Breaking bad season 3 episode 12 ending relationship

Don't spoil the Breaking Bad finale for the rest of us | Teresa Wiltz | Opinion | The Guardian

breaking bad season 3 episode 12 ending relationship

And though the hour is a tightly constructed examination of Walt and Jesse's relationship — sort of like ”Fly,” but without the artiness that grates. Appearances in Breaking Bad Instead, he starts a relationship with Andrea and becomes friends with Brock ("Abiquiú"). Season 4. Thanks to financial support from Jesse, Andrea and Brock can poisoned Brock, thus giving Jesse a motive to be against Gus ("End Times"). Episodes, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 . The relationship at the center of Breaking Bad is the one between Walt and Jesse . At the end of the episode, Gus invites Walt to his house, his very normal, Episode 12 opens with a delightful musical ode to Wendy, the.

But only for a second.

breaking bad season 3 episode 12 ending relationship

Walt gets out, picks up the gun of the one gangster still living, and blows his head off. So much great stuff there. Walt out and out kills two guys who work for Gus, for one reason only: Instead of giving the okay for Jesse to be taken out, he doubles down on keeping Jesse alive.

This is going to hurt. Walt meets in the desert with Gus and Mike. Walt says he had to do it to save Jesse, who right or wrong might assume Gus gave the go-ahead to have Tomas killed.

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Walt says Gus has two options: What choice does he have? Then we see Gale at home, which is completely adorable. His apartment is perfect. The rugs, the plants, the telescope, the tea heated to precisely the correct temperature, the wacky music he sings along to.

Gus stops by for a visit. Gus explains that Walt has cancer, and might die at any time. Back in the lab, he asks Walt a lot of pointed questions about methodology, with Victor now ever-present, listening in. A few other things are happening too. Hank is suffering through physical therapy. Marie fools him into leaving through a clever hand-job ruse.

Don't spoil the Breaking Bad finale for the rest of us

In any case, Hank heads home. Mike has other problems besides Walt. Mike takes all four of them out to the groovy strains of The Beastie Boys. A lot of great music in this show. Have I mentioned that yet? Well, you watch it. Saul leaves Mike a notebook with an address in Virginia. Saul brings Walt to meet Jesse inside the laser tag arcade.

The only way out is to kill Gale. He needs Jesse to kill Gale.

breaking bad season 3 episode 12 ending relationship

He tells Walt to turn himself in and go into witness protection. He begs Walt not to kill Gale. But Walt sees it as the only option.

Mike is at the laundry, tells Walt to get downstairs to the lab. Walt knows this is it. He begs Mike not to do it, to let him speak to Gus. Mike grabs the phone and asks what the hell that was all about, his gun pointed at Walt. Victor races out of there. A knock at the door.

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Gale begs for his life. Jesse is either going to break into tears or shoot him.

breaking bad season 3 episode 12 ending relationship

Jesse looks too into an abyss This is also how you end an episode, and a season, for that matter. Season 3 is like an eddy of characters swirling around each other, slowly coalescing into the power play between Gus and Walt that makes up the bulk of season 4. The cry from that voice?

Walt would fix it and Jesse Pinkman would learn somewhat of a lesson. Teacher, student, and so forth. Been there done that, unless Jesse dies in the finale. The rehab dealing subplot was a cipher. Cue a relapse in judgement and evidently one to meth. Gus tells Walt not to make the same mistake with Jesse twice.

Jesse could have ostensibly tracked down these dealers no problem—they are still working the same street! Tomas is on the same bike, with the same rotten attitude. Not sure I buy any of this. Maybe they wanted to illustrate with the rehab storyline and the standoff how fucked things get when a junkie is trying to maintain. Have you been ever there? Never been to ABQ, never done meth.

The entire town is just one block of bars and a Holiday Inn, all the cops come out on horseback, but only to police the bar-zone. And then they might slowly move to a diner where someone gets shot at every month or so. Kind of like the entire United States, I guess.

I hate her now more than her son does. Looking back, I wonder if season tres would have benefited from a change of setting. Walt is never-not-transforming, and his outlook and business-style necessitate forward momentum.

breaking bad season 3 episode 12 ending relationship

Bryan Cranston has cut Walt to the bone, made him a shark. Skyler perhaps most of all; well, next to Walt Jr. This middle-aged woman just had a daughter, she strangely has no friends, and she no longer has or needs a job. Why would she risk a prison sentence when she could simply move one state over and collect payments? Skyler sought sexual and professional independence this season. The only obstacle was money. It would have been believable if Skyler had eloped with the Robert Forster-type, yes; but I disagree with you about a new setting.

It would have pushed the show over the edge and lost viewers. Perhaps more scenes should have been set in Mexico to illustrate cartel life and to spice it up.

There is, however, another star of the the show: His character remained consistent with last season yet managed to become darker and unpredictable.