Batman arkham knight scarecrow ending a relationship

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batman arkham knight scarecrow ending a relationship

However, in the end, Crane's plan to break Batman's will failed, and he was . why the Dark Knight couldn't see that the relationship between him and the super . 'Batman: Arkham Knight' has two huge twists and one is pretty The plot of " Batman: Arkham Knight" mostly deals with the machinations of Scarecrow, . Some background: The Joker dies at the end of the previous game . Even in " Arkham Knight," a game that is at least partly about Batman's relationship. Here's what made me appreciate the ending more: With Batman only Scarecrow and the Arkham Knight were difficult, but beating himself.

These endings take the form of the Knightfall Protocol. Incomplete Knightfall Protocol Ending [ edit ] The Incomplete Knightfall Protocol can be enacted only when Batman has apprehended at least seven of Gotham's Most Wanted - meaning you have to complete at least seven of the fourteen different side quests.

What follows is an ending cinematic that shows Batman taking off his cowl for the last time, and flying out of Gotham with the Batmobile in tow.

As he arrives back at Wayne Manor - dozens of reporters have already camped out waiting for the return of Bruce Wayne. As Bruce lands the Batwing on the front lawn and heads inside, he confirms his desire to go along with the protocol.

As the front door closes, explosions rock Wayne Manor, and the entire mansion goes up in flames - ending the game. This is but a fraction of the events that happen in the Complete Knightfall Protocol however.

batman arkham knight scarecrow ending a relationship

This includes defeating all of the Arkham Knight 's militia - the Road Blocks, Watchtowers, Mines, and of course, the last leader of the militia - Deathstroke. You will also have to apprehend Riddler by finding all of the Riddler Trophies and other collectibles scattered around the map.

Once you have completed every side quest possible, Batman will again have the objective to enact the Knightfall Protocol at the top of GCPD by the Batsignal. It's a little similar to what Jack Bauer did in the TV movie Redemption but without actively trying to defeat the terrorists.

But whatever is happening, we know he's alive. And so is Alfred.

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Maybe Bruce is sitting across from Selina Kyle Catwoman in a little cafe in Paris while Alfred spots him, says nothing, but knows it all turned out OK for his pal Bruce.

So, the obvious question remains: Was he even real? Did the new Batman use Scarecrow's fear toxin? There are many possibilities. The new Batman is Dick Grayson. Why This Makes Sense: Dick was the best Robin, and was a great Nightwing.

Even Batman told him how proud he is of Dick. So, since Dick was the first Robin, it seems logical that he is next in line for the cowl. Why This Doesn't Make Sense: It's hard to believe that Rocksteady would end the game with Dick Grayson being the Batman.

It's not really Rocksteady's thing, especially with the Arkham games. And also, Dick is Nightwing. He's his own hero.


He isn't just a guy to fill someone else's shoes. He was the first Robin, the first Nightwing, and not the second Batman. And lastly, I don't think Dick would be all that open to using fear toxin. It wasn't Dick Grayson. The New Batman is Jason Todd.

Jason proved his ability to fight. He became Batman's main adversary in the game, even though it was Scarecrow as the real mastermind. Batman also seemed to embrace Jason's return when he defeated him. He obviously felt guilt for letting Joker go so far in torturing him. So, it's possible he decided to train Jason and both of them redeem themselves for the ordeal Jason went through.

Jason redeems himself, and Bruce got Jason back on the right track, completing Jason's training and finishing the job. Also, Jason would be open to using the fear toxin to strike fear in the thugs. And he clearly would have had access to it. Jason did a lot of bad things.

It's hard to believe Bruce would trust Jason to defend Gotham.

batman arkham knight scarecrow ending a relationship

Jason was mentally broken, and Bruce probably doesn't want that type of person taking up the Batman persona. It was probably not Jason Todd. The pro-Jason argument has more solid points than the anti-Jason argument, however the anti-Jason argument has the strongest point: Bruce probably wouldn't trust Jason enough. The new Batman was Tim Drake.

Tim was the current Robin at the time of Knightfall. It seems logical that Bruce would hurry to complete Tim's training so he can take over. He clearly is up to speed on all intel. Tim texted Jim near the end, saying "don't forget the ring", an allusion that Tim is marrying Barbara. That also explains why Jim is dressed up. So, if he is marrying Barbara, I doubt he would be spending all his nights out in Gotham, fighting crime. And he knows if his identity is ever revealed, it would put Barbara at even more risk.

Also, I doubt Bruce would try to speed up training that is extremely important. And use of fear toxin doesn't seem to be in Tim's arsenal of weapons. It wasn't Tim Drake. The new Batman was Azrael. Azrael proved his skill to Bruce multiple times in the game.

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He wants to be Batman's successor as well and presented himself at a very opportune time. Also, Azrael's personality seems like he would very much be open to the idea of using the fear toxin.

You can I did choose to kill Batman at the end of the Azrael side mission. So, since that is a possible story ending, there's no way Rocksteady would let Azrael take up the cowl.

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Azrael also seems too ready to kill, which would make Bruce decide against training him. The new Batman was Damien Wayne. While Damien is never directly referenced or has had his existence proven, it is still possible he exists in the Arkham-verse.

batman arkham knight scarecrow ending a relationship

In Arkham City, Talia Al Ghul Damien's canonical mother in the comics I believe told Bruce something along the lines of if he wanted to see her, "after that night they spent in Metropolis, he could've just called". So, it's heavily implied they, at one point, had sexual relations. So, as we all know, sex can lead to pregnancy. So, it's possible Damien Wayne is around, being trained by the League of Assassins, ready to fill his father's shoes.

It's hard to believe Rocksteady would just throw in a character at the end that was not even referenced at all in the entire game series.