Bludgeoning angel dokuro chan ending relationship

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bludgeoning angel dokuro chan ending relationship Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan Special Dubbed Edition: Saeko Chiba, Tsutomu Mizushima: Special Features: Textless Opening & Ending. [ sequel of Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan (TV) ]. Alternative title: "Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan " by Saeko Chiba. Ending Theme: "Bokusatsu Ondo. Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan light novel series inspired TV 91 (Comiket 91 ) event that took place in Tokyo at the end of December.

Though this may be intentional. After all what better way to teach someone a lesson than to send people that would decide not to kill him yet essentially torture him for the rest of his life. One might say god knows exactly what he is doing.

Also, Sabato, but to a lesser extent, as she's also frequently a flat-out Woobie. For someone trying to help Sakura, it almost feels like permanent death would be preferable. Zakuro, Dokuro and Sabato all match this trope.

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Dokuro plays this straight with the unfortunate Sakura, who gets an explicitly animated horrible club to the wherever whenever he does something Dokuro finds vaguely inappropriate.

She also possesses the ability to bring him back, which leads to a vicious cycle. Sakura gets turned into gibs and resurrected all the time, and his strongest reaction is "That really hurt! Abuse, Female on Male: Dokuro-chan takes this trope Up to Eleven. It's also one of the few cases where this is Played for Laughs It isn't limited to that, however, making it a subversion of this trope.

To date Sakura has been abused by his male classmates, male animals who were formerly classmateshis male teacher, his father in the manga all for the sake of giggles. Sabato also endures hilarious amounts of abuse and misfortune. Everything's Better with Monkeys: The Student Council president.

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Female fans of the first season went into season 2 expecting the girls to be comically sadistic dominatrixes, and instead found that they'd all been turned into submissive fanservice nymphos.

What Sakura will create if he isn't stopped. Dokuro and Sabato, who regularly hang out together. There's a bit of this every now and then.

One instance is when Sakura accidentally pulls down Dokuro-chan's shirt, revealing her breasts, the nipples of which are covered by a conveniently-placed plant branch.

Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan

Getting Crap Past the Radar: Dokuro's cone-shaped cellphone that she keeps in her panties. Although the satellite that relays information to this show's radar is broken to begin with. In the manga however they still look normal. Sakura, when Shizuki says she likes another guy, he becomes this, while flailing his arms like a Garry's Mod ragdoll. Dokuro-chan runneth over with this one!

The most cringeworthy is probably right in the opening, where Dokuro is seen leaning heavily on her spiked club, embedded deep in Sakura's groin. At another point in the opening she punts him in the crotch, sending him flying.

In an episode, Dokuro blackmails Sakura into joining her school club by putting glue on his crotch and letting it harden. The view is then treated to a Gory Discretion Shot where she rips the glue off.

Mitsukai Dokuro

The final scene of the anime's first season shows Sakura-kun and Dokuro-chan embracing on a white background surrounded by a border of an assortment of carnivorous plants.

On one occasion Sakura's severed lower body flies around like a rocket from the blood escaping. Dokuro is easily insulted by Sakura, often getting him killed in the process. Though Dokuro constantly kills and revives Sakura when he ends up in compromising positions with her, Dokuro often uses her body to entice Sakura into doings things for her, though she never lets him get too far. To distract Sakura from finding the solution to immortality she is supposed to kidnap and kill him but, disobeys orders from Enma-Diaou she once again uses her body pulling up her skirt making Sakura forget about his studies.

She is often coveted by most of the boys in the anime, getting Sakura either beat up or yelled at, and she doesn't seem to have any female rivals. Dokuro Mitsukai is an angel assassin sent from the future to kidnap Sakura Kusakabe and to kill him so that he may never in the future discover immortality.

Not much else is known about past.

Survive - Bokusatsu tenshi Dokuro chan / Sub español

Personality Edit Dokuro is a year-old bludgeoning angel of Rurutie from the future brought back through time to kill Sakura Kusakabe, but decides to save him instead after falling in love with him. He watched as Dokuro tortured and killed from her past victims. Zansu, Zakuro, and Sabato forced to watch every single detail on the big screen, but they have regrets. Zakuro throws up after she witnessed her sister tortured before she murdered with her gruesome weapon before the screen cut off.

It didn't last longer when the three ex-angels sent to the Netherland to paid the price. They weren't going to reincarnated three thousand years as they disappeared before the television turned off. Sakura smiled, "Yes, I am, but what about my…" "Since you passed away and the future prevented, but I'm sorry for what you have to go through," Lamington apologized, "We didn't realize this before until the rumor spread until here.

They abused their titles, but…" Lamington had an intention to welcome him into the Celestia as an angel since he gotten kill by Dokuro-Chan.

It became an eye opener to him when he wasn't aware that other angels will misuse their power. There were alternate ways to prevent this from happening when he remained shook up from the whole ordeal. It seemed Sakura had a different opinion when he accepted his fate as he died. He refused to accept this torturous nightmare from this angel claimed that he going to make a fatal error. He didn't understand on why the angels killed him time and time again without a reasoning.

He didn't enjoy it when his friend called him names when he's hanging out with Dokuro-Chan. He knew that his friend doesn't know the truth led up to his death and she hoped what's best for him. Especially, he died and come back again by Dokuro multiple times.

He wondered when it's going to come to end as he began to question on why he's attacked without any reason. It remained normal when he hanged out with his childhood friend before Dokuro shows up. Before then, everyone called him a "Pedo" without any reason when he didn't do anything wrong. He knew that Dokuro claimed victims to get close to him when it's wrong as she wiped them out from existence or turned them into angels.

It woke up Celestia when it brought their attention as the rumors spread from the Netherworld to their place. It spelled an outrage when it fueled demons to question on what were the angels' morals? It caused a huge feud against their race between the Celestia and Netherworld, but Lamington knew his leader disapproved of this.

Lamington escorted him to the unknown, but he knew that he's too young to die. Sakura nodded when he followed Lamington out of the room as he saw Dokura crying as her head hanging from the ceiling. The last thing remained within his mind when he wished to say his final goodbye to his childhood friend. Lamington's POV There are alternate ways to avoid this future, but this boy didn't deserve a horrible torture. I knew people can change their paths, but it doesn't require torture and abuse to get their ways.

Dokuro remained a prime example of how an angel shouldn't act for her own gain. She wiped away the victims' existence to get close the boy without any consequences but turned a human into the animals.

bludgeoning angel dokuro chan ending relationship

She violated the rules and it doesn't seem to bother me if she came from the future or not. Every angel had to abide the restricted rules, but these angels ruined our reputation just for targeting one child. I doubted that he will trust us thanks, these ex-angels, but I think our reputation will be brought to questioning by others.

I intended to do to this Dokuro-Chan, but I witnessed the whole event unfolded. Her actions weren't angelic from what I witnessed when it's more demonic. The Netherworld and Celestia forced to deal with a huge critic when her victims died without any reason. It's not like this supposed to happen, but I needed to regulate a few rules to avoid this from happening.

Panty and Stockings Anarchy have common senses if they considered being selfish for their sinful traces. Flonne remained another example when she wouldn't attack anyone without any reason. Dokuro was nothing more than a fraud, but her actions disgraced our race.

Was it necessary to bring the victims back to reverse the curse? I tried to undo her horrible mistake, but it's not enough when I felt that I'm at fault. I know my Lord won't tolerate such horrible acts against his eyes when the victims get their final revenge against Dokuro. She's no angel anymore.

She didn't deserve the halo or wings when she caused our reputation to tarnish because of her actions. She doesn't have immortality or powers to abuse anymore, but I'm glad three ex-angels told the truth. They will end up like Sabato's mother as a flower as punishment for eternality. Sakura didn't have to suffer anymore when he's able to choose between Celestia or the Netherworld. I knew that he will hold a grudge against us for Dokuro's actions and then again.

bludgeoning angel dokuro chan ending relationship

At least, the future is safe at the end, but it's at the cost of a thirteen-years-old boy. What the hell… That's all I have to say… What the hell… Owari.