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Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore (also known as Cats & Dogs 2 or Cats & Dogs 2: The Revenge of Kitty Galore) is a American-Australian live. In Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore, actor Chris O'Donnell plays to the concrete kennel, leaving his human counterpart to fend for himself. . I've got a good relationship with (creator) Shane [Brennan], and we talk. Catherine, aka Agent 47 is the tritagonist in Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore. In the end, when she was asked if she wanted to work with Diggs and the During the scene at Alcatraz, it was hinted that she has relationship issues .

Tinkles' former aid, has been sending parts of stolen technology to Kitty using pigeons that work for her. Diggs tries to attack Calico, who then attempts to drown the team in cat litter; due to some quick thinking they eventually manage to escape. Afterwards, they interrogate Calico as to Kitty's whereabouts, but he claims that he doesn't know where she is because the pigeon couriers are flying the stolen technology to a secret location. The group travels to Alcatraz where Mr.

Tinkles is currently a mental patient. They try to get him to tell him Kitty Galore's whereabouts, but he only gives them one clue: A cat's eye reveals everything. When Kitty Galore learns about the cats and dogs working together, she hires two mercenaries named Angus and Duncan MacDougall to attempt to assassinate Seamus on the boat returning from the prison. Diggs subdues Angus and accidentally throws him overboard.

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Fed up with Diggs ruining the mission, Butch dismisses him from the team and leaves with Seamus to salvage clues. Catherine takes Diggs to her home. She learns that the reason why Diggs never follows orders is because his past experiences have caused him to believe that he cannot trust anyone except himself, which led to him spending the majority of his life in kennels. She tells Diggs if he continues to think in this way, no one will able to help him. Diggs realizes how stupid he has been.


Catherine takes Diggs to M. HQ, where they learn that Kitty is hiding at a fairground with her new master, an amateur magician named Chuck the Magnificent. Kitty reveals to Diggs and Catherine that she plots to transmit "The Call of the Wild" via an orbiting satellite which only dogs can hear through televisions, radios and cell phones to cause them to act hostile towards their humans.

They will then be left alone and unwanted in kennels. Diggs and Catherine escape and meet up with Butch and Seamus. Kitty uses the roof of the fairground's flying swings ride for a satellite dish. Diggs, Butch, Catherine and Seamus arrive. Seamus presses a red button, thinking it is a shutdown button, but it instead loads the "Call of the Wild" signal.

Dogs around the world start acting insane in their homes. Paws battles them, revealing he is a robot in the process. Diggs tricks Paws into biting the wires, destroying the satellite. Kitty's pet mouse, Scrumptious, fed up with Kitty's abuse towards him, fires her away.

Kitty gets covered in cotton candy and lands in the magician's hat with the humans thinking it was a stunt. After the mission, Diggs goes to live with Shane before returning to H. Tinkles has escaped from prison with Calico. Cast[ edit ] Chris O'Donnell as Shane Larson, a police officer who wants to adopt Diggs; however, the police will not allow it.

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Jack McBrayer as Chuck, Kitty's new owner and an aspiring but scatterbrained amateur magician. Fred Armisen as Friedrich cameoa German worker who first finds Kitty Galore disguised as a puppy in a dumpster outside. Paul Rodriguez as Crazy Carlito cameothe mad bomber Kiernan Shipka as a young girl who makes a cameo appearance when Diggs, Butch, Catherine, and Seamus are in the park. Having mistaken Lou for a trained dog agent, Butch raises his concerns to his superiors, but is unsuccessful.

Lou is then briefed on the origins of the war between cats and dogs, which apparently dates all the way back to Ancient Egypt. Butch also mentions that Buddy escaped from the cats and retired from the spy business, living life in a condominium in Boca. Tinkles, a white Persian catplans to conquer the world by making all humans allergic to dogs with Professor Charles Brody's research on a cure for dog allergies. He is briefly interrupted by Sophie the Maid who needs to dress him upon seeing the comatose Mr.

Tinkles then tells his sidekick Calico, an Exotic Shorthairto send in the ninja cats he hired to steal the research. He sends in the Devon Rex ninjas but Lou foils the theft. Lou then meets a former agent and Butch's ex-sweetheart and girlfriend named Ivy, a Saluki who belly scratches him and encourages him to have fun and play with Scotty. With his first plan stopped, Mr.

Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore

Tinkles dispatches a Russian Blue mercenary, whose name is Diemitir Kennelkoff, to steal the research. After Kennelkoff tricks Lou, he places a bomb on the lab door. Butch and Lou enter the house through the window, but Peek and Sam are trapped outside after Lou knocks the window prop away.

Kennelkoff briefly battles Lou and Butch, damaging the Brodys' house in the process. Eventually, Butch disables the bomb, but Kennelkoff holds out a remote that will detonate the bomb and laughs until the lab door opens and hits him.

Kennelkoff is then captured and interrogated. The agent tells the gang that they pumped a few things out of Kennelkoff's stomach, including a note written by Mr. After an incident involving Lou playing with Scotty, Charles's machine finally gets the positive combinations for the formula. Tinkles and Calico overhear Charles's success, they decide to spring a trap for the Brodys. Tinkles travels to a Christmas tree flocking plant and sends the employees home.

Later, the cats capture the Brodys after sending tickets to an exhibition game between Uruguay and Chad to the Brodys. While trying to decipher Mr. Tinkles's location, the dogs are obviously unaware that the Brodys have been led into a trap and kidnapped by Tinkles.