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Tatakau Shisho - Wikipedia Book of Bantorra: Complete Collection: Shelley Calene-Black, I may change my mind on this review as I get closer to the end, but I don't see. An anime adaptation, The Book of Bantorra began airing in Japan on October 2, She had a relationship with Mattalast in the past. His ability is " Tearless Ending", which causes snow to fall across the entire planet, putting humanity. May 22, Last night my husband and I finished watching the anime The Book of Bantorra. Bantorra Library is home of the Armed Librarians (how cool is that?) whose job is to By the end of the series I could believe that, even though in the beginning she Two of those three never consummated their relationship.

According to Minth's Sacred Eyes ability, her main trait is self-loathing, her thoughts are void, and she wishes for love. She was also shown to like rabbits and coffee. A point noted, as to why Chacoly's ability didn't work on her. Weapons Edit Her main weapon is a sling usually wrapped around her right wristwhich she uses to snipe enemies from a far distance with great precision and force.

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She can throw large objects, but usually uses small rocks or pebbles. The speed of those projectiles can reach 5 times the speed of sound. It was revealed in a later episode, that certain projectiles she shot were also capable of injecting sensation to the victim. Magic Ability Edit Her magic ability of "Sensory Fibers", allows her to touch, feel and hear things from afar.

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Complementing the novelty of the premise are superior character designs, a top notch script, and a story that holds together reasonably well -- there are some holes here and there, but overall I've rarely seen such attention paid to cause and effect in an anime series.

Everything from character motivations to plot and subplot development made sense to me, and in the end I was left feeling immensely satisfied. The only downsides were some weak CGI effects at various points and some pointless battle sequences particularly toward the endbut given the quality of the plot and themes I'm happy to overlook those weaknesses. To expand on that a bit, reviewers don't seem to know what to do with this show.

They'll say it meanders a lot, that it develops characters but doesn't tie its various subplots together, that it abandons storylines willy-nilly, etc. I think part of the problem is that they expect a central protagonist, or at least an ensemble cast, which is something the show does not embrace. Instead it makes characters of two organizations -- the Armed Librarians of Bantorra and the Shindeki Church -- and develops them.

It does tie everything together in the end, but it isn't even remotely apparent how that's gonna happen until you hit the show's second cour. Even then it only really comes together in the show's final arc, and once you get it you get it and everything begins to click you have to rewatch the show to see what's going on and how everything fits together.

How so, you ask? Show Let's start with this guy: This show broke the mold with its naming conventions, holy crap. He is the director of Bantorra Library, and he is responsible for saving the world. Long story short, the gods of the world -- Bantorra, the god of the past; Towitorra, the god of the present; and Orntorra, the god of the future -- have been trying to get Paradise right for a long time.

The world of Tatakau Shisho is their th attempt, in fact. As with all the previous attempts they decided they weren't satisfied with their work, and Orntorra sent his angelic servants to destroy it. Somehow it's not clear how the angels were destroyed, and Ruruta used their war machines, along withmen andbooks, to defeat beasts sent by Orntorra to finish the job the angels started.

In the process, however, he wound up killing his true love, Nieniu. She had become an avatar for Orntorra after Ruruta forgot about her thanks to shenanigans by those who didn't think the world's savior should be depending on the love of a mere mortal for support.

While her love for the world initially gave Ruruta hope, in her despair she concluded that the world was full of misery and had to be ended so that the gods could start over. When Ruruta learned this by reading her book after she died he resolved to make her happy at any price. So he created the Armed Librarians and the Shindeki Church to collect the world's books and deliver them to him in hopes of finding moments of perfect happiness that he could then pass on to Nieniu.

Now, here's the hitch: In fact, apart from the Acting Director the de facto leader of the Librarians, since the Director, Ruruta, is now a tree in the Library's innermost vault don't ask, it's complicated and the leader of the Church, the Governor of Paradise, everyone in both organizations thinks the two are at war.

And that's fine, because each does their thing and the conflict that ensues creates lots of books to feed to the tree. As to how everything fits together: He'd realized that his dream of making Nieniu happy was impossible, you see, and wanted to end it all.

Makia abdicated his role and set about making a weapon to do the job, and that weapon was Hamyuts Meseta -- a being who was powerful in her own right, but who became staggeringly strong when Makia "reprogrammed" her, i.

In Bantorra's world a soul cannot truly die if it is taking pleasure in its existence. This isn't normally a problem since the whole death thing is unpleasant and all, but since Hamyuts now took pleasure in death she effectively became immortal.

This puts all of her insanity throughout the show in context, making it pretty compelling stuff. Other elements that ultimately get tied together are Noloty's and Volken's arcs described in the spoilers belowwhich devastate the Church's ranks and set the series' endgame into motion.

You don't realize any of this during their initial arcs -- at the beginning Noloty's just doing her thing and being her awesome self, and you don't see how it's relevant until her final three-episode arc. The same is true of Volken's mysterious initial departure from the library.

Once you see how it all fits together, though, you wind up going "oh wow, that's pretty cool. People die, and there are consequences. Their beliefs, their dedication, their zeal all have profound effects on the events in the show. These things are usually at least somewhat important in most dramatic works at least in the ones that are any goodbut in Tatakau Shisho they're central to the show's plot. Mirepoc has been particularly affected by her friend's actions and seeks solace in the books of the lower libraries.

There, she discovers a book about a romantic couple at shore, much to her embarrassment. However, she knocks over another book, which shows a memory of a young Volken in training who accidentally trips an old woman while running to show Mattalast a butterfly he found. The old woman later forgives Volken and tells him to keep working hard.

Mirepoc finds herself in a dangerous part of the lower libraries faced with a Guardian Beast, but Mattalast manages to save her. Later, Mirepoc requests Hamyuts permission to use Argax, a cup to selectively erase memories by drinking it, in this case choosing to erase Volken from her memories.

A flashback about a Meat named Enlike Bishilewho yearns to smile before his death, is told by Ganbanzel Grof, another one of the True Men, that killing others brings happiness in oneself. The monster is immediately confronted by Mattalast and Mirepoc, as well as Minth Chezain, who all eventually manage to force him to retreat despite his numerous magical abilities.

Meanwhile, Noloty, dispatched to recover Luimon's book which has gone missing from the Toatt Mine, catches a criminal in town who has stolen a pursue from an old lady. Hamyuts catches up to Noloty, who reports that the book was stolen when a train heading towards the port was attacked. When they then come across a street fightthey see a white-haired man, who can withstand quite a punch.

Hamyuts later revealed that this man's name is Zatoh Rondohoonwho is the one behind the theft of Luimon's book. One night, Enlike challenges Ronkeny, one of the Meats, to a sparring match to the death. In the present, Noloty confronts Zatoh about his theft of Luimon's book and his suicidal tendencies. Zatoh tells her that she can have the book only if she can kill him. Meanwhile, Mattalast and Mirepoc learn that Zatoh may be the monster who attacked the Bantorra Library. Back in the past, Enlike gives Kumora, a female Meat that is the caretaker of the male Meats, a seashell that Ronkeny handed him before their sparring match.

Again in the present, Minth, disguised as the masked monster, attacks Zatoh right in front of Noloty. As Minth prepares to stab Zatoh, Noloty asks Zatoh what he wants to do before dying, and he counterattacks and responds by saying he wants to smile before he takes sudden leave.

The next morning, Kumora tries to kill Enlike behind his back when he wakes up, saying that he is saddening that five Meats had died under him, but stop when he himself wishes to end this madness and die. Forum - an Evangelion Fan Community

Boramott later tells Enlike to find and kill Kumora, but he kills Boramott in response. He sees a crying Kumora at the edge of a cliff, so he pushes her off to end her life of sorrow. In the present, Minth tells Noloty that Zatoh is a 'Book Eater', a monster who can devour books gaining the knowledge and power of the deceased person concerned.

When Zatoh consumes Luimon's book, Noloty becomes so angry that she becomes serious about fighting for the first time. Meanwhile, somewhere inside of Zatoh's body, all of the souls of the books he has consumed begin to rebel against him. Enlike kills all the souls within Zatoh's body, causing Zatoh to lose all his power. Unfortunately, despite Noloty's affection for him many of the other Armed Librarians do not trust Enlike. One night, Enlike is haunted by Ganbanzel, who desires his strongest monster to return to him.

This strikes interest from Hamyuts, who wants to fight Enlike one day to test his strength. While strolling around town, things are only made worse by Ganbanzel's incessant hounding of his former protege, so Enlike gives in and agrees to return to Ganbanzel only if Noloty is not to be harmed.

When Enlike later goes to see Ganbanzel, he orders Enlike to use his power on him. As Enlike summons lightning from the sky, he thinks about Noloty, who said that she will protect the world without killing. This causes Enlike to be hesitant at first, but he ultimately sets Ganbanzel on fire to honor his death wish.

Hamyuts is now trapped in the labyrinth with this traitor, and the other Armed Librarians regroup and prepare for a counterattack. Earlier before, Noloty allowed an innocent couple access to the labyrinth, and the blind, red-haired woman who accompanied Mokkania there is said to be his mother, Renas Fluru. However, the Armed Librarians realize that Noloty unknowingly drank from Argax, planned by the Shindeki Church, causing her to forget the rule of not allowing anyone into the labyrinth.

After it is learned that Renas had died in the past, it soon emerges that Mokkania is being manipulated by a bald man named Winkeny Bize, a liaison of the Shindeki Church who is able to morph into petroleum, urging the Armed Librarians to find a way to snap him out of it before it is too late.

Ireia Kittythe oldest Armed Librarian, goes inside the labyrinth and kills all the ants by destroying the nearby pillars.

When Ireia temporarily freezes time, Hamyuts prepares to escape. Meanwhile, the reason for Mokkania's sudden attempt to kill Hamyuts becomes clear and it is not what any of the Armed Librarians originally believed. In the past, Winkeny was doing an investigation on Mokkania, finding out that Mokkania became an Armed Librarian because of his mother's death. Winkeny told Mokkania that the woman resembling Renas will be his new "mother" if he can kill Hamyuts. During the battle, Hamyuts relentlessly attacks Mokkania, but he floods the labyrinth with ants, piling them over her.

Elsewhere, Renas stumbles upon a book fragment which explains that she is not Mokkania's real mother, but she still accepts him as such. Hamyuts, having survived, witnesses Mokkania killing himself with ants after he honored his death wish of reuniting with his mother.

When he laid eyes on Hamyuts for the first time, he already took a liking to her. When they suddenly engaged in a fight to the death, they became lovers after they realizing their strength against each other.

Within a few years of training as an Armed Librarian, Hamyuts surpassed the lower ranks and was deemed the strongest. Fhotona Badgammonthe Acting Director at the time, became suspicious of Hamyuts because of this and ordered Mattalast to eliminate Hamyuts during a dangerous mission to capture an Armed Librarian traitor named Hiza Miken.

A battalion under Hiza attacked Hamyuts and Mattalast at night, and while Hamyuts killed the lot of them, Mattalast struggled with his love for her as he attempts to shoot her, but in the end he chose to spare her life. However, a rumor spread about Lascall and there were some con artists who either pretended to be him or offered to introduce him for a fee.

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Since Mirepoc is so determined to find Parney's book and solve this mystery, Mattalast is sent to watch over her for the time being. Unbeknownst to them, Alme Norton, one of the Mock Men of the Shindeki Church, is also interested in the mysterious Lascall and she is prepared to kill in order to find her man. When Mirepoc and Alme come face to face in an illegal bookstore, it is only thanks to Mattalast's timely intervention that Mirepoc survives.

Later on, Mattalast scolds Mirepoc for taking action on her own without contacting him first. It is revealed that when Alme was street performing as a violinist, she soon became Cigal's subordinate in the Shindeki Church, but he later abandoned her, being the reason why she is searching for Lascall. She then recounts the various events that have occurred up until now.

Such events include Colio's defeat of Cigal, Volken's betrayal, Zatoh's redemption by Noloty, Mokkania's death and Mirepoc's hunt for the truth about Lascall.