Dark eye satinav ending a relationship

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dark eye satinav ending a relationship

The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav > Tips & Tricks (use spoilertags) > Topic Details It's actually a very good ending, few developers would dare do to such . People can't just build a strong relationship they lived before with. The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav . of the plot, and adds a lot of poignancy to the story line, especially if you have ever been in an impossible relationship. Does Chains of Satinav succeed in capturing gamers' hearts? Now The Dark Eye aims to win over also adventure games fans with The Dark Eye: We can witness how the relationship between Geron and Nuri unfolds, we It's still a better love story than Twilight and has a better ending than a certain.

I have no idea how long crows can live, but in their country? With everyone hating crows with the passion of then thousand burning suns? Of course I understand those who leave her be a crow and fly away, thinking that, this way, she would be trully free and happy. Well, i consider leaving her as a crow, because i started to think what i would do irl.

She's slowly but surely getting the mind of a crow and her fairy mind is fading away as time goes by. Damn, i think i take some video games too seriously Nuri was the first to ever look at him like he was someone and not just a bad luck charm and, in a sense, he lost her.

I never thought about that actually, that's interesting! Nuri is indeed one of the very few people who seemed to like him and believe in him. Maybe the only one actually. Geron could tell their story, again and again until she believed and they coud fall in love with each other again. If a person is not more than her memories, he could give hers back telling their story, right? Idk honestly, i think it's alright, maybe, but no matter how true a tale is, it will never be like real fond memories, it's just priceless.

That mainly why i thought it will never be the same between Geron and Nuri. People can't just build a strong relationship they lived before with scraps of memories and a tale.

Place it back on the fixture above the fireplace. Take the chandelier-candlestick by window and place it on the fireplace. Use the cast net on stag's head. Geron drapes it in front of the fireplace on the antlers and chandelier. Use the caught crow on the cast net as bait. See one crow get caught in the net. The third crow attacks Geron causing Geron to recall a memory of the burning of the seer.

The blind dark seer points at Geron and says You spell doom! Ah - doom for whom? Geron is told by the chamberlain that he has until 6 PM to catch all the crows.

dark eye satinav ending a relationship

To catch a fairy: Go back home by going right and then up. Enter the house at the corner with a bird drawn on the door. Climb up the stairs. Gwinnling wants Geron to catch a fairy. Gwinnling believes that the seer is back. Learn that the Fairy is the only one that can unleash the power of the harp. No man can play the harp without dying. The magic harp is from the realm of the fairies and is the one shown on the drawing at right.

The seer wants the magic harp as gateway to power.

dark eye satinav ending a relationship

If the magic harp sounds; Andergast will perish. Learn that Gwinnling led the group that burned the seer at stake. Gwinnling caught the crow with the use of an attractant and water touched by a fairy. The Fairy is in Stone Oak Forest; near an old sealed portal.

If you hear a great waterfall, you are there. Lure the fairy with the flute. Exit through the door at cellar. Leave town through the archway at left.

At the waterfall, look around. Geron plays the flute. Talk to the fairy hidden inside the hollow tree. Since Geron does not have forest friends, he needs to make up forest friends. Check and touch the pile of leaves at bottom right and get stuck by a hedgehog. Check and take the snail from the rocks at left. Place the snail inside the cage. Use the cage with bait on the pile of leaves hiding the hedgehog.

The hedgehog is trapped. Make up a forest friend: Try to pick up the hedgehog in cage and get hedgehog spikes. Collect the chestnuts twigs from the ground close to rock wall at right. Combine the chestnuts and the hedgehog spikes to make chestnut mannequin.

Use the chestnut mannequin on the tree hollow. The tree entrance is opened. Get the fairy to be able to leave the Fairy Gate: Learn that she cannot go far away from the sealed fairy gate. She needs to be near the water of the fairy gate or else she gets sick.

Check the fairy gate and see a brittle spot on the wall holding the water. Check the mandrakes dressed as dolls on the tree. Check and take a leather ribbon from the rock at right. Go back outside and release the hedgehog from the cage. Pick up the cage and snail shell. In inventory combine the snail and the leather ribbon to get snail shell with leather ribbon.

Go back inside the tree. Use the hammer on the brittle spot on the wall of the fairy gate. Use the snail shell with leather ribbon on the runlet. Use the blank acorn with the snail shell with well water. Give Nuri the snail shell amulet. Geron and Nuri set out to leave the forest. Danger at Gwinnling's house: Outside the town gate, Nuri talks to the Raven perched on the scarecrow. The Raven warns them that 2 dark creatures entered the town. Learn that the Raven was given a human's conscience as punishment.

Geron and Nuri find the cellar messed up. There is blood on the floor and stairs. Open the closet at right. Geron tricks Nuridarinellavanda to enter. See Gwinnling with his eyes out and dying. The seer is back. Talk to Gwinnling completely.

The old fairy scholar is next. They want the fairy. Learn that the creatures were sent by the seer and have pale faces and pointy claws. The fairy scholar was the one that sealed the Fairy Land. Gwinnling wants Geron to kill the fairy. Bad leads to Worse: Hear the mob outside yell "witch".

See that Nuri is on the roof of the house across Gwinnling. Go back inside the house. Pick up the broken knife from the foot of Gwinnling. Go down and outside. Talk to the Raven perched at foreground. Learn that Nuri let the animals free.

The crowd chased her and she fell on some bowls in a stall. Nuri fixed the bowls while the crowd was watching her. Check the barrels beside Nuri. Use the hammer on the stake on the ground holding the rope of the barrels. Enter the door at right.

Get her to fix the broken knife. Use the knife on the rope holding the barrels. The barrels roll over the street. Go back to Gwinnling's house. Use the hammer on the hinge of the closet door at right. Pick up the cabinet door. Look out the window. Use the cabinet door on the barrels to make a ramp. Geron calls out to Nuri. Nuri enters Gwinnling's house. Geron tells her about Gwinnling's orders to kill her. They leave the town. Outside town, they talk to the Raven. The bell sounds the 6th hour of the evening which is Geron's deadline to catch the crows.

The Raven calls Geron, Night-hair. Talk to the woman. She doesn't like Raven. Learn that she is Isida, the carnie bride but is a widow now. She has a broken wheel and is going to Andergast. Darian her husband was an acrobat that fell off the high rope. Geron convinces her to not to go to Andergast and to take them with her north. She will take them with her if the wagon wheel is fixed.

Fix the wagon wheel: Collect the parts of the wagon wheel: The wagon is locked. Pick up 2 parts of cart wheel from the ground and the one attached to the axle.

Check-right click the bank slope at right. Take the last part of cart wheel to get broken cart wheel. She explains how to mend items.

Nuri's reassemble shell blue magic ability is now at left of the inventory bar above Geron's yellow disassemble broken pot icon. Use the blue reassemble magic on the broken cart wheel. It is now whole.

Isida shows them her magic. Nuri notes that she threw white powder on the camp fire to make them blaze. Place the fixed wheel on the axle. Talk to Isida about the cart wheel. She gives the key to the wagon. Use the key on the trailer door lock. Nuri opens the brass cauldron on the left to see magnesium white powder that Isida used on the camp fire. See the seer's creatures threaten Isida to tell them where Geron and Nuri are. Check behind the curtain and see puppets. Take the hollow puppet head that has fallen and the rag on the open drawer.

Open the brass cauldron left of the door. Use the puppet head on the magnesium to fill it up. Use the rag to plug the opening of the puppet head with magnesium and get plugged puppet head. Take the ladder from right wall. Use the ladder on the skylight at the ceiling. See the creatures kill Isida. Geron lies to Nuri about Isida.

One creature is at the door. Go back up the ladder. Use the plugged puppet head on camp fire. Use the destruction spell on the puppet head in the camp fire. The creature is stunned. Go down to the wagon. Open the door latch right of the bed. Release the brakes right of the window. Take the whip hanging above the window. Use the whip on the horse. The other creature breaks in and attacks Nuri.

An injured Nuri pushes the other creature out of the wagon. Geron and Nuri stop in a small town at Thasch Mt. Talk to the Raven on top of the wagon about Fate and will of the Gods. Check the puppet hanging by the bed. Collect the drumstick on the drawer; reins on the gate at right, tin bottle on bed, lid left of door and staff of bells by the stove. Learn about her power of moonlight that burned the creature and that the creatures are sad fairies; ones that lost all their magic.

Talk to Knight Bogumil Wrathling that blacksmith Jindrich mentioned. Learn where they are now and what the knight is doing here. There is unrest with the zholochai. Gram has the provisions needed by Geron. The knight has a beef with Gram about the death of his horse. He will buy the horse from Geron when he settles on a price. Check the shutter of the building at left. Get Gram to open his store: Examine the tower at right.

Check the storm bell's engraving: Check the mechanism to ring the storm bell. Use the reins on the mechanism. Use the staff of bells on the mechanism to use as crank. Now turn the mechanism to ring the storm bell. Gram the dwarf opens the store screaming the alarm about orc attack.

He is asking one ducat for the provisions. Stay out of the argument between knight and dwarf. The fairy scholar passed by here but he won't give any information until Geron does a favor in exchange.

Now that you know how much the provisions cost, talk to the knight about selling the horse. Convince the knight using Nuri's dialogues and get help for Nuri. Being a chivalrous Knight, he gives the ducat for the horse and for Nuri's smile. Buy the gear from the dwarf.

He still doesn't want to give info about the scholar. Rope, flintstone and tinder, water bladder and blanket are now added to inventory. Get information about the scholar: Check the vial with blue liquid on the window at left. It is the dwarf's most beloved possession. Use the disassemble yellow magic on the vial. The bottle breaks and spills all the tincture. Smell the glass shards; it smells like juniper berries. Click on the oneberry bush on the top window at left.

It is too high. Talk to Raven and ask it to get oneberries. Pick up dropped oneberries from the table. Combine oneberries and lid. Use the drumstick with the lid with oneberries to get juice. Combine oneberry juice with the tin bottle to get tin bottle with oneberry juice. Talk to Gram to offer the beard tonic. Learn the whereabouts of the Fairy scholar and why he was here at the mountain.

The scholar is in a cave close to the orc statue. The scholar has an imp. In the Blood Barrier: Watch the travels of Geron and Nuri through the Blood Barrier. Nuri nearly gets killed on a hanging bridge. In the camp of the Zholochai: The party reaches the camp of the Zholochai, the fiercest of the blackhides-orc tribe.

Raven says that the orcs are here to perform a ritual that could take days to do. Check the orcs sitting above the camp. Eavesdrop on the orcs. Talk to Nuri to know the translation. Nuri mentions about Tairach, their Blood God. They are waiting for a sign from their god. Check the rubbish and take the wooden board beside it. Take the split skull from the ground.

Use the reassemble blue snail magic on the split skull to get a skull. Check the red rock on the left. The rock is bleeding color.

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Use the knife on the rock to get red stone. Check the neglected orc pony. Take the empty fodder bag right of the pony. Check the upper jaw hanging on top of the pole of the left tent. Ask the Raven to get the upper jaw.

Raven takes and drops the upper jaw. Pick the upper jaw. Go left and be at the ritual area. Check the smoking basins on the ground. Check the puddle and it has a different frequency-rhythm than the drum. Check the Orken war horn tied to a drum behind the drummer. Check the pipe weed bag under the sleeping dog at right. Check the shaman and the drummer. See the statue of an Orc God on the wall of the mountain across the abyss.

Go up the path at right and see the close up of the face of the Orc god. It has a gap on its jaw. See water flowing at left. Go back down to the Ritual Area. Disrupt the chanting of the shaman: Remember that the drummer is not too steady in his drumming.

Use the skull on the puddle at left to get a different rhythm. The shaman's screeching stops and he scolds the drummer. Use the knife on the rope tying the war horn behind the drums. Make a sign for the Orcs: Go up to the Orc God's face. Place the wooden board on the abyss; then cross to the other side. Combine the rope with the upper jaw to get a grappling hook. Use the grappling hook on the rotten tree to divert the flow of water close to the face. Combine the red stone with the war horn.

Use the war horn with red stone on the gap in the jaw of the god's face. Now the god is bleeding in his mouth. The shaman and the orcs are screaming down there at the camp. Go back down to the camp and see that the camp is empty. Nuri and Geron leave the camp. The imp appears on top of the tree at Red Lake. See that he wears a hat with a buckle. Talk to the imp. He jumps on top of the strange plant and then on the red rock at left. He would not tell where the scholar is located. The blossom on the left across the water is the Lily Queen.

She has the brightest spot of all. See a butterfly on a flower on a red rock. There is a flower inside the strange plant - maybe to attract insects. There are flowers in the shadows of the rock at bottom area. Check the gap in rock at far right. Go back to the right to be at the orc camp.

Take the bracelet hanging on the rock at top right and the orc shield at top middle rock. Use the knife on the roast to get meat. Go to the ritual area at left. Give the meat to the now awake bulldog. Pick up the pipe weed.

Go back to Nuri and the imp at Red Lake. The imp was telling Nuri his life story. Pick up the blossom under the butterfly to get the butterfly to go to the Lily Queen across the water. Give the blossom to Nuri as a small present.

See that the sun shine through the gap on the Lily Queen. Use the orc shield on the gap at right. The butterfly flies to the only flower with the sun shining on it - inside the strange plant.

The plant closes itself and drools after it eats the butterfly. Take the slime of the strange plant. Use the slime on the imp's favorite spot - the red rock on the left. Now talk to the imp to get him to jump on his favorite spots. The imp falls in the lake. He climbs back up. He says that his pipe weed is wet. Nuri noted that he is bald; making him realize that he lost his hat. Give the imp what he demands: Give the imp the pipe weed taken from the dog.

In inventory, combine the fodder bag from the orc pony with the jewelry-necklace taken from the orc camp to get decorated fodder bag. Give the decorated fodder bag to the imp. The imp gives the direction to the cave where the scholar is located. The scholar might be with his fairy artefact. Nuri and Geron arrive in the cave. The scholar is not in the cave but he might be with the fairy artefact.

Check the fireplace and get charcoal. See a dark niche with a basin in front of it. Check and take the drawing on the rock at center of the cave. Open the chest at left. Take a stone tablet with something written that Geron cannot decipher.

Check the tunnel to the right and Geron says they need directions. Light up the dark niche: Check the butterfly-summerling inside a jar at top right pedestal. Use the disassemble magic on the jar to release the butterfly.

Nuri gets upset for breaking the jar. Use the reassemble magic on the jar. Nuri fixes the jar. Place the blossom on the basin in front of the dark niche. The butterfly settles on the blossom and lights up the niche. See the map on the wall. There are 6 dripstones-stalactites on the ceiling and 6 threads tied to stalagmites-posts on the cave floor.

The threads can be untied from the stalagmites and attached to any dripstones above. Study-right click the stone tablet in inventory. The numbers are the posts and dripstones that are to be connected with the ropes. Only one location needs be done but you can do all if you want. Place the thread from 1 leftmost post to the 4th dripstone. Place the thread from the 4th stalagmite to the first dripstone. Untie the threads from the dripstones.

Place the thread from 3rd post to the 6th dripstone. Place the thread from the 4th stalagmite to the second dripstone. Place the thread from 1st post to the 5th dripstone. Place the thread from the 6th stalagmite to the third dripstone.

Place the thread from 1st post to the 4th dripstone. Place the thread from the 4th stalagmite to the 2nd dripstone. I think I know where the explorer is now. The orcs are coming to the cave. Enter the tunnel at right. They need to copy the directions. Click the charcoal on the drawing and Geron copies the map.

Now enter the tunnel.

The scholar is entranced with Nuri. Jacomo Nauta introduces himself. Don't touch under any circumstances! Nuri touches a crystal. Nuri starts talking in another language and giggles uncontrollably. The scholar is stunned. There is a gap that separates Nuri from the men.

Give the water bladder to the scholar. Talk to the scholar. Try to get the backpack. It landed far from Geron. Pick up the half a yardstick from the ground. Try to get the other part of the yardstick under the rubble at left.

Use the half a yardstick on the rubble to raise and pick up then other part of yardstick. Use Nuri's reassemble magic on the broken yardstick. Try to use the yardstick to get the backpack but Geron wants a hook. Pick up the arm of the fairy knight statue. Use the arm with the yardstick to get yardstick with arm. Use the yardstick with arm on the backpack.

Give the backpack to the scholar. Give the direction to Nuri: The scholar draws a map for Nuri to follow. They will meet at the mill. Give the direction to Nuri. Geron throws the paper but it flies away.

The scholar says it is fairy interference. Talk to the scholar to get another direction. Click the direction on the wicker basket in front of Nuri.

If you threw the direction into the basket first; you might get an achievement. Nuri takes the direction and leaves to go to the Mill. The scholar talks to Geron. Learn that Jacomo sealed the fairy gate at the Stone Oak Forest after the seer was already captured.

This was to prevent other fairies from being captured. There was rumor of a fairy that was saved. The location of the magic harp is not known.

The scholar will help save Nuri. Learn about Satinav the steersman of the barge of time. He was chained to barge and can see the past and the future but he cannot change them. The scholar recommends that Nuri go back to her world. There is another gate to Neirutvena located in the swamp lands. Meander Goswin in Enqui has a crystal-prism from Neirutvena. It points to the gate and also opens the gate. The scholar will go to the university in Andergast to find more about the Magic Harp.

Jacomo gives Geron his notes about the gates and fairy world. There is a creature that has eyes like a basilisk that guards the gate. Geron arrives at the mill at nighttime. Geron is overpowered by one Seer's creature. Geron has vision of the burning of the seer. Learn that the Raven is the seer's spy. Geron is left in darkness. One creature is left to guard the mill while the other one goes and fetch the Raven. See that there are 3 holes in the ceiling.

Call Nuri on the left hole. Geron asks for moonlight. Nuri gets sick when she uses magic. Release the foot fetters: Click on right ceiling hole and see the broken mill.

Check the gear to see that it is broken. Use the blue reassemble magic on gear. Click on middle ceiling hole. Use the disassemble yellow magic on the oil lamp close to the ceiling hole. It drops on the stool close to the saw. Use the reassemble blue magic on the glass shards of the oil lamp.

The oil lamp pushes the saw close to the foot fetters of Geron. Use the saw and Geron saws the foot fetters off. With the moonlight through the middle ceiling hole, kick the leg of the cupboard. This tilts the cupboard and the hourglass on top shelf is moved to the left. Click on left ceiling hole.

See the hourglass tilted. Nuri's shard is on the other pan of a broken scale. Use the blue reassemble magic on the scale. Use the yellow disassemble magic on the hourglass and it pours the sand on the other pan.

dark eye satinav ending a relationship

This raises the pan with Nuri's shard close to Geron's hand fetters. Use the shard on Geron's hand fetters. Geron is free of the fetters. Take care of the creature: