily took down some military thugs—but then Shiva turned up. Not willing to step aside and let her murder Dava, Robin attacked. Not even Shiva could stand up to Robin moving at super-speed. Losing control, Robin beat her to death—just in time for King Snake to saunter in.

While Dava fought King Snake and his minions, Robin performed CPR and managed to revive Shiva—unfortunately, she had absorbed some of the Aramilla, and at super-speed she took down all of King Snake's men and went after him herself.

Robin left them to fight each other and brought an injured Dava to safety. But the war continued, and Robin decided it was finally time to return home. Unfortunately, on the flight home, Gotham City was struck by the Cataclysm, a massive earthquake that leveled most of the city. No Man's Land Robin joined with Batman and the rest of the "family," overwhelmed at the near total destruction of the entire city. There was little that Robin could do in such chaos, and Batman had him stay out of most of the city.

Luckily, the Drake home, in one of the outer neighboring communities, suffered only minor damages and they were able to repair it. During the Aftershock, Ariana and Stephanie were both staying in a shelter with their families. Stephanie asked Robin to retrieve her costume, worried someone would steal it and learn her secret.

Cluemaster was waiting there, but Robin took him down and turned him in to the National Guard. Unable to be with Ariana for a long period of time, Robin began spending more and more time with Spoiler, causing Robin to realize that he did care for her. However, before taking their new relationship too far, Tim decided that he to break things off with Ariana rather than keep leading her on the pair had been allowed to date again shortly before.

Fortunately, Ariana felt exactly the same way about a breakup, although stating it was because they were too young to be so serious. Tim would later run into Ariana during an awkward meeting upon Tim's later return from Keystone City.

batman and robin new 52 ending a relationship

At this same time, Robin also became one of the charter members of Young Justice alongside Superboy and Impulse. Despite Superboy's protests, Robin immediately became the team's unofficial leader, due primarily because of his training from Batman.

Robin and Spoiler got along well—she didn't pry any about his real identity, and he could share being Robin with her. However, after their first real date, Steph told him that she was pregnant. Robin was not the guilty party he was not even a suspect --she was actually about two months along—but he stood by her.

Disguised as Alvin Draper, he went to Lamaze classes and told her that she had to give up being Spoiler until after the baby was born. Later, Robin had to save his friends Ives and Hudson from Steeljacket.

At school, a friend of Tim's was found dead in the woods and two bullies were suspected of killing him. While Tim initially believed they were innocent, he soon found evidence of their guilt, which lead to their arrest. With all of Gotham in ruins, Jack Drake decided the family should relocate from Gotham Heights for a while.

He decided to move to Keystone City along with Dana, who was transferred there. They also got some help from Superman to stop a bomb threat. While they were in Keystone, Stephanie went into labor earlier than expected and needed a C-section.