Cabin fever 2002 ending relationship

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cabin fever 2002 ending relationship

End Facebook Pixel Code --> Cabin Fever knows its sources and runs through a seeming check list of classic and classically h2">Kierkegaard's existential rumination on our impossible relation to an. May 20, A strain on the relationships takes place and it eventually succeeds in tearing would be to end with the words of Eli Roth himself, who describes Cabin Fever as However, when Cabin Fever was shown at the Toronto. Cabin Fever is a horror film about a viral outbreak directed by Eli Roth. Plot Edit. A man is walking in the woods and comes upon a dog that he . Cerina Vincent as Marcy, a young woman who is in a relationship with Jeff at the.

cabin fever 2002 ending relationship

It bears a strong resemblance to necrotizing fasciitis, a condition in which a "flesh-eating" bacteria not a virus enters the body through a small cut or wound and quickly begins to eat the underlying tissue.

Whether caused by a virus or a bacteria, the course of the skin disease based on Karen's Jordan Ladd deterioration is quick, starting with a general feeling of tiredness, fever, and nausea, followed by skin rashes that rapidly break down the body tissue over a course of 1 to 2 days. How did the disease originate? Most viewers agree that the most likely source of contamination is when Henry the hermit Arie Verveen examines a dog's rotting corpse at the start of the movie.

A bit later in the movie, it is revealed that some pigs belonging to Henry's cousin are also infected, so they might have been bitten by the dog, or it's possible that both pigs and dog picked it up from being bitten by ticks or mosquitoes. The movie provides no answer. How does each person get infected? When Paul Rider Strong sees Henry's rotting corpse floating in the reservoir, he concludes that the disease is being transmitted in the water, quite possible because each person is shown at some point in the movie drinking or coming in contact with water from the reservoir.

Karen is shown several times sipping on a glass of water, and she is the first to come down with it. Marcy Cerina Vincent drinks tea made with water and she has some baths while staying at the cabin. Jeff drinks no water, only beer, in keeping with his bet with Bertand he is the only one who doesn't come down with the disease.


Additionally Marcy says that she washed all the dishes after Karen's infection was discovered. Jeff is the only one who refuses to eat anything - so the rest of them could easily have become infected from anything they ate off the plates.

cabin fever 2002 ending relationship

This, of course, assumes that Paul was correct in his conclusion that the disease was in the water. Since there are other ways that disease can be spread, e. And here the film follows in the footsteps of intelligent social commentary films, say, Night of the Living Dead, revealing that trauma can also make people mean and afraid and selfish -- wholly unable to empathize with fellow victims.

By the time they're inviting a young stranger into their group because he pulls out a huge bag of weed, it's clear that these kids are standard horror movie dupes, awaiting some sort of moral comeuppance whose fury they cannot even imagine.

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This will arrive in the form of a flesh-eating virus as Roth insists in the press notes and in interviews, the phenomenon is for real, and really grislycarried by character the credits call a "hermit" Arie Verveenwho staggers toward them in search of assistance.

Alarmed by his appearance and persistence, they fight him off with sticks and a gun, then, when all else fails to scare him off, setting him ablaze as Karen worries the next day, "He asked us for our help.

We set him on fire," that is, her version of grappling with guilt. As the hermit is not even yet dead, he plunges off through the woods and throws himself in the nearest body of water he can find, the local reservoir.

cabin fever 2002 ending relationship

And thus the disease will be spread, turning everyone into lurching zombie-like creatures with blood oozing from their pretty pores and swatches of flesh falling off their nubile limbs. The kids' apparently willful inability to comprehend what's happening as it's happening is, of course, the premise of a film like this: Paul is allotted the most screentime, though he's hardly remarkable most likely, this is the point.

The morning after the hermit incident, he's accosted by a Deputy Winston Olsen Giuseppe Andrewsa Reno type who goes on about partying and what Paul's no doubt getting from his "lady friend" this would be Karen, who appears briefly and fretfully at the cabin door.

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Apparently inspired, Paul takes it on himself to comfort poor feverish and unconscious Karen, the first to drink tap water, Paul figures he might as well get some. Lying close to her on the bed, he reaches down inside her panties, perhaps thinking this is proper roofies-styled foreplay, only to pay dearly when he finds his hand slathered with her goopy, bloody, infected fluids -- his eyes go wide with horror and yes, the object lesson seems clear.

Terrified of contagion, nice guy Paul and the others decide to lock Karen in the shed outside see here: John Carpenter's The Thing []where she can waste away while they figure out how to get out. And just as it is needless to say that their truck has been disabled, so too is it obvious that the girls will suffer the most horrific bodily abuses, in grim-makeup-effected close-ups and communicating their fears and self-loathing Marcy reprises, approximately, an event that afflicted the director, when she starts shaving her infected legs in the bathtub -- in a word, ghastly.

Horror movies typically caution against self-love, sexual appetite, and overreaching ambition, and lately, they tend to include topical references as well the "specter of AIDS," for instance.