Curse of chucky unrated ending relationship

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curse of chucky unrated ending relationship

Movie Posters · Blu-Ray Release Dates · Theatrical Release Dates · Movie These sequels, CURSE OF CHUCKY and CULT OF CHUCKY were both his homicidal pursuits took him to a military school he ended up leaving it we're sitting through the relationship soap opera, and why Chucky would. Curse of Chucky () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more There's a few relationship surprises and story twists. the series is the final act, as well as the ending, AND the post-credits scene, all of which will surely excite fans of the series. Curse of Chucky is better than most horror movies that get a theatrical run. A Martinez at an event for Curse of Chucky () Curse of Chucky () Tony .. In the unrated version of Curse of Chucky the Barb death scene is more gory. seem to have ulterior motives and a strange relationship with their babysitter, The ending, of course, leaves room for a sequel that could play off the theme of.

Never accept large parcels with no return-address, lest you be supplied with a shotgun and plenty of ammunition.

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Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. That was my first Child's Play movie.

Curse Of Chucky (Unrated)

Now going into the movie. But does this mean that its not a movie worth watching? This movie is a great horror and Child's Play movie.

CULT OF CHUCKY (2017) Ending Explained + Review

Chucky is treated with dignity and functions as both a semi comedic and scary killer. Opposite to the Nightmare on Elm Street remake where they relied more on jump scares, C. And I know I'll probably get criticized for not saying this: Now for the bad The stage 2 Chucky doll of course looks weird the doll in the trailer that everyone had questionable aboutand its also your indicator that Chucky is about to do something.

curse of chucky unrated ending relationship

There's a beautifully shot decapitation by falling glass, several uses of a drill, and a head brutally crushed under a high-heeled shoe. The most likeable character in the film gets the most painful and prolonged death, while another character gets killed in a way I never expected to see - willingly letting Chucky stick an arm in her mouth and down her throat.

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When he was human serial killer Charles Lee Ray, he was so obsessed with Nica's mother Sarah that he abducted her and held her captive. Chucky is even the reason why Nica is paralyzed, as he stabbed Sarah in the stomach when she was pregnant with her. In these flashbacks, we get a better idea of what the human Chucky was like than we ever have before But I guess Mancini would know him better than I do.

Somehow Chucky is stalking the halls of Harrogate Psychiatric Hospital and killing people while Andy has Chucky's severed, living head saved in his cabin so he can torture it occasionally.

Curse of Chucky () - IMDb

How can Chucky be in two places at once? Really, he can be in as many bodies at once as he wants to be now, since he learned a new spell from a voodoo website. That's a major new twist for the franchise and it's explained in the most flippant way possible.

Beyond allowing multiple Chucky dolls to interact with each other, the possession twists also bring a tragic end to a character we cared about and set up a potential sequel that would be very different from any previous Chucky movie. CULT takes the win in the Chucky category by giving the character more to do, and that film also has the better kills and the bigger twist.

curse of chucky unrated ending relationship

It's a twist I'm not all that comfortable with, but it's a major one. Let us know your thoughts on these films by leaving a comment below. The R-Rated stays longer in the distanced shot that shows Chucky stabbing Barb. The UR runs 1 sec. Chucky looks again at the severely injured Ian. After the credits, the UR has a new scene. Six months later, a man gets a package delivery.

Curse of Chucky () - Curse of Chucky () - User Reviews - IMDb

He carries it up the stairs and places it on the table. His mother calls and he is in the back of the room when a knife cuts open the package.

The camera pans to an old photograph that shows a boy with his mother. Experts will now have an aha experience.